1. Mr-Goose

    Removing badge

    I know there are a few threads discussing the removal of badges but they are rather long and became a little heated with regards to whether badges should be removed or not. I thought I'd post a few pics showing how I got on removing the BLUE EFFICIENCY badges. I'm not saying this is the best...
  2. S

    Removing cooking oil / grease from carpets

    My son used to work at McDonalds and as such spent the shift walking through grease and all sorts of bits and bobs dropped on the floor. I'd then give him a lift home and those manky greasy shoes would go onto the passenger footwell carpet as well as the protective floor mat. Any...
  3. P

    Removing hard water spots

    It's washed the car at home where we have pretty hard water with lots of deposits and now what should be a lovely clean car is covered in water spots all over, thousands of them. Is white vinegar still the cheapest and easiest way to remove these as they seem pretty stubborn to move.? Will...
  4. GillyC63

    Removing Estate upper chrome window surround

    Hi all as title says does anyone know how to remove the upper chrome window trim on a w204 estate? I can unclip the trim all the way back to the rear quarter after that I can't see how to free the last bit Every link seems to be about removing a coupe's trim I can't find anything ref the estate...
  5. L

    Removing headliner from sliding sunroof ('93 W124 coupe)

    I'm attempting to remove the headliner from the underside of the sunroof. So far, I've found two guides: but for the life of me I can't see how the clips come undone. The liner is stiff steel; even if I pull down hard on the front edge as instructed, nothing happens. I've tried putting a...
  6. C

    Any way of removing MB StarGard?

    Apparently my S204 (white) had StarGard applied at the time of 2nd sale (approx. 1year ago) - I can't say I notice a positive difference in terms of lustre etc and in some light, when wet, the surface doesn't appear uniform (which I can only imagine is the StarGard?). With the better weather...
  7. CLSMark

    Removing 501 bulbs on CLS 2010

    I can get my fingers to wobble them, but I can't seem to get any purchase, Anybody know any magic to get them out?
  8. Trickythemerc

    Removing the light switch

    I am having trouble with the folding mirrors and suspect the switch pack is faulty. I have one arriving tomorrow but I am struggling to remove the faulty one. Can't see any screw under the park brake release,just the two spring clips on the back of the switch. Has anyone actually had one out and...
  9. M

    S212 removing 3Rd row seats

    As I'm still looking for car I come across S212. It's all ok but it is 7 seater. How difficult is to remove the folding seat and convert it so it looks like in 5 seat version? Price roughly how much could this cost me?
  10. G

    W246 Climate Control Module (Removing)

    Anybody know how to replace/remove the climate module? Mines faulty and need replacing - wondering if it's easy to remove the panel (as per picture) and thus being able to remove the module
  11. S

    W220 removing driver's seat when motor is dead

    Hi, I took my W220 to my specialist of choice as the driver's seat had stopped moving forward & back. They couldn't get to the motor to test it but got a diag code (£50) to say the middle motor hall sensor was not responding. (I have checked the relevant fuses) The reason they couldn't...
  12. P

    removing and replacing exterior door trim/strip - b class

    Hi, i have 2005 b class. I need to replace the silver exterior rear door strip that runs horizontal on the outside of the rear door. About half way down the door. ie the silver strip that is abotu a cm thick. Part o mine has been ripped off. Can i just pull it off, or is a special tool...
  13. G

    Removing glue from rear shelf?

    Anyone have any recommendations for removing glue residue from car interior? Like from a mascot or something, it's left behind a square patch of sticky glue. I have seen glue/tar removers but they seem to be meant for the exterior, bit scared to try them on a car interior. Any products or...
  14. O

    Partially removing the headliner of C220 CDi Coupe

    Hi, The car is a 2002 C220 CDi Sports Coupe which has been well used and given me good service over the years and now the Panoramic Sunroof is stuck in tilt mode. I believe that there's something jammed in the mechanism of the left motor and I need to access it. Can anyone tell me if I need...
  15. C

    Removing ac/pollen filter unit

    Removing blower/pollen filter unit (not just motor & filters) Hi I have my dash in bits atm because one of my stepper motors is clicking. The clicking is coming from right above this unit. How do I get the bugger out? :-)
  16. M

    W204 220 CDI passenger door panel removing

    any one can help with guide how to remove door panel please Mthanks!
  17. T

    W203 C320 CDI - removing door lock?

    Yesterday my wife found that the driver door handle inside would not work :dk: The interior handle is disconnected from the mechanism.... Pulling the door card off I found that the cable has broken :( So I have a few questions for the experts on this forum: 1. How do I get the lock...
  18. Adamccc

    Removing cold start?

    Has anyone had any experience with mapping out cold starts? I've read up a small amount and it seems like the main reason it's there is for emissions - warming up cats etc. which mine doesn't have! I absolutely love the sound of the car but the cold start is absolutely brutal, especially when...
  19. O

    Removing C63 AMG DRL surround

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has a guide to removing to chrome surround of my C63 DRL lights Is it a bumper off job or do they just pop off? Thanks
  20. W

    removing a timing case on a 3.0cdi ? Help please I'm stuck :(

    Hey guys I'm removing the front timing case on Mercedes ml280 cdi And I'm stuck I've stripped the front end down and I've took all the bolts out of the front and all the bolts out of the upper sump ( 4 or 5 ) and its loose and wobbling but won't come off I removed it a couple of years ago...
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