1. J

    C200 AMG Line estate - what tyres ( rear )

    Chaps, I have a 16 plate C Class estate AMG Line which is still on the OE Potenza S001s which are now down to 2 mm. I'm looking for a replacement and have been eyeing up the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3s or something similar. Has anyone got any recommendations? Jon
  2. Gledsyc63

    C63 rear exhaust section

    Looking for a c63 rear exhaust section must have resonator on. ideally located in West Yorkshire but willing to travel a bit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. AndrewOl

    X164 Rear Entertainment

    Hi, Just bought a 2006 GL with an aftermarket DVD multi disc and rear head rest monitors. DVD unit by Veba but no remote. Tried good local ICE shop who got a remote but no joy. Unit loads but that's it. Decided to try a non DVD solution without spending lots, as I'm not sure how much...
  4. T

    W203 C220 rear bearings (hub swap?)

    Hi guys, I bought an inexpensive W203 C220 (06 reg) a couple of years ago as I was in need of a car and not being able to find the right W204 car I wanted, this was a cheap solution. In obsidian, with black leather and Avantgarde spec I still think it looks classy. Over the last couple of years...
  5. A

    2006 CLS Rear window problems.

    Hi has anyone had a problem with there rear windows coming away from the window carrier which holds the window in place at the bottom and carries the window up and down, I removed the doorcard to reveal that the window seemed to be held in place with a silicone type adhesive but this had gone...
  6. A

    W204 rear sub rattle

    I think its fairly common but cant seem to find a definitive answer.. Low frequency makes the rear shelf/grill area buzz or rattle. If i touch my hand on the centre grill then the noise stops,so is there any tried and tested fixes that sorts it out ? TIA...
  7. Mr Fixit

    w211 E55 transmission and rear diff mounts

    All Recently acquired my first E55 and generally loving it, had the car checked through my the local merc service centre and all clear however I keep thinking I can hear thuds and bumps in either the transmission the rear diff/sub frame area. :dk: Seems to be on picking up power and...
  8. B

    s212 self levelling rear suspension too high

    Yesterday I had to scrabble about in the boot a bit to put the parcel cover back in. Today I nipped out to the shops and on the way back I get a 'car raising, please wait' message and the rear end got very bouncy. The rear self levelling suspension has gone full monster truck! Any thoughts on...
  9. jih2000

    C63 sedan rear tyres

    Quick one, just about to order a new set of rears. I asked this before, 2013 c63 sedan factory 19 black alloys. Have 255/30/19 at moment, was told sedan only supported 265 and coupe 275, is this correct? I'm going to try Michelin pilot sport 4 tyres. Let me know if 275 is an option without...
  10. P

    Who makes OE rear lights?

    Hi I am trying to fond out who makes the rear lights on my 2009 S211 280 estate. If anyone can help, it will be appreciated. Thanks
  11. CarlPea

    W212 - Fold none folding rear seats

    Hi, Is it possible to fold the rear seats when you don't have the release levers? I'm assuming the mechanism is there but just no cables? Thanks, Carl.
  12. DavE400

    CLS Coupe Rear Wheel Use on E400 Coupe

    Have some kerb damage on my car and I think I have an option of a CLS Coupe Rear Wheel that my research suggests willfit rear of E400 Coupe although tyre size used on both is different CLS wheel is 19 Inch AMG Alloy Wheel - 9.5jx19 ET48 and relatively local to me so I can collect Thanks in...
  13. Cymruambyth

    Rear diffuser.

    I reversed into my garage the other day and I`d left my pressure washer at the back, rather than the side which resulted in me gently reversing into it (room is tight with this car). Now, a section of diffuser has popped loose and I`m struggling to pop it back in place. I`ve looked behind it and...
  14. M

    Quick question on W210 saloon rear head restraints

    My pre-facelift W210 saloon seems to like finding me jobs to do, so before something else unexpectedly jams I thought I'd better check how the rear headrest release is supposed to work. At present, you pull the headrests up until they click, and when you press the release button on the dash...
  15. S

    2013 E250 rear brake caliper mounting bolt access

    I'm replacing the brake disks and pads on my 2013 E250 Coupe. I did the fronts no problem and had intended to do the rears last weekend, however the upper caliper mounting bolt is obscured by a vertical tie bar of some sort, and clearance is limited such that you can't get a 37mm long 18mm 1/2"...
  16. zenman63

    ML63 166 rear view camera?

    Looks like my new car has no rear view camera, I see the guys at Comand on line have a parts kit, is there much to fitting it?
  17. W

    1992 w124 300ce replacement rear shocks

    Hi everyone I was hoping some wise head would be able to advise me on replacing rear shocks. I've been looking at these: Reasonable? They don't come with protection gaiters though and these are proving tricky to find Anyone know where I can get...
  18. F

    W447 Vito rattle from the rear

    Hi all I've recently purchased a W447 Vito, I've noticed that there is some rattling, coming from the rear of the van, seems to be coming from the sliding doors, or the rear tailgate, just wondering if anyone with a Vito has had the same experience, the cabin is great and rattle free...
  19. wu56Shoozz

    2006 W203 320CDi Rear subframe

    Hi all, I just got mine back from the MOT today and it would appear that my car has been in a minor altercation at some point in its life. It has been rather poorly welded and in overall poor condition, so it is my intention to replace it, but I need to know.. Can somebody advise me on...
  20. ptruman

    W212 Thermotronic - issue with rear?

    Lo all Merc have had my W212 today and changed the turbo seals due to a small oil leak. I've noticed this afternoon that while the front vents are all merrily pumping out chilly air, the rear zone central vents are pumping out hot air, the right B pillar vent and under driver seat vent are...
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