1. P

    DataCard request

    Good afternoon New member/owner ('04 SLK 350) and would be grateful if someone one could post the data card for me - VIN WDB1714562F036872 TIA Paul
  2. SL300-24

    MBClub Courier request

    Hi Guy’s I need to ask a favour if anyone can help. I have bought a wood steering wheel from eBay and paid for it. The thing is it is collection only from Nuneaton and I am in Basildon and need to get it here. I was wondering if anyone on the forum goes anywhere near Nuneaton and could pick...
  3. G

    Pretty Please!! Polite Assistance/advice request

    Good Afternoon All I was hoping you may be able to give me a bit of guidance on what wheel offsets and sizes may fit my 2004 W211 E32 CDI Wagon/Estate please? I have searched the internet and looked at the guide on the forum. I have also tried to search the forum but must be having a...
  4. trapperjohn

    Forum Courier Request.

    Two requests in one ask, please. I have a rear exhaust box for a 124 saloon, which is a meaty Remus thing, to get to Dash down in London. Basically, J29 M6 or PR6 to London. And bumpers for a 124 estate to get up from Mattc's gaff to mine, which is basically Birmingham, near the Queen...
  5. brucemillar

    Data Card & Paint Code Request

    Friends Could somebody kindly post my Data Card on here for me please? I would also like to have the paint codes (Grey & Green) so that I can order some matched paint. WDB 124 2902 F062857 Many Thanks Bruce
  6. E

    VIN decode request

    I'd be very grateful if someone could provide a decode for our SLK VIN: WDD1724482F110231 Thanks in advance Eric
  7. sgh

    Vin Decode Request

    Have tried a couple of site but one didn't work (MBWorld) and another came up with a 2002 car. The car is a 2015 SLK, could someone do a lookup please, vin is: WDD1724482F111407 Thanks in advance
  8. adile220

    MB build sheet request

    Hi all Can anyone generate a build sheet for the following VIN? WDB2200652A113478 Thank you, Adil
  9. P

    Part number request

    Could some of you more knowledgable folk on here source a part number for the front adjustable camber bolts for a 2002 s210? Would they be the same as a w210? Thanks in advance
  10. 350_Coupe

    W203 Wood Trim Help Request

    Hi guys, I've been fortunate enough to pick up most of the wood trim panels for my C Class Coupe, so it'll look like this :)....... Here's the ones i have The only bit i don't have, is the Roller Blind piece that covers the drink holder, as seen in the first...
  11. T

    VIN decode request please

    Please could anybody decode this VIN for me on this one WDB2093412F219772 Many thanks in advance.
  12. T

    VIN decode request please

    Please could anybody decode this VIN for me on this one. WDB2093412F220956 Many thanks in advance.
  13. Carrsey

    Data Card request..

    Could one of you fine chaps do a data card for my E Class (reg only sorry) FL56 UAE.. Many thanks.
  14. coalville126

    Data card request

    I've seen a C-class for sale and was wondering if anyone could help with getting a data card info with just a reg number - R714YVP. The seller states it's a plain 250, the tailgate badge just says diesel, but when I ran a DVLA vehicle enquiry, it came back as being a TD.
  15. BillyW124

    data card request please

    can anyone paste the data card for this VIN please WDB1240522C286934 ta billy.
  16. R

    VIN decode request please.

    Please could anybody decode this VIN for me as the seller cant tell me the full spec for sure. WDD2040022A737809 Many thanks in advance.
  17. E

    VIN decode request

    See my thread on the E55K estate on eBay. It sounds OK to me over the 'phone; I'm talking myself into it.... The VIN is WDB211 2762A 673489 Could some kind soul please put up the datacard for me? Thank you in anticipation.
  18. E

    VIN Datacard request - 1994 R129

    The VIN is WDB1290672F103359 - could someone be so kind as to look up and post the datacard for me? Thank you in anticipation.
  19. Sirpent

    AMG Builders Plate - Request for help from the Colony

    Greetings from the Great Southern Colony. I own a 2002 CLK320 (My daily driver) but I am also building a project car running a SC 3.2 out of a 2002 C32 AMG sedan. I'm well aware that AMG didn't place builders plates on that model years motors, however the guys in the State's (Remember the...
  20. M

    WIS/EPS Request for W221 Park/Side Lamp Bulb Holder Removal

    Hi As the title suggests, is it possible for a forum member having access to MB WIS/EPS to kindly provide some documents explaining the process for getting access to the Driver's side park/side light bulb holder in the front headlight unit? It appears that the bulb holder is causing the park...
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