1. C

    W208 M112 5 speed Torque converter. uprate? Refurbishment?

    Who's a good firm for doing this work? I have a w208 with 200K on it I'm about to fit a 3.7 engine I'd like to refurbish the torque converter. It was on the list of things to do anyway. Is it would uprating it in anyway or does a standard refurb do enough? From cross referencing...
  2. D

    W124 ECU refurbishment advice

    After a fairly intense trouble shooting episode I have isolated the cause of the misfire on my E320 to the engine ECU I now need to get my ecu repaired, it apparently needs the transistors that fire the coil packs (another language to me) replacing , common fault. I have found a guy on the...
  3. AndrewOl

    X164 GL Suspension Refurbishment

    Hi, I've just bought a 2006 GL with fairly tired suspension. Usual creaks and groans but the air suspension is working fine. The bushes in the lower arms in each corner are probably well worn and along with the ball joints need to be replaced. Any thoughts on replacing the complete front...
  4. O

    Alloy Refurbishment London

    I am in the process of readying my s212 AMG Sport to return to MB Finance and wondering if anyone can recommend anyone who can refurbish alloys with diamond cut finish inexpensively in London? Thanks
  5. clk320x

    Mobile 'smart' Wheel Refurbishment

    Has anyone used a 'smart' mobile alloy refurbishment company? Going down to Lepsons or the likes is difficult for me due to not having a spare set of wheels and hesistating to leave the car with them. This mobile company claim to carry out everything the same day within 5-6 hours and their...
  6. G

    Wheel Refurbishment Co - First Aid Wheels. Absolutely Brilliant!

    Just as the title said - I couldn't be happier with the whole experience. I have used three different wheel refurb companies in the past (one less than two miles from me), and these chaps are by far the best, in my opinion. I went for a very keenly priced (particularly for an 18" AMG...
  7. deemi786

    Diamond Cut Alloys refurbishment

    Hello all, its been some time since my last post, but i am looking for referrals for places in or around Hertfordshire (Watford) to get my alloys refurbished at a reasonable price before the car goes back to Mercedes (had it on a 4 year lease) Also some advice please, is it worth me just powder...
  8. M

    Recommending The Wheel Specialist Wolverhampton for Wheel Refurbishment in the Mids

    Hi Folks, As some of you will have seen, I've just had my spare set of AMG alloys refurbished and for anyone looking to get a refurb in the Midlands I wanted to recommend The Wheel Specialist in Wolverhampton. It's always a bit of a gamble looking for a good supplier but after reading some...
  9. IMD

    AMG Split Rims back from refurbishment :-)

    Hi all, I've just picked up and fitted my AMG split rims that I had refurbished by Lepsons. Loving them! I took a bit of a chance with the whole thing, but all worked out well. Firstly, I bought the wheels unseen on Ebay late last year. I then had them delivered to a friends, as I live...
  10. streethawk

    wheel refurbishment done.

    Well guys I've had my rims done and very happy. Thanks for all the colour replies and think I choose right and went with most if you guys suggestions. Here are the results hope you agree.
  11. W4E300

    Wheel refurbishment - West London

    I just had my AMG wheels refurbished by these guys in Ealing/Hanwell and they did a good job for not much cash..... Full diamond cut and paint, with loan wheels for the week - £250.00. Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  12. martyp87

    Brake Callipers - Respray or Refurbishment

    I'm looking to get my callipers resprayed in a nice bright yellow with the AMG logos refitted under a coat or two of clearcoat. I actually had the car booked into a bodyshop this week to get the front bumper resprayed along side the 4 callipers however, after speaking to a MB specialist he...
  13. Charles Morgan

    Fuel injector cleaning and refurbishment

    My D jet injectors from the W114 coupe (of which I now have 12) are a good 43 years old and could do with an overhaul. Does anyone have a recommended specialist to do this reasonably? Even if I don't end up fitting them, they do have some resale value and I'd rather sell them as running and...
  14. cobra7

    Best wheel refurbishment firm in Berks area?

    I'm now looking to have my monoblocks (18's) refurbed which, apart from the front bumper, is the last bit to get car looking virually mint :cool: Can anyone recommend a reliable local firm please? Thinking of having centres coloured, gun metal grey perhaps :dk: with a polished rim (ooer mrs...
  15. paul73mt

    Wheel Refurbishment

    Well the time has come to give my wheels abit of a refurbish. On speaking to a person who does my carpark dents on the car, He put me on to a place called Lepsons in Gillingham he said that he had heard great feedback from there work. On speaking to them they have quoted:- 4 x 18" wheels to be...
  16. L

    Alloy wheel refurbishment - Cardiff

    Can any members in the south wales area recommend a good place to get alloy wheels refurbished, preferably in or near Cardiff? Got a couple of bad scuffs on my front wheels that I want fixed, they're the 18" AMG ones if that makes any difference. I know kerbed the offside one a few weeks ago...
  17. T

    Wheel Refurbishment

    Hi Can you tell me of a decent wheel refurbishment company in Ely or Cambridge area. Many thanks
  18. astamir

    chromed wheels refurbishment

    Hi guys I have chromed 19" amg II alloy wheels and need a refurbish apparently not that many refurbish companies deals with chromed wheels Do you guys know any refurbish company who would refurbish them or at least dechrome them? Thanks
  19. A

    Alloy Wheel Refurbishment needed Warwickshire/West Mids

    my CLK Alloys need refurbishing - Need blasting and perhaps powder coating - have seen ad on the net for Birmingham Powder Coaters - anyone had any experience of them - Be grateful of any recommendations local to Tamworth/ Nuneaton Cheers
  20. astamir

    Amg monoblocks refurbishment

    Hi guys Got a set of Amg mono 2 in 18" they are as you can see in a rough condition and planing to refurbish them Doing the inner part in black and the outer lips diamond cut polished or shall I keep them in original silver? Any tips suggestions and advices will be very much appreciated
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