1. Darrell

    A reason to get off the fags

    PIC EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Clarkson relaxes aboard luxury yacht in Majorca
  2. L

    W212 E250 CDI - Alarm going off for no reason

    Hi All, Recently, my W212 alarm has been going off occasionally whilst parked and locked. In an attempt to stop the neighbours getting annoyed I've been leaving the car unlocked which seems to have solved the problem but a couple of times, after taking my daughter to school, when I've locked...
  3. G

    SAM: reason for separate wiring for left/right lamps?

    A question has come up during a discussion, on the best possible location for my FLASH••A••BRAKE™ unit, when a customer desires to have all three lights controlled by the adaptive brake light system, just like the OE system does. Say, we have a SAM with three different outputs (pins) for...
  4. KillerHERTZ

    Precisely the reason why you don't fit kits on to your car

    Mercedes CLK 320 3.2 V6 Avantgarde with Extreme Sportscars DTM kit 62,000 miles | eBay Nasty crack appearing and a dodgy looking seem on this CLK DTM replica. Decent write up in the advert however. What do you reckon the cause of that was? Large stone? Looking at the photos there does not...
  5. Bazfaldo

    The reason your headlight washers don't work

    I noticed my headlight washer squirter's were not working, I hardly ever use them anyway. I checked the forums first and many people said check fuses ETC. All looked good. When pressing the button I did notice a very faint dim to the instrument cluster so assumed the power was good to the...
  6. Reggie-rock

    Alarm activating for no reason, please help

    Has anyone have a clue why my alarm randomly goes off for no reason? This has happened twice so far today and has never done it before. What can I check or do ? Thanks
  7. simon1966

    The real reason I need my E55 estate is to go fishing!!!

    I know this is the wrong section but I know a few of you boys wanted to see why I spend so much time making my car dirty! See link below.
  8. simon1966

    The real reason I need my E55 estate is to go fishing!!!

    Well lads, a few of you know that I spend too much time cramming sh*t loads of gear into the back of my old bus and going fishing and not enough time cleaning my car. So here is the reason why. 86lb 10oz Catfish, one of the largest true English catfish in the country, appropriately named the...
  9. R

    Esp bas locks up while driving whats the reason?

    Last week while while driving my w203 2001 the car brakes alone and the esp bas light comes on i am not able to identify the problem any help pleaase
  10. flango

    The reason my daily driver is a Volvo and not MB

    Unfortunately today my Volvo died, going for an overtake and it lost power completely fortunately I just dropped back into the space I had come out of so not drama. So 3rd gear foot flat to the floor and I'm doing 15mph only 2 miles from home so limp back. Call Volvo assist 25 minutes later...
  11. regbuser

    Bridgestone R050A -any reason why not?

    Hi, On the CLS 350 SB have 255/30/R19/Y & 285/30/R19/Y, any reason/opinions why I shouldn't replace with Bridgestone R050A (MO) ?
  12. M

    I was banned for no reason... :O(

    hi I was cobra427 in a previous life but for some reason I'm now banned under that name....! and I've been a good boy, have no idea why..:ban: So I re-registered.. just like being an old virgin! :bannana:
  13. P

    Alarm activation without reason

    Hi twice now alarm set off no reason advised pos water in tray to alarm module when alarm active cannot cancel anyway 15 mins driving will cause reset to normal car drives normal (with public watching as driving away)within 6mile all cancels back to normal advice please?? e55 amg 2004 estate THANKS
  14. grober

    Yet another reason not to buy HP?

    Yes troubled HP rumoured to be quitting the PC market have appointed a new CEO ----- Used to run Ebay evidently.:eek: Meg Whitman, Hewlett-Packard's New CEO: Leading With A "Bias For Action" - Forbes So maybe a return to profit but don't ever expect to get your money back on any purchase...
  15. Omega

    Engine just cut-out, for no reason ?!

    Had a strange thing the other day. I had driven for about 20 minutes – taking my Son to work. When I pulled off the by-pass & up to a junction, the car just cut out. It was as if I’d stalled it, but it’s auto. I started it again & it ran o.k. About 5 minutes later as I was dropping him off, it...
  16. Charles Morgan

    Another reason why I don't like Estate Agents

    The bumpers were touching rendering the boot unusable. He/She had four feet in front. Complaint letter coming on.
  17. Horrgakx

    What's the reason I can't tow?

    The manual for my W210 E55 AMG clearly says you must not tow with this vehicle. I like to know reasons so does anyone know why this is please?
  18. Sonny Burnett

    esp abs worning lights for no reason?? (update W210)

    esp abs warning lights for no reason?? (update W210) hi people i have had these light flash up before and i have turned the ignition off and on again and they clear.. but not.. they come on and stay... this is how it happens.. i turn on the car while its in park.. all is fine as soon as i put...
  19. Baron_Samedi

    Is There A Reason That Mercedes

    Use chrome lock covers on their cars? The chrome I mean is the shiny cover you see at the top of the door body when you open the door....
  20. C

    C class Alarm going off for NO reason!

    Ok So I posted earlier about how the lights of my car were randomly flashing... Now what is happeneing when I lock the car the alarm just goes off, and I have to unlock it and re lock it until it stops... please help me diagnose this issue as I've tried to find out myself and have narrowed it...
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