1. nick mercedes

    should only poor people pay tax?

    Tory treasurer wants UK to become more like a tax haven | Business | The Guardian Turns out those in charge of us don't like paying tax and tend not to bother, should the UK become a tax haven for the super-rich, or are the taxes we pay fair and reasonable?
  2. C

    Good buy? Need advice from the people who know!

    Well as i mentioned a few weeks ago, ive been on the lookout for a C-Class 180k, ive found someone whos selling one with a full service history and is apparently in good nick, my concern is the mileage - 105k. Just worried about problems cropping up left right and center with a car with high...
  3. trapperjohn

    Great Forum. Wonderful people. Thanks redbaron.

    So there was me sniffing around to upgrade my steam driven in-car audio system and up pops Paul with the offer of. A Sony 10 stack CD system - complete. I'm talking face-off head unit which also takes a cassette - yup I still use them. All the leads, the cartridge, the head unit frame, the...
  4. S

    Its a miracle people live these days

    Honestly, the dangers out there, People on twitter whilst driving, people driving around on part worn tyres, cars with DPFs removed, kamikasi police drivers, middle lane hoggers, injectors failing on diesel Mercedes, de-catted V8s and diesels roaming the country side, someone having a couple of...
  5. U

    Some people may remember this AMG...

    Was just have a look through some modified amg pages and stumbled across this AMG (again) I'm sure some of you will remember this AMG, it seem to have a change of stickers every once in a while but what got me was the photo with the huge boot spoiler!!! oh dear :doh: Modified Mercedes Benz...
  6. Howard

    Crazy rich people

    Only in America :D VlOi2pXrcX8
  7. S

    Why do we let these people in

    BBC News - Golf club beheading man Jonathan Limani jailed for life A History of drug dealing? Is that what sort of savage we let in the UK. And look what they did. Because of our lax policy and controls an innocent person has been killed by a brutal nut case.
  8. WesLangdon

    Cleggs real thoughts on young people

    Nick Clegg's true feelings about the youth of today | Word Magazine Daily Star: Simply The Best 7 Days A Week :: News :: Nick Clegg’s C-word blunder Nick Clegg 'C' word. 21st Feb 2012 - YouTube
  9. T

    Old people?

    Been to the Mercedes World today (I am now in love with the 1954 300SL) and on my way back stopped at the local petrol station. They guy working there noticed my new (new to me) Merc and commented: "why did you buy a Merc? Its an old's people car". Old people? I drive a CLK Coupe, isn't that...
  10. B

    People using my photos on their adverts

    Had an email last night to say that someone was using one of my photos on an ad on Car & Classic. I spoke to the gentleman concerned - he ummed and ahed until I pointed out the © tag in the left hand corner. I requested he remove the photo, and the link to my website with the...
  11. SilverSaloon

    why are some people just so dishonest?

    a bit of a rant! i scrapped a w124 estate the other week. scrapper guy collected it and he was to return the wheels and bolts next day as part of the deal. he was as friendly as anything,chatting away for about 30 mins..... anyway next day came, no wheels. a few calls to him and he...
  12. Godot

    Stupid People Own Guns Too

    RHdg3yeU2iY:crazy::eek: And how close has he got to stand to the targets?? He could have used the rifle as a baseball bat!
  13. developer

    People - a proper slice of life

    I've received this today - written exactly as received. "Hello, I saw your advert on gumtree. I'm 16 years old and looking for somewhere to stay as mom and dad have left me with nothing and moved to essex. I don't have any money and have a dog so looking for somewhere that takes housing...
  14. sportedition

    No, it's not a Merc. Lovely 330i but are these people serious?

    Lovely car but do these people think they're giving a good enough impression to sell a £20k car? I really don't know how anyone would have the confidence to bid 2008 BMW 330I M SPORT A BLUE | eBay
  15. T

    What ho, people.

    Hello everyone, new boy here. Currently without a Mercedes, but I'm aiming to put that right verrrry soon. I would have done yesterday. Viewed a spotless C280, but because I never had the cash on me, I had to walk away as the seller had a concrete cash offer and was not prepared to hold it for a...
  16. Godot

    For the People of Norway, by Michael Morpurgo

    From BBC News - Today - 'Each of us must face the monster down' & giving out an excellent idea at the end of the piece : Only last Summer I was sailing along the coast of Norway, in and out of the fjords. We picnicked on deserted islands, explored tiny villages, with their simple...
  17. markjay

    British jobs for British people

    Regarding the debate following recent comments made by Ian Duncan Smith.... There are three distinct groups of population in the UK. 1. UK and EU Citizens. My understanding that these can not be discriminate against. 2. Illegal immigrants, and those who entered the country with Tourists...
  18. S

    V class people movers. Any good????

    Of course they are good there mb. But just wondered does anyone here live with one. Anything to watch out for??? I've seen a couple advertised for sale and am intrigued as I'd rather have a mercedes than anything else. Your views are welcomed Cheers Dan
  19. Whitey

    People walking around my car . . .

    Just been out to the carpark after seeing two men lurking around the car (this is at work). I thought the worse but was greeted by " that's a nice motor mate, you been polishing it? ". I was taken by surprise ! It's a credit to the car's previous owner - it gleams after a quick wash...
  20. M

    People who face the wrong way at Petrol stations

    Do these people have no common sense at all? :doh: How hard can it be? You're driving along the road and you want to turn into a forcourt on your left, you take the first entrance and queue for an available pump... simples :thumb: Surely when you're approaching from the other direction...
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