1. R

    C63 has odd glass in wing mirrors

    I've just noticed my C63 has odd mirrors... Driver's side has auto-dimming glass, and passenger side doesn't. Still have the triangle blind-spot light in both, and both have that sectioned off curved bit at the end. Is this normal or has one been replaced with the wrong mirror at some point...
  2. R

    Odd Tyre Pressure Warning

    Was driving my w169 A Class yesterday and out of the blue got a big red 'Check Tyre pressures' warning on the display. All tyres looked ok,pressures normal. Then asked to reset pressure warning system which I did and went on my way. Anyone had anything similar?
  3. U

    Intermittent P0236 and odd engine behaviour

    Hi everyone, So I'm having an issue with my W204 C220 CDI (2011). A few months ago, the engine started to behave strangely. It would hang on to gears way too long and cruise around the 2000 RPM level when doing 30 mph. Usually, turning the engine off and on would fix this and it would be back...
  4. Alex225

    There's always one.

    Just one of those people to cause an issue from no where! On the M25 yesterday in some really slow moving traffic, probably rolling along at 4-5mph. I'm in the outside lane as cars rolling along the slip road to my left. Cars indicating and filtering in, all is well. Then Mr Nissan GT-R...
  5. B

    Odd window issue

    Hi just recently purchased a w203 estate and it has an odd issue with the offside rear window. Basically it works perfectly well with just the ignition on but when the engine is running it refuses to work :confused: Any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers
  6. A

    I thought smart cars looked odd

    Taxi for Noddy :D
  7. clk320x

    Odd noise from steering when cold

    Recently in colder mornings I've noticed an odd noise from my steering for the first 1 minute or so of the morning as I pull out of my drive way and turn the wheel when the car is cold there is almost like a creak noise from the steering... When it's warm it's fine. Although the steering is...
  8. Sonny Burnett

    W208 CLK55 odd Gearbox issue

    Hi Guys, Got a odd issue that I have just noticed today. If I'm driving and slip the gearbox into N for a quick readline say and then go back into D the gear does not engage. Even of I pull over go go to P whatever the gear indicator changes on the clocks but the car stays in neutral, I have to...
  9. R

    Odd rim size tyre question (8/18/et37

    I have a spare set of wheels that I know fit the ML320/W163 as it was delivered with them on (happy). 255/55/18 However I'm now running 275/55/17 on a set of MB appropriate alloys. Question, whilst restoring the 8/18/h2/et37; what tyres could be fitted? Having lived with 275 I do not...
  10. EddieinSardinia

    Newbie with an odd trunk latch issue

    Hi everyone. I tried to search the site for anything on the infamous trunk not opening on the 2001 c220 W203's, but nothing. I have read most everything on the US site, along with other articles, but nothing actually confronts my problem. All my buttons work, the motor wizzes, but no pop or...
  11. R

    2014 C63 - Clunk when steering and odd noise when driving - Dealer says Driveshaft?

    Hi All my 2014 C63 has sprung up two issues which I'm unsure are related. Basically, issue one is a horrible clunking sound when turning the steering wheel when the car is stood still (to get out of a space etc). It is a horrid noise.. it feels like the wheel is skipping across a sloppy or...
  12. lfckeeper

    Car feels odd

    Driving in a spirited manner off a roundabout the car felt like the left front 'gave way' (best way i can describe it), no knocks bangs or anything. Thankfully I was near the garage I take the car to. He checked the suspension and said everything was solid with no play. He took it for a quick...
  13. D

    Most odd

    Upon waking up and opening the curtains I noticed an unusual object next to our garden fence in the field "next door" I assumed it was part of the neighbours little quad thing with a roof, and what with trying to get the kids out to school and organising the day, thought no more about it...
  14. Druk

    Odd texting problem

    So, swmbo has an iPhone5. There is one particular contact in there that doesn't receive texts. The number is correct as we have speech contact and txt messages presumably send OK because the swoooosh sound is heard on 'Send'. The recipients phone is android. Settings>Messages>Send as SMS is...
  15. Wigglesworth

    W202 Odd alarm issue please help

    Hi all I have a 97 w202 c200 auto. I haven't owned the car all that long and it has super low mileage. When I first got the car, I noticed that the alarm didn't function at all. That ended up being the fuse in the boot which is now replaced and the alarm now functions when opening a door if...
  16. anfieldassasin

    Looking for house to rent in Essex (odd post I know)

    Hi all, Our landlord died and his son wants to sell his house. We can't afford to buy it at the moment so need to find another place. If anyone knows a private landlord that is looking for professional working tenants in the south Essex area do let me know.
  17. Alex225

    Odd MOT advisories

    I took my CLS for an MOT yesterday and as with the previous MOT it passed no problem. Except one advisory that has never come up on any other MOT it's had. 'Under tray fitted'. :confused: The guy muttered something about not being able to check things due to it having an under tray. It...
  18. S

    Odd Tyre Sizes

    Hi guys, I'm used to having a wider cross section tyre on the rear of my old M3 but I've never seen a different profile until now? I have 225/40/19's front and 255/35/19's on the rear? I've also been used to running Michelin PSS's and was slightly surprised to have Dunlop SportMax on the...
  19. B

    R129 odd lighting fault- help needed with diag.

    Hi, 1992 sl 500. All day driving lights turn on (front side, number plate, rear side lights) when car sat unused for days or weeks. No alarm fitted, keys not in. Def not leaving switch on. Runs batt flat. Had new battery. Repaired lighting monitor module (for diff issue) still doing it, I don't...
  20. A

    CLS55 passenger mid-compartment odd connector?

    There's a threaded female socket in the compartment between the rear seats (in the section just further rear than the 12V socket). What is it? It possibly looks like it would take a stereo audio lead from an mp3 played, but the form factor is bizzare. Any ideas!?
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