1. RickyBurrows

    Anyone know how to add pictures to your profile?

    Hi can anybody help I've just signed up and was wondering how I can edit my profile like the avatar and add images of my car ect? Thanks
  2. S

    A 212 906 53 02 - SAP v4 BLUETOOTH CRADLE (rSAP PROFILE)

    Hi Guys, I have recently sold my car and I am selling my bluetooth SAP cradle. This is version 4. Fully working. £90 incl. free delivery to mainland UK, ono.
  3. Brian 1

    low profile

    Been reading low profile tyres wear out faster, high performance tyres use a softer compound than all season tyres, so what mileage can I expect? thanks......
  4. Brian 1

    Low profile tyres

    I have 19 inch low profile tyres on my new car, they seem to give a hard ride after the Jag but they do look good, my question is would the car look ok with normal tyres on and give a more comfortable ride.......? They are amg alloy wheels
  5. M

    edit profile

    Been trying to edit my profile but for some reason it brings up someone else's profile with a similar name any ideas? ?
  6. Dazkeirle

    Picture when starting C class w204 62 - car profile and then 3 torsos under

    Hi, just got a new c class and no idea what this means. On the instrument panel bit when i start the car I have a profile of the car, looks like back seat may be highlighted and then under 3 torsos. No idea. Anyone shed any light, doesnt seem to be an issue.
  7. C

    w208 tyre profile cruise control problem

    Hi everyone I have owned a 1999 W208 cabriolet CLK pre facelift 320 for the last 5 months (so still lots of bits to do). I have a problem with the cruise control so I had a chat about it with the chap who read my codes for me and he said it is the rear wheel tyre profile the car came to me with...
  8. E

    iPhone 4S - SAP Profile?

    Can anyone tell me if an iPhone 4S will connect to a Bluetooth SAP unit in a W204. This is the one that connects to the phone prep socket in the armrest and the adapter has the privacy handset. I think the Bluetooth unit uses SAP to access and remotely take over the phones SIM. Does an iPhone...
  9. MercFanUk

    Have a Google Profile? Check out what they think of you!

    Hey all - if you have any sort of Google login, you can see what they have pre-set for you regarding your ad viewing preferences. Google Ads Preferences They guess categories your interested in, and also your age/sex. Google thinks I'm 5 to 15 years older than I am! Glad it noticed I like...
  10. Mercsys

    Tyre profile?

    Hi all, I am looking for a pair of front tyres for my W210 and although originally fitted with 215/55/R16 tyres she now has 235/45/R17s on MB #2104011502 rims, this is a MB standard offering for this car. My question is could I go to a 235/50/R17 tyre this will return the car to the original...
  11. Benjy

    Rash - No Contact Info on Your Profile

    Mate want to send you a post but you dont have any contact info set up.
  12. Sudesh

    Moving To Larger Profile: SL350

    I have a 2003 SL350 with 19" AMG style rims. The tyres are curently 235-35-19 but I'm looking to move up to a larger profile as the 35's are just too low and uncomfortable for some of the roads I travel. Can anyone advise as to what profile I can move up too or tyre size to go with? I'm thinking...
  13. Tan

    Windows local profile error

    Hi My father in laws laptop is showing the following message in log in " Windows cannot find the local profile", is this a common problem and how can it be resolved. Many thanks for your help. Tan
  14. I

    Raised profile

    I've just changed the tyres on the SL500 and raised the profile from 55 to 60. I cannot believe how much more comfortable it has made the ride.:)
  15. P

    Bluetooth Handsfree Profile and UHI

    Has anyone got one of these yet :confused: .. and if so is it worth it
  16. GrahamC230K

    Update - Car Profile Field

    The details you enter in your Profile (see User CP) in the "What car do you drive?" field, now appears under you name to the left handside of all your posts. This should be an advantage to us.
  17. F

    Low profile fag lighter plug?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a low profile fag lighter plug, so that I can plug it in and close the ashtray thing over. Doesn't have to be fused, but even the unfused ones are too big. Does such a thing exist, or do I have to butcher one...? I know im too lazy to hard wire things in etc...
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