1. M

    Another datacard request please!

    Could someone look up a VIN number please? I have been to the Russian sites, but I understand that these can be wrong. I am really looking if a COMAND 20 unit went into this van or an Audio 20. The VIN is WDF63960123609902. The post would be edited to remove the VIN once I get an answer...
  2. Druk

    Late request for missed payment.

    Whilst on holiday I received this email, backed-up by a voicemail when we got home. Dear Mr. X, We are really sorry, we have made a mistake! Following an audit, we realise that over the 2013 Christmas period (Nov '13 – Jan '14), we missed a step in the credit card process that authorises...
  3. gbjeppm

    Advert Feedback Request Please

    Guys I put this up for sale on ebay a few days ago, and have not even had a call or email about it yet. In the past I have sold cars on there pretty quickly. 2001 MERCEDES C320 AVANTGARDE ESTATE AUTO SILVER (Petrol) | eBay So any feedback on the advert / price / anything? I know the...
  4. T

    VIN Decode Request

    Hi, Looking at buying this one WDB10704622002361 it's an old SL R107. Really what I'm looking for is the year of manufacture/delivery. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. M11GUL

    VIN Decode Request

    Hi, A very good friend of mine has just put a deposit down on a W203 C220 CDi and would like to know the full spec. Would it be possible to decode the following VIN please WDC2030082R221914 Thanks
  6. Ozmikeuk

    VIN Datacard request please

    Hi all, I've tried some of the sites referred to in this forum to get my Datacard myself, but unfortunate none seem to be working. Could someone please do me a massive favour and get this for me? VIN is WDD2043772F859211 Many thanks, Michael
  7. MancMike

    Datacard request?

    Hi, folks. I'm wondering if someone could get me my datacard to see exactly what options were selected for my car? I'm trying to find out if it's got a heated washer bottle, as I understand while jets are heated as standard, the bottle heating (via engine coolant) is optional on the C...
  8. W4E300

    VIN information request

    Hi All, I'm looking at a few E63's at the moment and have one lined up - which fits the requirements so far.... Could someone run the VIN number check on it please? WDB2110772B075522 Thanks in advance. Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  9. reflexboy

    Data card/spec sheet request

    Please ignore my previous thread for a request. I now have a VIN number. Would one of the forum members be able and kind enough to post the data card/spec sheet for the following VIN: WDD2120232A524701. Many thanks in advance.
  10. Twistedmind

    Schematic Request

    Morning All Has anybody got a schematic of the serpentine belt and pulleys ? I have a squeal, and im not sure the part i need to order. Cheers :thumb:
  11. reflexboy

    Spec sheet request

    A favour kind forum people: I s anyone able to give me a spec list of a car from the reg number please?
  12. BillyW124

    Data card request please guys..

    Jeeez, it been a while since ive been on here, May i kindly ask anyone with EPC get me the details for this VIN please: WDB2110772B219691. Im having Java issues oj me machine via the Mercedes Benz Official Portal. thanks in Adv.
  13. GregDaisley

    Photoshop request

    Hi all, I'm looking into having my current alloys powder coated from the current gloss black with diamond cut faces to solid gloss black, no diamond cut finish. I'm here hoping for a photoshop wizard to create a quick rendering to see how it will look prior to getting it done...
  14. P

    part number request

    Hi Does anyone know the part number for a R class front wheel speed sensor? For some reason I can only find the part number for the rear senor. Maybe they are all the same part. Thanks
  15. M

    Part request for ECP

    Question for ECP, Do you stock a Sachs part equivalent to A1243203813/A1243202313? They are the rear self leveling shocks for a w124 estate. I can only find the Sachs versions of the regular shocks, but not the sport chasis versions. Thanks.
  16. essel

    Part number request... [door trim]

    I think I've purchased the incorrect part for the door trim in my 2003 SL55. I ordered part A0009945948, but I don't think this is correct...? If someone could help identify the missing clip, it would be much appreciated :)
  17. E

    Part Number request - W211 seat base trim

    The driver's R/H side seat base trim (the long plastic moulding running from front to rear on the door side of the seat) is broken on my 2003 E55K estate. Could some kind soul on here who can make EPC work (I can't...) please possibly tell me the part number? I can't stand the squeaking against...
  18. E

    VIN Decode request

    The VIN is WDB2112762A38125 - '03 S211 AMG. Could someone be so kind as to post up the datacard for me? It won't be a long list - the spec is (relatively) austere. It's all about the pwertrain on these, though... E55BOF
  19. B

    part no request 2013 w204

    Evening gents Anyone able to tell me the part no's for the air con and heated seats trim parts? I want to get them wrapped in carbon amg style Cheers Ben
  20. Harrythedog

    Data card request

    Could some kind soul get me a Data Card please VIN WDD2122232A6754152 Many Thanks
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