1. M

    Pointed star bonnet emblem

    Hello forum friends... My 2015 E350 has a flat bonnet badge in the 44mm bonnet recess. I want to replace it with an upright bonnet star. The current flat badge is held tight beneath the bonnet by a spring clip which is dead easy to squeeze together and lift the badge out. Does anyone know...
  2. B

    Finally returned to the 3 pointed star

    Well it wasn't planned but after countless BMWs & VAG cars a 2010 C Class Sport estate is now on the drive After having a dabble with a Touareg ,5 series,3 series,2 X3s , 6 series ,2 Golf Gtis & Z4 Coupe & more recently A6 Avant i was struggling for direction & a testdrive in the C Class...
  3. B

    Glueing down the 3 pointed star to prevent theft

    Just noticed my neighbours 3 pointed star has been swiped from the grill of his new E Class. It looks like it was held in by a quarter turn and probably took 5 seconds to steal, as the grill is completely undamaged. I have a C Class on order and am thinking this will have a similar...
  4. TKvS

    CLS 3 Pointed bonnet star

    Anyone know if the classic 3 point star hood ornament can be retro-fitted to a 2005 CLS W219. I found a YT video showing how to replace it, but my CLS doesn't have room to grasp it with pliers to remove. Any clues ?
  5. merc85

    What is it with the 3 pointed star??

    Years ago my Dad had Jaguar's Xk120's, e types, S types and Mk10's Then he bought a w116 in Milan Brown and never looked back:rock: Ive had alot of Mb's since, then went to Volvo's and for years 5 in fact id forgotten all about Mercedes. Until last year and when i stepped into my s211 it was...
  6. M

    3 pointed star on w204 bonnet

    Hi All, I would like to replace the flat bonnet badge on my 2010 C class with a proper upright 3 pointed star as on the E class. Is there a part that fits, its easy enough to get the badge off but the bases on the stars I have seen are different diameters.
  7. pfarre10

    Finally back to the three pointed star!

    Hi, after a hiatus of some 10 years, I'm back to mercedes. Albeit with a 2012 w639 Vito 113cdi LWB. I'm in south wales, and while my van is for business, I would like to improve it over its, travelodge-esq, basic spec. Mind it is metallic amber red, and the blue efficency model ( one...
  8. D

    roof bars and 3 pointed start bonnet emblem

    hi everyone, Selling original w203 saloon roof bars. Hardly used and in very good condition £75 - collection from SL3 also i have a 3 pointed star i brought to replace a bonnet badge, but it doesn't fit - £30 + £3 p+p or free if collected. photos to follow
  9. S

    3 Pointed Star has lost its sparkle

    My C180 had a broken spring at 32K miles (I thought this was pretty poor show for a so called quality car) from new, had both fronts renewed by Mercedes, 10K (4 years) careful miles later front spring broken, showed up at MOT. Contacted Mercedes and was advised springs were only guaranteed for 2...
  10. G

    New Guy on the block with a few three pointed stars cars

    Hi all. Just putting in an intro here as required. Gary from Wales, keen MB enthusiast with only two on fleet currently. 1998 C230 K Sport Manual in White (143) 1991 190E was a 1.8 now a 2.8 24v Brabus B5 upgraded animal Have a large amount of MB knowledge and am happy to help anybody with a...
  11. Igurisu

    Black 3 pointed star badge for backof car?

    While in Germany a couple of weeks ago I saw a numer of cars with the star emblem on the rear in black. Does anybody have a dealer part number for this? I could try painting my existing badge but would prefer to buy one if its only a few quid to try it.
  12. M

    3 pointed star

    I am about to take delivery of a 2 year old C220 CDI Sport, which I am really looking forwards to - (my first MB!). The only thing that I want to change is to change the bonnet badge for a 3 pointed star - I know it is childish, (I'm 59!!!), but I have always wanted to drive a Mercedes...
  13. Horrgakx

    3 pointed star badge required for engine cover

    Hi - my 3 pointed star badge is broken into 3 pieces (pictured below almost whole but just resting by gravity). Where can I get a new one please?
  14. TonyE300D

    Someone broke off my three pointed star (W124)

    I've had other vehicles vandalised or borken into when parked outside my house, but this is the first time for my 1995 W124 facelift. I suppose I was living a charmed life; after three years' ownership something had to happen. So it was straight down to the stealers - Hughes of Aylesbury -...

    Three Pointed Parts Somerset

    These guys are specialist Mercedes breakers and have supplied me with several small items for my W126. They have given me excellent service, and if you're looking for a part on a budget they are worth a call. Three Pointed Parts Although a small firm, they offer prompt service and are really...
  16. grober

    WIS pdfs "online" for W163 POINTED THREE.COM

    It's funny what you come across "surfin the net" Found this web site forum on MERCEDES commercials which has a huge collection of downloadable/viewable? pdf's for the W163 SUV Hope they're of some use to w163 owners ;) http://www.pointedthree.com/disc/forums/showthread.php?tid=1507&start=1 ps...
  17. grober

    Pointed three.com website NEW ?

    Came across this forum by chance. Think its relatively new? Had a brief look at their forums. Seem quite good. The w210 section has a good post with a selection of how to's for example. http://www.pointedthree.com/
  18. M

    3 Pointed Star

    Hi Team, I have just changed my 1995 C220D Elegance for a 1999 E220 cdi facelift. I need a new “3 pointed star ” for the bonnet. I know these come off easy enough as I removed it to polish the bonnet . Does anyone know the price for the full unit or do I need to re mortgage the...
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