1. Londonscottish

    London ULEZ - trying to pick an E Class - petrol or diesel

    Evenin' all. I've recently been asking questions about W212's and was happily narrowing down my search to various 350 CDI's. However I live in London (Zone 2) and the ultra low emission zone(ULEZ) is planned for 2020 and I'm struggling to work out the options. I know that wouldn't be...
  2. KillerHERTZ

    Concept X-Class Pick Up Truck - Press Release

    Mercedes-Benz Vans expands product range: Mercedes-Benz Concept X-CLASS – First outlook on the new pickup bearing the three-pointed star Stockholm/Stuttgart Product range expansion for sustainable global growth Market launch in late 2017 Key markets Europe, Latin America, South Africa, and...
  3. F

    About To Pick Up My First C63

    Hi All, So in about 1.5 hours I will be picking up my first C63 :D I've wanted one of these since they were released mainly in part due to the engine (I love big V8's). I've just got rid of my 996 911 due to it not being big enough for 2 children (and of course the biggest child in the...
  4. Dave.tam

    Pick up the new car on Tuesday :)

    Morning all. New guy from SE London, new to this forum, but not to forums in general. I drive a 2014 C180 arm, but pick up two new cars on Tuesday :bannana: Getting a C250 Sport Premium Plus for myself, and an A250 AMG for the Mrs. She has a 2014 Honda Civic SR currently. Looking...
  5. Y

    C180 k engine slows down and pick up speed again in a kick mode.

    I got a mercedes benz c180 kompressor 2002, few times while am driving the car slows down with my foot on the gas pedal. Then it will slowly speed back up again (it is worse in gear 1,2 and 3 where it goes to kick mode). Took it to the garage for them to check spark plugs but all ok. Did anyone...
  6. T

    Pick up the CLS tomorrow

    Pick up the CLS tomorrow, I must admit I'm starting to get excited :D. Going to be even more excited when I give it a right good clean over the weekend and polish those tail pipes, can't see the Vauxhall main dealer doing a very good job of it :eek:.
  7. 350e

    Pick up some free Mercedes goodies in Manchester

    Shoppers at Manchester’s intu Trafford Centre will experience a more powerful kind of retail experience this weekend, following the opening of the latest Mercedes-Benz Pop Up shop. Designed to bring the Mercedes-Benz product range to the public in new and surprising ways, the temporary...
  8. R

    Can anybody advise where to pick up Mercedes used parts?

    Looking to buy a second hand NSF black interior door trim panel for my 2009 W204 C180 Sport. Does anybody know any decent places where I may be able to find one? Cheers
  9. Jas C63

    Bought a C63 today pick up saturday

    Hi everyone, Finally got one :D Bit of a distance sale i have to fly there to collect it but looking forward to the drive home :thumb:
  10. Crazyfool

    Pick up

  11. G

    What would you pick.

    I am pondering purchasing a mid 90's SL500 to tinker with at weekends with a view to restoring properly with my son when he's old enough to help (he's only 4 now) but I have space to store and work on a car so thinking now is a good time to get an R129 before they start disappearing and...
  12. Spinal

    Spinal's Mongol Rally Thread

    Gents (and the odd lady that browses this forum), I did something stupid last night, and paid my registration fee for the mongol rally. So now, I need a crap car to drive to Mongolia in. Current rule are that the car can't have more than a 1l engine, though rumour suggests that this year it's...
  13. S

    Pick my car up tomorrow c63 amg

    As title really cannot wait to pick the car up tomorrow coming from a corsa Vxr will be a massive jump be like a kid at Christmas haha not bad for a 24 yr old
  14. trapperjohn

    124 Pick Up.

    Ah ze Germans. Go to love them or perhaps not.
  15. Howard

    Popped out last night to pick up some milk .....

    And look what I saw !
  16. B

    Pick this up on Saturday!

    Evening all, I've finally decided to get an slk, after wanting one since they were released I've finally done it! I pick up this beauty on Saturday and I can't wait! Better late than never :D
  17. D

    Newboy about to pick up a W203 cdi

    Evening all , just been to look at a 2006 c220 cdi today, ticked all the boxes for what I was after, so obviously have been looking for a decent forum to join so here I am lol , I will no doubt be randomly posting for help, as I am a lurker rather than a poster ;), here's to hopefully years of...
  18. trapperjohn

    A 123 Pick Up spotted on ebay.

    MERCEDES W124 LHD E300 D OM606 LHD Fully Loaded W124 LHD 2 Owners from new | eBay
  19. poormansporsche

    Beemer E36 Pick Up

    1995 BMW 323I BLUE, Unique Pick-up Conversion | eBay I quite like it in a strange sort of way :thumb:
  20. Gollom

    Pick up from Worcester - WR4

    Just won a sun porch for my tent off ebay - anybody who comes north up the M6 able to collect it for me please? Seller will not ship Needed before July 2nd. Would be most helpful - and I'd be sure to pass the favour on! :thumb::thumb::thumb:
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