1. M

    SL 500 Odd noises once switched off

    Hi everyone, ive bought myself an 04 SL 500, nice spec car and just in the last month had the ABC pump replaced so felt confident about the car. Ive now noticed that when I switch the car off a metallic clicking/pinging noise coming from the N/S from wheel area, at first I thought it was the...
  2. S

    I've got a very odd (rotational) noise coming from my CLKs gearbox area!

    Hi All, 2006 CLK 320 cdi, 722.9 (7g tronic) 99k. Gearbox oil changed by Mercedes (at my request) about 5k previous. In the last couple of weeks, the car has developed a weird rotational noise. The car shifts perfect in C or S, but under heavy load, there is just this weird sound. It got ever...
  3. mct_cars

    Later 500SL R107 that's a bit odd.

    Something not quite right about this one...... 1987 Mercedes Benz SL 500 Automatic with Factory Hard Top Classic Mercedes Benz | eBay 87 Post facelift 500SL, but.... Earlier type gear box surround Older V8 engine Earlier style door handles Wrong wood on the centre panel Something...
  4. noy91

    Odd CL65

    So I periodically have a scout round for 215s, just to see what's out there and how current offerings compare to mine price and condition wise (not that I have the 65), and just now came across this: Used 2006 Mercedes-Benz CL for sale in Somerset | Pistonheads What struck me as odd was the...
  5. S

    Odd loss of power CLK270 2004 D auto

    Driving home tonight from work and had odd loss of power foot to the floor and it barely picked up speed above 70mph 2000RPM. No cruise control on and in Drive (not accidentally knocked it down a gear). it felt like the engine was only responding to the first inch of acceleration depression...
  6. brens-e200

    odd problem with aircon

    hi all i have an odd problem with the air con in my 2002 w210. there is a nasty musty smell when i set it to econ mode ( red led on ) but goes away when set to aircon on ( red led off ) . In previous cars its usually the other way round , ie musty smell when aircon is running i have checked...
  7. A

    Odd tyres

    I have just taken delivery of my 2nd merc both have been E350 AMG cabs the first was a 2012 , the new one is a 2014 AMG E350 AMG sport plus black /black and im enjoying the new one loads. One question , The car was an ex demo with 1400 miles on the clock and the deal was done over the phone...
  8. paulgorringe

    Odd errors

    Hi I have had 2 malfunctions appear simultaneously today but cleared after a restart. :mad: Hoping for some pointers. The two errors were as follows Brake wear visit workshop Display faulty visit workshop - this was accompanied by a lightning symbol and the speedo, trip computer...
  9. BigChap

    The odd couple, C63 and...

    I'll bet no one has this combination of cars, haha! Picked up the C63 earlier in the week wasn't 100% on all the carbon fibre and black but it's growing on me. Had the nova for over ten years now, did a full nut & bolt restore with a bare shell respray in 2008, car is basically an '08 plate...
  10. Colin_b

    2012 C250CDI Odd Noise When parked.

    If I park my 2012 C250CDI, assuming the engine is warm, an odd noise starts after an hour and keeps occurring for at least 4 hours. The car is running perfectly otherwise, using no oil or coolant, just this odd noise, which is loud enough to draw attention to the car. Anyone any idea what it...
  11. DCStubbs

    Heater W208 odd things happening

    W208 CLK 320. Passenger side heating is fine heats up or goes cold as you move the selector from cold through to hot etc. Drivers side heating is a mystery, was OK but then started giving no heat to the footwell. Generally I keep the heating low or off and when I restart the engine I...
  12. I

    CLS55 AMG Odd Electrical Issues! CANBUS?

    Hi there, I've got a few odd goings on with my car which I think are all related but I'm not having much luck tracking down what the issue is and I'm hoping someone can help! 1. Steering Wheel Buttons They don't work (I can't access the OBC, settings, change the instrument cluster displays...
  13. B

    S211: Very odd self levelling issue...

    Morning All! This is my first post here, I have been on the forums for a while, but never posted so...hi! I was hoping you kind folks might be able to help me understand a very baffling problem I am having with my 2003 S211 E270CDI. It has standard fitted Self Levelling rear suspension (no...
  14. I

    Advice please - odd noise

    My 07 221 320CDi made an odd noise this morning. It sounded like it came from the passenger side/front centre and was a bit like liquids moving around. At first i thought it was a coke bottle on the floor or similar. I even thought I might have a panel full of water, which isn't such a surprise...
  15. H

    Problems with egr and low engine temp - very odd

    Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum but have had Mercedes in the past. I need some help from you guys and hopefully can then get my car up and running to normal again. I have a w202 c220 cdi auto (w reg) with 131k miles and full Merc history however before I bought the car the...
  16. P

    Very odd wheel alignment problem

    I have now realised that my c class [2004] pulls up in a straight line under heavy braking, but pulls left the rest of the time! I haven't seen this talked about anywhere. I thought it just pulled left all the time. Obviously there is something moving that only does so under braking. So I assume...
  17. poormansporsche

    Odd Aero 1's

    could be of use to someone 3 pieces of Mercedes 17" AMG Alloys | eBay
  18. trapperjohn

    Odd way to sell an Adenauer.

    Mercedes Adenauer 300B 1954 | eBay
  19. S

    W124 Odd electrical Plug

    Hi All, I am about to read my codes on my E280 w124, and was wondering what this plug is used for. My year is 94 on this car. Any input would be great.
  20. W

    Odd heater behaviour slk

    odd... don't think it used to do this... left and right manual climate control doesn't seem to work, left side seems to be some sort of master ? any ideas ? 2009 r171
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