1. R

    C350 Brake Pad options

    I'm need to replace my standard brake pads - are there any recommended non Merc brands? I notice Ferodo and Mintex are readily available. Sonething that produces less dust would be nice!
  2. AngryDog

    W211 E55 brake pad upgrade & Brake Lines

    I've been advised to put stainless brake lines and better pads on my E55 - any recommendations?
  3. E

    MB Connect Me/A205 check brake pad wear

    Something interesting just happened. I'd imagine its beem around a while but I had no knowledge things now worked this way. I picked up my A205 just under 2 months ago and I have done about 1300 miles in it. On Saturday evening, the message 'check brake pad wear' popped up on the dash. Its...
  4. D

    W211 09 E220CDI Pad Question

    Hi all, I need a new set of pads F&R for above motor. Looking at the options on ECP's website, what are the best solution. I can have:- Eicher for ~£57 for F&R. Pagid, Textar or Brembo for ~£95-105 for F&R. Any recommendations? Thanks, D
  5. I

    W169 rear Pad replacement tool

    Hi all I been searching for over an hour but i'm not finding any answers. I.m about to order some new rear disc's and pads for an 2007 A180 (W169) when is noticed some piston wind in tools advertised. Is this something I will have to have to get the pistons back in?
  6. O

    Brake Pad Wear Indicator - E-Class W212

    The 'Check Brake Pad Wear' warning light on my 2013 e-class illuminated for the first time today and I am wondering what percentage are the pads worn when this light comes on? Reason for asking this is that my car is due to be part exchanged in a month and I am relunctant to change the...
  7. Reggies

    Break pad sensors

    I'm fed up with these break pad sensors, they come on and when I check the pads there loads of wear in them. Can I disconnect them? I never had them on my other cars.
  8. D

    Brake pad part number???

    Hi, I'm after some rear pads (and maybe front) for my June 2015 Mercedes E63 AMG Saloon. I guess I'll need sensors too. Can anyone point me in the right direction for the best priced seller and supply me with the correct part number please? TIA :)
  9. A

    Have I got the correct Pad

    Look at this on eBay MERCEDES BENZ JACKING PAD MERC JACK BLOCK SILL PROTECTION MB CAR SERVICE TOOL | eBay Is this the right pad for my trolley jack and sills
  10. Felstmiester

    C63 pad wear sensors

    Quick question. Have c63's got the wear sensors on the rear pads? Thanks.
  11. L

    W163 270ML Brake Pad warning light

    Hi I bought a 2003 270ML a few weeks ago and the yellow brake pad has come on and off. It has come on at odd times, once when heavily accelerated and another when the powersteering was at full lock when parking. Does this sound like its the pads or something greater?
  12. Mrhanky

    55K brake pad fitment

    Guys I recently cleaned and refitted my pads for the first time on my E55K. I noticed that the pads are a really tight fit mainly due to the anti squeal backing that extends to the pads sides. Is this normal as normally when I have fitted pads they have a bit of room to move?
  13. F

    CLS63 W209 (2007) how many front pad wear sensors?

    W219* my mistake, used to having the CLK. Anyhow, about to order some brake bits, but can't seem to find a solid answer about how many brake wear sensors the fronts will need? One per hub (x2) or one per pad (x4)? I'm seeing two different part numbers and different prices for what are listed as...
  14. D

    Brake discs & pad wear

    My car has covered just 25500 miles from new. The front discs have developed furrows all across each disc approx 4 m/m wide. Note these are not lines they are furrows you can see and feel the ripple on the disc surface. As a result the braking efficiency has deteriorated. Mercedes have...
  15. Oxonmb

    Rear brake pad replacement E coupe

    Apologies if this is a repost, can't seem to do a search at the moment. When replacing the rear pads on my e class coupe is there anything special i need to do? deactivate any systems etc. Thanks
  16. J

    Brake pad and alignment issues after only 5 months - any rights?

    Hi all. My 2010 CLS 350 Grand is in for its Service D today. It's 5 months and around 4,500 since I bought it. They've called to say that the front alignment is out and the rear pads are 80% worn. I'm not surprised they didn't offer to fix either of these things under the 12 month approved...
  17. L

    2009 E63 Brake pad part numbers

    Hi, As the title says can anyone tell me what the part numbers are for front and rear pads for a 2009 e63. Discs are the steel ones if that makes a difference. Also the wear indicators would be a bonus too. Thanks
  18. E

    C55 Brake pad fitting kit

    I've not taken the brakes apart yet but I'm assuming the ECP listed brake pad fitting kit is one per axle? Also are the old ones re-useable? | Car PartsRetailer
  19. W

    Brake Pad Replacement

    I'm changing my front and rear pads on Saturday and coincidentally have just had the wear sensor warning message on the dash today. Is there only a wear sensor on the fronts and is there anything else I need to know, such as special measures to push back the pistons? Ta muchly! Sent from...
  20. E

    Brake Pad Change and the SBC

    Have been searching the above but keep getting 'Server Error 500' so apologies if this is already in the collective knowledge base..... Being new to M-B ownership I have never encountered the SBC feature on my other cars so am wary of it's foibles! My Haynes E Class manual says that it must be...
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