1. P

    r230 rear speaker access

    Hi there , can any one tell me how to access the rear speakers in an 03 r230? i have a REALLY annoying buzz/vibration on the rear drivers side speaker/trim. thanks in advance. Pete
  2. J

    R230 SL55 Steering Wheel with Shift Buttons

    Just replaced this for a wheel with flippers. Sl55 is 2004/5 and wheel is in good condition. Mercedes SL AMG Leather Steering Wheel from 2004/5 SL55. Fits R230.W220.W219 | eBay
  3. L

    R230 Seat Motor replacement

    hello all I've had a few issues with my drivers seat backwards and forwards operation, reset fixes it, but it seems to be getting slower, so probably on its way out. All other functions work (backrest/seat pad extender etc) I've had a good search for a replacement part, however there's...
  4. L

    R230 SL350 2005 Replace Side Light Bulb

    I need to replace my sidelight bulb but cannot see any obvious way of removing the cover. Does anyone have any diagrams or handy tips as I don't want to force anything and end up breaking it!!! Any help would be appreciated! Ade
  5. L

    R230 SL350 drivers seat required in grey

    I'm looking to replace the drivers seat in my 2005 SL350 due to leather damage. Please let me know if you've got one. Needs to be very good/excellent condition to match the rest of the car. Thanks for reading. Ade
  6. Howard

    R230 sl near side chrome exhaust trim

    More goodies from the man cave / garage. Chrome exhaust trim for an r230 sl , near side Not even sure why I've got this. Looks new. Expensive from the dealers. £20 delivered
  7. mat8n

    My R230

    After a quick clean and a few miles across the hills. :D
  8. J

    R230 SL Trim

    Looking to get the interior trim from my SL55 wrapped as really think the current AMG Aluminium trim dates it. Am considering either piano black or carbon fibre. Would appreciate any opinions or pics. Current interior is Black/Anthracite.
  9. P

    2010 R230 SL600 Parts - Body + Cooling

    Have some very low mileage parts for sale from a 2010 SL600. Only 8,000 garage stored miles. Bits only removed due to modifications. 779 - Alabandite Grey SL600 R230 230.477. Front bumper with fog lights, trim & mesh Rear bumper Front grille Rear Brembo Calipers Rear Discs Both...
  10. U

    r230 wind deflector wanted !!!

    does anyone have one for sale
  11. L

    R230 seat won't move back or forward

    Hi all I have a 2005 SL, all was great until yesterday when the seat stopped moving back or forward - the seat pad extension also moves but not all the way..... All other functions work as they should. I've had a good search on the forums and the pushing buttons to move fully forward...
  12. S

    R230 SL bits...

    As title, on eBay someone's selling SL55 bits....: Side skirts Front and rear bumper Turbine alloys Headlights Wings Bonnet Now, a couple of questions.... Are the wings different to standard? Secondly, I would like the skirts and bumpers, what's a fair price? He wants £2200 for the...
  13. S

    SL350 r230 Woolley handling

    She's nearly 11 years old now and the handling doesn't feel especially sharp - I appreciate these aren't race cars but it feels a bit tired on the road and almost disconnected, more so at the rear end. The kind of feeling that can only be described as the wheels shiftying around under the body...
  14. S

    Out in the r230 SL350 today...

    Been out in my recently acquired SL today... Having owned various segments of cars over the years, this is my first larger GT type, and my first impressions are good. She's a smooth cruiser that IMO looks timeless, not fast or nimble but still rewarding and punchy. Looking forward to racking...
  15. L

    R230 window drop

    Hello all I have an r230 SL, now I know from searching the forum that opinions are divided regarding aftermarket tints..... I hated them, but actually rather like the ones that are on the car I've just purchased. My question is regarding the rear quarter windows, I'd noticed the tint had...
  16. Giantvanman

    Tailored luggage for an R230

    I have looked at the few threads on here relating to model specific luggage but they are either too old or inconclusive in relation to "Roadsterbags." Mercedes - Roadsterbag Convertible Cases With the imminent arrival of our SL, my thoughts are turning to trips away. As some have pointed...
  17. H

    R230 Tyres and Tramlining

    Hi, i have an 04 R230 SL65 and appear to have the same issue that many suffer with R230's and that is tramlining...I have standard 19 inch wheels and P Zero's 285/30/zr (98y) rear and 255/35/zr19 (96Y) front...Any ideas on a sensible tyre match to minimise the issue or give me a little more...
  18. MD5

    211 E63 vs R230 SL55 ownership

    Which one has the most pitfalls for long term ownership? I'm guessing the SL, but I think the 211 would depreciate quicker than the SL. Any thoughts please?
  19. reflexboy

    My R230 steering wheel

    Mercedes wood/leather steering wheel-R230 SL500 SL350 Mint Genuine | eBay
  20. K

    Wing Mirror Puddle after market R230 Sl500 2002

    Hello I have a Sl500 on a 2002 plate. It was not fitted with wing mirror puddle lights, and I would like to make the mod. When I use the fob, I would like the after market wing mirror puddles to light up with the interior lights, and then go off with the interior lights when I start the car...
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