1. A

    R230 SL - Ignition Switch Problem?

    Hi All, Firstly, this is my first post, I've had a search and can't find anything definitive... and I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right section. We have a 2003 R230 SL350 in the family - my father owned the car for 12 years. Recently, we've had an issue with certain electronic parts...
  2. gunning

    R230 project HELP!!

    Why do I do it to myself!! Went out and bought an SL500 with quite a few issues. Which for a Mercedes fan who knows the cars well, is a stupid thing to do! So... what's good? Full amg kit and wheels, heated and cooled seats, distronic that works, massage seats, wood and leather steering...
  3. gunning

    R230 project HELP

    Why do I do it to myself!! Went out and bought an SL500 with quite a few issues. Which for a Mercedes fan who knows the cars well, is a stupid thing to do! So... what's good? Full amg kit and wheels, heated and cooled seats, distronic that works, massage seats, wood and leather steering...
  4. MD5

    Comand update 08 R230 SL

    I've just bought one of the last of the pre facelift R230s, a 2008 Sport Edition SL500. I've had a look here, but can't find out much about the Comand system, other than it appears to be NTG2? It has DVD with telephony package and a multi cd player, which I can't release the tray from, and I...
  5. Gurd63

    R230 SL F1 AMG Front Bumper Wanted

    Morning, Im looking for an R230 F1/65 AMG front bumper, cash waiting. Please pm or call on (zero)7909444707 :rock:
  6. P

    Mercedes SL55 AMG R230, Fully loaded

    I spent some time looking for the right SL55 AMG until I finally found this beautiful, well cared for example. I think it has every factory option, inc panoramic roof, adaptive cruise control, lingtronic, massage seats, heated and cooled seats, parktronic, rear tinted screen which looks amazing...
  7. C

    R230 Boot won't power close

    Has anybody had this problem? Hoping it's simple but stumped ATM. The boot opens fine if you pull the handle but neither button will make it close. Pressing the "lock" button locks the car but the boot doesn't power close. The roof opens and closes as normal so thinking there must be a switch...
  8. R

    New SL500 R230 Owner

    Hi all Proud new owner of sl500 r230, coming from a modified Honda prelude vtec I sold recently, had for 10 years great car, but needed a change. completely different beast, but liking so far.. so over xmas Ive developed a problem with the central locking, boot is wet so I assumed...
  9. S

    SL500 (R230, 2003): Correct coolant level?

    Could someone kindly tell me where to find the correct coolant level indicator on the above. I suspect I'm being dense, but the handbook is not at all helpful and there are no obvious 'Max'/'Min' marks that I can see on the tank.
  10. P

    R230 / SL space saving spare wheel kit

    For sale - complete spare wheel kit for R230. I purchased this prior to selling my SL55 and it is in unused condition. The kit comprises a space saving spare wheel, polystyrene insert, holding-down fasteners, and air compressor to inflate the tyre. Very expensive from MB, much better than the...
  11. ToeKnee

    R230 Rear Suspension Dust boots

    The dust boots on the rear suspension of my '06 SL500 have seen better days, apart from Mercedes is there anywhere else in the uk that sells these parts? The part number is A230 328 00 92, if I cannot find anywhere else then I will have to use the main dealers. Thanks
  12. B

    SL63 R230 Vs SL63 R231

    Guys, Currently on the look out for a new car. My current car is an F10 M5, but I'm looking for a 2 seat convertible to enjoy for next year summer. I've been keeping an eye on the R230 and R231 SL63 prices, and it seems the newer model is dropping while the older one is holding it price quite...
  13. Alex225

    SL350 Electric Boot (R230)

    Well it would seem that since the weather has turned colder, the boot on my other half's SL350 has started to play up! :banana: It was iffy the other day but after being closed firmly it worked fine. Now the missus has gone shopping, boot is now not opening at all (apart from manually)...
  14. flowrider

    R230 SL500 preventative maintenance jobs

    So after a search of many weeks i will be collecting my R230 SL500 on Saturday. The car is already in excellent condition but being 12 years old (50k miles) i'm sure it will need some TLC here and there. What are the recommended jobs that every new SL owner should be doing? I know the boot...
  15. Peter T

    SL R230 Wind Deflector

    For Sale is the wind deflector from my 09 SL350. Genuine MB part, in good used condition. One small hole in the mesh about 3mm across, as shown. No Bag, but I had it fitted to the car 100% of the time. I'd like to get £150 for it but I'm open to reasonable offers. Thanks for looking...
  16. P

    SL350 R230 - Gear changing problems

    Hello everybody I am the owner of a R230 SL350 , 2005 model (3750 ccm, 245 bhp). The last few months, randomly the gearbox refused to change gears up or down, and was stuck to the gear that was engaged at the time. I found out that (like some other issues) when the car was switched off and...
  17. PurpleDog

    SL63 AMG (R230) with SLR nose cone

    Hi, Does anyone know if there were any factory fitted original SL63 that came with the SLR nose cone? I wonder how many were made? Thanks.
  18. ToeKnee

    From a cobra to a R230

    Hi all, been reading many threads on this forum with great interest as I sold my Cobra replica to fund a R230 SL500. Well I collected my car on Tuesday and am really impressed with the whole package, it's a 2006 model with the 5.5l engine. Hopefully I'll fir in here, I was a major contributor to...
  19. D

    R230 SL - Replacing Plastic Seat Trim

    Has anyone any experience of removing and replacing the plastic trim piece, driver's side, beside seat belt, where seat back meets seat swab? The one on this car I've viewed is broken. How easy or otherwise is it to replace?
  20. D

    R230 SL500 on 19" rims anyone?

    Today I drove an SL500 for the first time and found the suspension decidedly unlike a magic carpet, even on comfort. The car has lovely 19" AMG alloys - 285/35 rear and 255/35 front - but from the factory came with 17". Anyone run an R230 with ABC on 19" rims who can comment on what effect the...
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