1. Londonscottish

    Broken 212 centre vent in rear - replacement question

    Hi, has anyone ever replaced a centre air vent in the back of a 212? One of my daughter's friends has just kicked mine and broken it. *sigh* Anyway, is it possible to order an individual unit and replace it or do I have to get an entire assembly?
  2. Celicasaur

    w124 cabrio rear arms replaced

    So earlier in the week I replaced my rear shocks for Bilstein B8's, as per a recommendation from some nice chaps on this forum (my car rode like Satan - maxing out on the suspension travel, etc). It made a nice difference, but still didn't rock my world. However, knowing that I was doing the...
  3. S

    2011 w204 estate rear door panel removal

    Hi everyone, just seeing if anyone can help me. I have a 2011 face lifted c350 cdi estate. Does anyone have a guide to removing the rear interior door panel? Thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. C

    C63 w204 19" alloy, rear diffuser

    I've got a c63 19" rear alloy for sale has 1 hairline crack can be welded doesn't leak air I've had it on the car till recently £150 ono Rear oem diffuser(pre facelift 2010) has 1 crack from underneath, wasn't aware it was cracked as it's hidden underneath. £100...
  5. Y

    rear lower control bush

    HI I wonder if anyone can help . I have a clunking noise caused by the worn out bush located within the lower rear control arm (Attached to the shock absorber). I am having difficulties to find it on the net can anyone help please Mercedes R class 280 Sport 4 Matic car registration...
  6. MB-tex

    w124 estate rear suspension struts question.

    Hi All I'm the middle of a subframe replacement adventure on my 96 e280 estate. I got an old subframe that I have pressed out bushings from and got shot blasted. I am about to order one of these lemforder suspension link kits (4 each side) and I have a query: Is one of the bars in the kit...
  7. philsmerc

    S205 C250 Bluetec AMG line ticking noise from rear offside when switching off

    Hi Had the car since last June and after a few weeks, I noticed that sometimes, after switching off and getting out of the car, I could hear a slight ticking noise coming under the car. It only lasts about 15 to 20 seconds and sounds as though it's coming from the rear offside of the car -...
  8. Hectors Dad

    2015 E220 Estate Auto (S212) Rear Disc Removal Help Please

    Greeting All, I would like to dip into the cumalitve knowledge banks for some help please. Last week I had the "Check brake wear" warning come on and so duly had a quick look and ordered a set of MB rear pads from our friendly Newcastle dealer. When fitting them (an easy job by the way) I...
  9. T

    A45 amg rear wheel arch splash guards

    I am trying to find where I can a hold of some new rear wheel arch splash guards, if that is there right name, I've found some carbon fibre ones on e bay for £110 but hoping for cheaper... any ideas anyone
  10. J

    W164 rear sam unit

    Any thought on a WI64 fault code 90b5 The Line from component N10/8 (REAR SAM CONTROL UNIT ) pin F13 to component A72 Rear door locking unit (pin 1.3 has short circuit to positive. Am I looking at a cable fault from the sam to the door our a faulty Sam. Rear door make opening noise...
  11. A

    W211 e280 sport estate rear suspension

    This is my first post in MB club, I have been towing a caravan with my e280 sport estate over the last 18 months probably about 20 outings and I am concerned that the rear air suspension is at some point going to give up ( the car is an 07 reg). I wondered if anybody has replaced the airbags...
  12. Hawkwind

    CLK W208 Rear Disc Brakes

    Hi everyone, need to change the brakes on my CLK, decided to go for Bosch all round. Parts have not arrived yet, but decided to take a closer look to make sure I have all the stuff I need. I have a question for those that have done the rear brakes before. How do I release the rear parking...
  13. BIG_G_1979

    w211 rear boot spoiler

    Hi guys I've ordered myself a rear boot spoiler (lip type) can anyone recommend a way of sticking it onto the boot lid? Some sort of foam tape or sealant? Any advice greatly appreciated also some that wont destroy the oem paint if I decide to take it off I I dont like
  14. I

    W169 rear Pad replacement tool

    Hi all I been searching for over an hour but i'm not finding any answers. I.m about to order some new rear disc's and pads for an 2007 A180 (W169) when is noticed some piston wind in tools advertised. Is this something I will have to have to get the pistons back in?
  15. MB-tex

    w124 rear hubs - advice needed

    Hi All About to begin swapping out rear subframe on '96 e280 estate. I am looking to buy a couple of used rear hubs to clean up and attach to the new frame. Are rear hubs standard across the years/range or do I need to buy a specific hub for my car/year? I have seen a good one on ebay from...
  16. V

    Rear Side Windows Vito 638

    Can anybody shed any light on issue I have please - The silver Vito I own (LHD) and I am doing it up. Previous owner had the two back windows infilled with strong black plastic windows. I opted to take them out and replace them with the opening type glass windows - as seen on the green Vito...
  17. I

    Help please how to free Child seat from rear seat belt?

    Hi. We have a child seat in the back seat of our e-class (W212) cabriolet. We need to remove it but the seat belt is stuck in the retract position and won't let us extend it. We are stuck as we need to extend the belt to slide over an arm of the child seat to free it. Any help much appreciate on...
  18. C

    S212 rear suspension sinking

    I've noticed recently that my rear suspension is sinking when the car is parked, and I get a message saying to wait whilst it rises when I start the engine. It drops an inch or so overnight, more if left longer, I don't think it used to sink as much as that but it may just be because I don't use...
  19. Gary Beale

    High Level Rear Brake Light W204 Estate 2012

    Hi All I am trying, without much luck to find a replacement for the above. Can anybody help me with the part number and if at all, a guide on how to change the unit. Thanks
  20. A

    Rear wiper sign

    Mine sends the batman signal lol Finally got round to ordering a new one :rolleyes: Ben :thumb: TBH I rather like it You got laugh :D
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