1. O

    Soft top's packed up :(

    Greetings all. Just picked the nearest best fit for this topic so apologies in advance if I have mis posted. I have a CLK 320 elegance bought in the winter and of course now I want to use it with the roof down it packs up. At first it was the roll bar that wouldn't raise with the canvas...
  2. S

    w204 key packed up

    All of a sudden my key doesn't work. I changed the battery and tried 3 different ones but it still doesn^t work. If I get close to the car and press a few times, it sometimes works so I initially thought it was the battery. When I press it there is no red light so I suspect the contacts inside...
  3. S

    C207 odometer cluster packed up

    Hi all I'm hoping the fountain of knowledge on this site will be able to help me from going insane My odometer on my C207 has decided to give up and looks un repairable and has been sent off to have the ECU checked/repaired, so I'm hit with a pretty hefty quote for a new replacement from...
  4. R129Melvin

    R129 Odometer packed up

    Lovely drive home in my new 1991 500SL yesterday. I noticed the mileometer did not move. Zero'd the trip and that too remains on zero. I assume this is the usual VDO gear issue that also affects Porsches of a similar age, or is it likely to be something more simple like a fuse? It's an early...
  5. mercconvert

    CLK 209 (2003) roof packed up - any ideas?

    Hi All Just gone out to the car to put the roof down to do a bit of trim cleaning, and its stopped working.(probably because the sun has come out :crazy: Windows go down, roof unlatches but doesn't fold back. The roof switch flashes red slowly (I'm assuming as I don't think I've seen it...
  6. S

    blower fan in 300E packed up, help

    sorry to re-post this moderators but i didn't get any reply in 'electrical'. All my blower fans are out along with air con, etc i checked the fuse but i wanted to know where is the second fuse/regulator? any help appreciated mj
  7. G

    Parking sensors packed in on w220

    So they just seem to have packed in, i press the switch on the dash and the two red lights light up on the sensors on the front dash (but not at the back) for about 5 secs then makes a beep and they turn off again? Any advice guys?
  8. B

    how can i tell if my heater moter's packed up or if its just the brushes

    Hi all, Posted on hea the other day ,,,as im going to try n fix the heating issues on my clk this weekend,,,have sourced a new blower but i have been searching the web and have found brush's are a lot cheaper to replace,,, So basically i want to know is it better/easier just to change the moter...
  9. S

    w124 heater fan packed up

    It has just packed up on my w124 1995 e300 diesel; does anyone know of a reasonably priced second hand one - or where I can buy a new brush set - I am sure that will be the problem.
  10. lynall

    Clothes dryer packed up.

    Pics of inside of dryer, no wonder you hear of fires started by these:eek: Still works but not getting hot, quick stripdown and multimeter on elements shows they are okay, notice burn mark around thermostats, test continuity one dead one okay, order parts £6.10:). Then Lisa tells me bath u...
  11. jamiemay

    Heat blower packed in

    Heater blower not working iv,e checked all the fuse,s and replaced them just incase went to halfords and bought 2 ceramic heater,s tried them then went to the newsagents and bought a box of swan vesta, i right in thinking it,s the heater regulator plug or wiring or the motor it,self just...
  12. G

    My Subwoofer has packed up

    my w203 sub woofer has packed up. I'll take this as an opportunity to change all speakers in the car. Does anyone know if it's a shallow sub in the back? It looks like a 10". What are the speaker sizes for the doors? They're the standard MB speakers
  13. garystu1965

    Really sad question about items packed for hols !

    We are off to Singapore next week and cruising to Hong Kong via Thailand and Vietnam. The missus wants to pack our two little toy mutts (she won't go anywhere without them). We are a bit paranoid customs at Singapore will open the cases, see the mutts and slash them open looking for dodgy...
  14. R

    CD Changer Packed Up

    The CD changer on my 2001 CLK is no longer loading discs. The magazine ejects ok and the discs all seem tickety boo, but the COMAND screen just reports the magazine is loading. Over the weekend with some wiggling, friendly slaps and choice language I was able to get it to play again, but each...
  15. M

    Airmatic W220 S320 Packed in!

    My 2000 S320 is sitting very low & wont lift at all, When attempting to drive it a warning flashes up on the dash about airmatic. Im told 40amp fuse & relay need checking before attempting the compressor but where are the fuse & relay located?
  16. P

    Auto open/close elec windows packed up !

    You know if you click the button right down (sort of like two clicks) it opens/closes window all the way. Mines stopped working.... Windows still open/close if you push it down sort of halfway and keep your finger there. Funnily enough, both driver and passenger windows are affected. any...
  17. Howard

    My Omega packed up today

    Unbeleiveable ..... I have had my Omega Seamaster since January 2005 and today it just stops working ..... :crazy: utterly stops, no ifs or buts , nothing .... I have copy Rolexes, Tags, you name it - all 20 quid jobs and all still working fine , in fact i am wearing my 5 year old Oyster...
  18. pepper&boulou

    Grrrr water pump just packed in.

    Water pump now leaking will have to be replaced , it was the power steering pump and the tentioner last month GRRRR. :mad: :mad:
  19. Spinal

    Insanity comes packed in a swf file...

    Greetings! I have managed to fall down some stairs and tear a ligament! (and someone told me excercise was good for me, yeah right!) Anyways, I've had alot more time to surf the net, and here is a lovely time was... I mean game... Cliccky I hotlinked it straight so you don't need to deal with...
  20. GrahamC230K

    My Kenwood Headunit has packed up AGAIN.... I am open to ideas for a replacement - which I need FAST - no music drives me crazy!! It must be DIN size, must play MP3 from CD's and must have on-board amp (so no ultra high end Alpines). Suggestions (budget variable!).
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