1. C

    R230 rear suspension bushes

    I've got a bit of a wobble on the rear end so I am thinking of changing the rear this a diy job? .... I've seen the how to on YouTube but the subframe is off the car
  2. Richard1973

    S210 rear suspension spheres

    Hi, has anyone done these as a diy fix? I'm sure I saw a guide on here but after an hour of looking I can't find it! Any things to avoid or special tools? Thanks. Sent from my SM-T365 using Tapatalk
  3. G

    W204 2012/15 coupe rear bumper with or without the plastic rear defuser

    As per title says. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. G

    W204 rear bumpers

    Just a quick one. Does anyone know if a facelift saloon w204 rear bumper will fit directly onto the coupe? I've called Mercedes and they said the bumpers have different fitment but I've heard otherwise from a load of breakers. Just wondering if anyone has done this before? Sent from my...
  5. Mr Fixit

    W211 E55 folding rear seats retrofit

    The only missing option I really wish me E55 had is the folding rear seats, do we know if it is possible to retrofit folding rear seats and if so is there anybody who could do this? Ta
  6. N

    SLK 55 Rear tyres 2014

    Guys , I have done a search but cannot find it. Thought I had read about upping the width of the rear tyres from 255 x 35 x 18 to 265,s instead. Would I need to keep 35 profile or drop to 30 profile with the 265 width? I am just in the process of changing the fronts but am keeping the 235 width...
  7. Gaz74

    C32 AMG rear prop/diff bushes - help req'd!

    Hi, so I have a vibration/shudder at around 70 - 80mph in my car which I can feel through my seat, more than through the steering wheel. After inspection, it appears that the diff mounts are worn and have a bit of play and also the thick rubber bush which sits between the prop and the diff is...
  8. MB-tex

    Pressing in W124 estate rear bearings & hubs

    I need advice with installing bearings into 124 estate rear hubs. All parts ready on the bench. Do I press in the bearings into the hub carrier then the hub into the installed bearing? This seems the logical way to do it but just wanted to check before I started... The hub carrier is...
  9. N

    Selling Front and Rear Brake pads with sensors (MB stock items) for E63AMG 6.2

    Hi everyone, With over 2 and half years having great fun with my E63 6.2 PP, it was coming to the end of my lease, I returned the vehicle (sadly and it will be truly missed) and I have brand new Brake pads for front and rear with sensors for front and rear, which I bought from MB in Southend...
  10. P30egy

    2010 E63 rear cat delete

    As title a few questions regarding this; 1 how much louder is it when driving normally? Next does anyone recommend any garage to do the work chestefield/Sheffield/Mansfield area.
  11. K

    w212 rear wheel brake squealing

    hi my car with 11k on the clock, one side brakes squealing badly when slow braking i sent the car to main dealer to sort the NOx sensors out and see the brakes, they said the brakes need to be replaced to get rid of noise, charge £211 for rear only. the pads are almost new, i took the...
  12. W

    CLS Shooting Break Rear Bumper Removal X218

    Hi All, Wondering if anyone ahs any instructions as to how to do this as im wating to fit a tow bar to my CLS 350d AMG (X218). Thanks Jon
  13. A

    Rear tyre recommendations for C350

    I'm close to needing new rear tyres on my (W203) C350. It currently has Pirelli Cinturato P7, which were on it when I bought the car. A couple of MOTs ago, I had the front tyres replaced with Continental Contisport Contact 5, for no other reason than the Merc garage I was at didn't have...
  14. RickyBurrows

    211 E class with 275 35 on the rear anyone doing it?

    So I've just recently put pirelli p zeros all round on my staggered 19's I have 245 35 19 up front and 275 35 19 on rear offset is 25 front and 30 rear me personally I want a 275 30 on rear it will put car level and it's to much tyre height on rear is anyone using either size aswell as your...
  15. S

    W211 rear ABS sensor fault

    Evening, My 2008 S211 came up with a ABS Inoperative warning message the other day. I borrowed a code reader and it showed a couple of old stored codes for front right ABS sensor distance too far from sensor and a current fault code for rear left ABS sensor check wiring/sensor. The old codes...
  16. S

    ML W163 97-2005 Rear Spare Wheel Carrier

    Ho folks, just wondered if anyone has one of the swing out rear wheel carriers fitted and would be so kind as to nip out with a tape measure and jot down some dimensions for me, it would be a great help :thumb: Hopefully there will be a picture below with what I need, maybe not, can't use...
  17. tommerc49

    W245 B200 Clunking/ knocking at the rear - suggestions?

    For the last couple of months I've had a 'clunking' kind of noise coming from the rear passenger side of the car whenever I go over a bump in the road. It started happening when going over larger bumps, but now even driving down my (slightly-bumpy) street is causing the noise. It sounds like...
  18. S

    w204 rear ABS sensor

    I have the ABS/ESP lights on the dash so I need to check the rear ABS sensors since I suspect one might be duff. I has the workshop manual but it has no mention of these sensors! Are they pretty self evident when I take the wheel off? I am intending to check the resistance as a first step. As...
  19. Hectors Dad

    S212 Rear Door Auto Opening / Closing

    Hi All, My E220 estate has the ability to open the rear door using either the latch on the door, a switch on the drivers door panel or the key. It doesn't however close on either the switch or the key and only via the button inset into the bottom of the door itself. So I took it into my...
  20. P

    Brake Calipers for rear W124 1992. 200 Wanted

    Wanted. Rear Brake Calipers to suit W124 estate 200 petrol - aprl 1992 auto. Will consider good used or new item. North ireland. Give full details and photos if possbl. Many thanks.
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