1. optimusprime

    W124 wing replacment

    Hi, Can i ask please ?. As i have just fitted this genuine mercedes front wing to my car .I thought it would be easy .Removal was, but not fitting new one. Had trouble gaping the new wing . The possition of the wing to the passengers door is spot on , and the same as the drivers side.But...
  2. R

    w168 heater blower resistor replacment

    Hi again, not posted for a while, but always looking.... My 2003 w168 has decided not to let the blowers work on anything but max, looking around I have come to the conclusion that it is the resistor. Nice and easy replacment, but phoned mercedes and they want nearly 50 quid, ebay around 30...
  3. P

    head gasket replacment on my e240 v6

    can anyone tell me the tourqe setting for my cylinder head as im about to replace the head on my 2.6 v6 petrol and do I need to replace the head studs 4 new ones regards phil-har
  4. K

    Stearing Box Replacment

    Hi there, The stearing Box is showing signs of wear, has anyone done a swap ?, My car is a W124. Any advise welcome
  5. timwood2000

    Cost of bonnet start replacment?

    Cost of bonnet star replacment? After less than a week of owning his new E class, my mate had his bonnet star removed last night. Anyone know what it costs to replace a bonnet star at a dealers? Thanks Tim (I did do a search, couldn't find anything about cost)
  6. J

    Speaker replacement

    Hello again folks, 'Nother little prob with my 2003 C220 (pre facelift) the rear N/S parcel shelf speaker has blwon and the cone vibrates something rotten, :crazy: are those Halfords pattern speakers any good or do I need to see the man at MG again? Thank in advance.
  7. S

    W124 Big End Bearing Replacment

    Hi all, i have a W124 E280 1994 model, and it sounds like my big ends are on their way out. Has anyone changed them with the motor still in place? I really dont want to hall the engine out.
  8. D

    Indicator stick replacment

    can be deleted duplicate post delete
  9. D

    Indicator stick replacment

    Hi guys Anyone here know how to replace or fix this? I think I was quoted nearly £100 for a replacement and more than likely its the same again in labour from merc. I havn't been able to locate this part if anyone has or knows where I can get one that would be appreciated
  10. D

    C36 head gasket replacment questions

    I have a 1995 c36 amg and need to replace the head gasket. What I would like to know is what other parts will I need to get to complete the job? Thanks Dolf
  11. jacqo

    Hi lookin for a replacment off my front bumper

    need a replacement front bumper but would like the same one if i can been told it might be a zender body kit but not to sure......
  12. M

    W211 Mirror Blinker Lamp Replacment.

    Hi Guys. Thought it would be easy to change the mirror glass and repeater blinkers in my passenger side door mirror on my W211 E Class, WRONG!! I unscrewed the three screws that hold the center mirror tilt mechamism, but could not get to the two screws that hold in the blinkers as the spring...
  13. KillerHERTZ

    New E-Class coupe/CLK replacment nearly ready!

    Mercedes E-Class Coupe in Black Almost Free of Camo Nice to see that they have gone for a more aggressive look like the orginal W208, looks like a baby CL!
  14. P

    Replacment engine problem (w211 320 petrol)

    I have just bought an 04 W211 320 (Petrol) estate that has had a replacement engine fitted. The emissions light is permanently on, and sometimes when staring the engine I get an ESP failure warning. I am told, but have not confirmed that the replacement engine is from an 05 SL. The car feels...
  15. R

    Help !!!! Turbo Oil Leak And Possible Replacment

    :crazy: Hello my fellow merc owners, hope you are all in good health I recently had my 03' E270CDi in for an inspection at Mercedes. They told me it had a turbo oil leak and would cost £2000 to replace. Something about having to take the whole turbo unit out and open it and replace some seals...
  16. KLP 92

    Just bought my Brabus replacment

    Well i needed another car as the Brabus has been off the road for some time now. Was initially looking for a SL60 AMG but ended up falling for this beautiful SL600 instead. Its got the AMG kit and wheels and that glorious V12 under the bonnet! The car drove perfect, alot smoother than the V8 due...
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