1. U

    gone and got another merc, now request your experience and input

    Hi all, Despite the issues with my s class, I've gone and got a 170 slk 2.3 98, high mileage at 145,000, but seems in pretty good nick to be honest, and for £1700 with new mot, I couldn't really say no. I've had a read around here for the past few hours, but I can't seem to find a...
  2. F

    Data card request

    Hi all, would be very grateful if someone cud help me out with a data card for vehicle wdd2120242a379990 e350 blue Thanks a million to whoever can help!!
  3. gbjeppm

    Proof of Identity Request by Bank

    All I am sure there are some banking gurus on here, who may be able to help. Yesterday a letter dropped on the doormat, asking for my wife to prove her identity to the bank, as they are "updating their records", requesting she go into a branch with passport etc and proof of address. Now...
  4. M11GUL

    VIN decode request

    Hi, I'm hoping somebody will be able to help me with a data card for my E320. VIN as follows WDB2110222B300283 Thanks Rehan
  5. Richard205

    Another VIN code request

    Hi, Please can you decode the following: WDC1631132A451390 Thanks, Rich
  6. jukie

    VIN decode request

    WDB1240522C244851 TIA, David.
  7. S

    Considering a new E-Class - Advice Request

    Hi all, I'm looking for a new motor, one big enough to squeeze 3 kids in the back (ages 7, 3, and 1 so car seats can be an issue) and at the moment I'm really leaning towards a new E-Class. Before I make any decision I wouldn't mind bouncing a few things off some real owners rather than...
  8. S

    Data Card request please with a difference!

    Good Afternoon Folks, would some one please be able to supply me the Data card for my C350 which I purchased a month a ago? VIN. WDD 2040 232A 586 773. I will Donate £5.00 to the Charity of choice, to the kind person who will supply me the details! Kind regards Sanjeev. P.S. Maybe every...
  9. Dieselman

    Courier service request.

    Is there anyone traveling between Bracknell and the East Midlands that could transport an Item for me? TIA
  10. trapperjohn

    Polite Request. Forum Courier Service.

    Morning All, 4 x 16" Mercedes alloy wheels with tyres require transportation from Iver in Buckinghamshire to Preston, Lancashire - J29, M6. Would appreciate any help from anyone passing. Thank in advance. CHEERS.
  11. M

    A request to member "developer215" re n.b.m. law solic's (not enough post to PM)

    Hi there, and many thanks if you can assist me. I saw your post yesterday mentioning having used N.B.M. solic's. I need some further advice if I may. I have appointed them for a 2nd home purchase and shortly after that an online search revealed a large number of very unsatisfied customer reviews...
  12. Newera

    Chassis number decode request please!

    Have tried searching the net & also using the Russian sites, but I'm not finding the info needed (& would be very useful to have full factory specification too..) Specifically I'd like to know if either of my W124 300D Turbos came with LSD as standard. If not, then my next task is to find one...
  13. T

    Bit of a strange measurement request...

    Bear with me I hope this makes some sense. Bought a second hand Vito CDI 108 yr 2002 for Taxi purposes – it was previously being used as a taxi but in a different town with probably smoother roads. I often transport 7 passengers and the rear suspension is proving an absolute nightmare –...
  14. jukie

    VIN decoder request

    If anyone can help.... WDB2020332F814643 '99 T-plate C43. TIA.
  15. Abdel Rahman

    (Urgent Request) gear box oil leak

    Hi guys, I am having a gearbox oil leak , the car freeze and suddenly jolts at 1st 2nd and reverse gears, the nearest garage are postponing my appointment every day and ignoring my phone calls :( . I need a favour from you guys , I need to top up the lost oil myself (c180 kompressor 2003 )...
  16. J

    Data Card Request

    Would someone be kind enough to provide the Data Card info for my sons E320 CDI please. VIN = WDB2110262A537863 Thanks in advance regards Joe
  17. Willsco

    Request for Data Card read-out please...

    Would it be possible for anyone with the correct access to extract my Data Card info for my SL500 R129 please...? VIN = WDB1290682F199749 Many thanks in advance regards MW
  18. M

    First time here - colour help request

    Hi all - hope you are well. I have just ordered my first ever MB and its a saloon c63 ) I have ordered in Palladium Silver (my friend has black) as I love the contrast of the colour depending on the weather. Can anyone provide pics and recommendations of which interior colour leather to go...
  19. slippy

    1998 SLK part identification / Part No. request

    Hi, Im looking to fit facelift sill covers on my 1997 SLK. Can anyone provide me with the correct part number for this clip please? It secures the sill cover to the car where the door opens, it looks like item 210 or 215 on the diagram. There are 12 in total, 6 on each side of the car. The part...
  20. R

    S204 pic request

    hello all, bit of a long shot, but you never know! Does anyone have any pics of a C Class Estate in Palladium Silver with gun smoke coloured alloys on? (preferably AMG 18"s) I can't decide whether or not to get mine re done in standard silver or the darker gun smoke effect... (not going down...
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