1. MB James

    Are prop shaft issues common with Viano?

    I've got a 2011 Viano 85000 miles and its making a droning noise at low speeds, seems to be when its warmed up, then when I'm turning right or reversing. I thought it was coming from the rear, suspension or electronic suspension adjustment. But now I think it could be more to the middle. Would...
  2. alan1304

    Prop Shaft Lube

    Can anybody tell me if there is a grease nipple on the W202 prop shaft to lubricate the UJ's. My car is making a Chirping/Squeaking/Clicking noise from the rear of the car that speeds up as the car accelerates and disappears as it moves into second gear. There is no vibration or rumbling at any...
  3. S

    Prop Center Support Bearing W163 ML

    I need a drive shaft centre support bearing for my ML270. I did a search on ebay and two UK suppliers offered this bearing at a decent price, both being German manufactured, or supposedly. On further investigation one was made in china, the second was of inferior quality, so both these are out...
  4. M

    Prop Shaft UJ

    I've found that the universal joint on my prop (2003 E320 CDI) has some movement in it also the compression joint isn't compressing so needs replacing Can anyone recomend a specialist that can supply a prop shaft universal joint and compression joint? or reconditioned prop shaft? otherwise I'm...
  5. J

    C250 TD Prop Shaft UJ

    Hi I see the prop shaft UJ is crimped in place, has anyone had success in replacing it? Mine has gone all notchy and does not move smoothly resulting in a variable hum when driving over undulating roads.
  6. alan1304

    W202, Prop shaft, Drive shaft or something else?

    Hi guys. It's ok, I'm not going to start whining, I love my Benz too much. I just have this little problem. When I pull away in my W202 C180 Esprit, I get a little squeaking noise that sounds like it would be in time with the rotation of the UJ's on the prop/drive shaft. It happens when the car...
  7. M

    Cracks On Rear Prop Shaft Coupling

    Having only just bought my 2005 CLK 320 Auto I thought I would phone round the companies that have serviced the car before to check what had been done, or not, and see if there had been any advisories or other observations of note. It's just had the oil change for the automatic transmission...
  8. M

    Broken prop shaft on new SLK

    Hi This is my first post on here and it is with sadness that I ask for advice. I took delivery of my new SLK 250 CDi AMG sport at the end if July. I love the car and everything was going well. Palladium silver, crystal grey leather, panoramic roof:D. Unfortunately after 8 weeks the bubble...
  9. brucemillar

    C55 AMG Estate prop shaft donuts.

    W203 - C55 AMG Estate 2004 Mine need replacing. Can anybody give me a price for the donuts. I think there are at lest two.
  10. alex300ce

    Clinky prop shaft 300 ce 1988

    Hi, sorry im new here and have just brought a 300ce after wanting one for ages, as with most cars 24 years old i have a few problems(though with a MB i should say far less than another make!) One problem that im not sure of is when driving along through town i can here a clinking metal noise...
  11. horgantrevor

    c36 prop shaft knock

    hi my c36 was in storage for two years so as i drive it more it makes the bushes settle back in i have noticed that when i gun it i get a nock at the rear i had a look , the rear flex disc is hitting the exhaust at that point when you put the foot down hard so i have ordered a new...
  12. C

    Replacement prop shaft needed on W202 C250... advice needed.

    Definately need a new prop shaft on my C250 TD Auto Estate... I'm tempted to just get a decent used one... anyone got any tips? I don't have a huge budget tbh (I know... shouldn't have an MB if you can't afford to run it, but there we go), and I suspect a new one would cost the earth and a...
  13. T

    Removing prop shaft W123

    I'm trying to drop the prop shaft on my W123 diesel to change the centre bearing but am having a little trouble (never done one before). I've undone and removed the 6 bolts on the front flex disc and the same on the rear one, then removed the handbrake cabling that gets in the way, then the 2...
  14. S

    Prop shaft problems?

    Hey guys . Just a quick question I took my c class into the garage due to A clunk coming from around the gearbox And beginning of the propshaft It only happens when I start pulling Away and as soon as I dip the clutch To go into 2nd it clunks kind off like da da da ( lol sorry really...
  15. Druk

    107 Prop coupling.

    Checked the 107 propshaft last week. Found this... Not even a slight noise or judder when driving it. Glad I looked now. New coupling from Merc... £95.00 + vat..:(
  16. O

    how do you take off the propshaft shield?

    I have looked under the car as I need to see what going on with the prop/ donuts/ uni joint but there is a shiel hidding it, and it look like its screwed from the inside of the car, this could not be right, could it? I don't want to start to take the carpet out to move the shield... What is the...
  17. I

    diesel Leak on fuel lines and Rear prop couplings

    Yesterday i took my c270 2001 in for a service B they found the following. 1. Small diesel leak on fuel lines £121.80 2.rear prop couplings need replacing £191.52 3.o/s/r coil spring broken. £235.47 I have put parts and labour prices for each.I have asked my own mechaic to carryout the work are...
  18. W

    help needed front prop shaft dounut

    i am going to change my prop shaft dounut can any one advise me as to wheather this job is easy to do or any pit falls to watch out for thanks
  19. P

    low speed prop rumble,

    190e 2 litre, rumble from propshaft when pulling away seems to be front rubber coupling( forum also suggested this , thanks). How difficult to replace ? I have the Haynes,looks easy enough, Any tips from someone who has done one.Is it worthwile doing all the rubbers and maybe UJ's while the...
  20. ADY1983

    What do the different coloured lines mean, on the prop shaft??

    Hi, Ok i have now got the old Engine out today and the prop shafts look the same but, the lines are different colours. I was told these do make a difference anyone know what???
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