1. C

    Reversed audio through glovebox socket (2011 S212)

    Hi All, I recently discovered that the left and right audio channels are reversed (left channel content comes out of the right channel & vice versa) when playing music from my iPhone. I've had my car over a year and never noticed until I added a track with very noticeable placement of...
  2. H

    Lorry reversed into wife's car

    Hi, A Lorry started reversing down our road when it realized it was closed half way down. Despite my wife beeping horn it didn't hear or see her and reversed into her car causing crack to the bumper. The guy admitted fault and she's said to him that she would happily avoid insurance if...
  3. S

    Help Please - someone reversed into my car!!

    Hello, someone has just reversed into my car and damaged the drivers door and the wing mirror. - its pretty bad looking I'm guessing its a new door and wing mirror job as my door isn't shutting properly and my wing mirror will only point up!! Does anybody have any idea roughly how much it...
  4. C

    Reversed into bollard-calcite white-go to Mercedes to fix or local garage??

    Is it a case of you get what you pay for?? Annoyingly reversed straight into a bollard taken scuffs paint right through to the base-neighbour also said it looks like I've knocked the bumper out of line. Said replacing parts and labour won't cost much but the paint-calcite white- is expensive...
  5. KillerHERTZ

    Car Reversed into...

    Just got home tonight, when I heard a massive crack/bang from outside and then a car alarm. Looked out of the window and a Woman had reversed into my car :doh::doh::doh: To make matters worse the carpark was completely empty (apart from my car). In my angry state I asked her if she knew how...
  6. PJayUK

    Today my wife reversed the ML into a tree

    We recently decided to hang onto our W163 as its been a totally reliable family car and we just cant bring ourselves to part with it for the pittance I would get in part ex or privately. So we have put some money to one side to get a number of small niggles fixed so that we can enjoy it for...
  7. Satch

    Limit on garage size reversed to bring drivers back off the streets

    Good God. An outbreak of common sense involving cars! :eek: "A decade after the Government ordered developers to discourage car ownership by making it difficult to park, a local authority has produced new guidance that acknowledges that the policy has failed. Far from reducing car usage...
  8. E

    Reversed in to wheelie bin!

    After visiting the brother in law in his new house we were getting in to the car to leave & noticed him taking the rubbish out for collection, i thought what a plonker as it was gushing it down:crazy: Anyway, as i was reversing in a straight line i heard a thud looked in the rear mirror and...
  9. R

    Reversed into today 2!!

    Parked outside my sons school this morning, one of the Mums in a E320 CDI (no parktronic) reverses straight back into me despite me having both hands hammering the horn to get her attention:eek: No obvious damage despite her hitting me firmly. Going to get it checked.:(
  10. T

    Reversed into today

    Yeah, just whilst I was in the process of considering cleaning my car, sat in stationary traffic, the guy in front decided to reverse into me... genius. No apparent damage but going to have to get it checked out at mercedes I think to see if there is any "hidden" damage.
  11. Maff

    CL65 reversed into whilst at dealers!

    Went to pick the car up after they looked at the steering wheel buttons and door handle trim (got to take it back, awaiting parts) and they bring the car round to the front. Bloke gets out, hands me the keys as some woman in a Focus reverses out of a space, does a massive U turn and revereses...
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