1. M.A.94

    Swirl marks - how to get rid of them

    As the title suggest my car is full of swirl marks, I tend to wash and wax my car at home, however recently due to lack of time I've been going to a local car wash and now i feel I shouldn't have as I've started to notice a lot of swirl marks on my bodywork, typically the bonnet, roof and boot...
  2. Hawkwind

    Water Marks On Glass (How to get rid of)

    As the title says. I'm not a 'Detailer' like some of you guys, but I do like a clean car and the rear window on my W208 convertible has marks from water on the outside. I've tried giving it a good scrub, to no avail, so I thought I'd ask the experts. The car is a 2000 model, so the marks have...
  3. B

    CLK W209 - how to get rid of message

    I have message come up which says "replace left brake light" however the left brake light appears to be working fine. A quick look at the manual says the way to get rid of this message is to replace the bulb but I'd rather just reset the message! Is there a way to do this? I couldn't...
  4. D

    anybody getting rid off a w124 convertible hard top

    condition immaterial, if see any in germany do not mind travel
  5. Borys

    How to get rid of pigeons?

    Annoying.My allocated car park space is under a dead tree.Every day have pigeon waste or bird all over my car. Visit to a car wash, back on car park - straight away bomb on my bonnet !!!! Cannot stand this anymore !!!! Went to Council to apply for permit to park outside, nope as car park is...
  6. B

    To keep or get rid?

    I've had my SL500 for some time and the old girl is now 11, I'm thinking should I change to a newer model alternatively tinker with her and upgrade the performance. Can anyone point me towards a garage specialising in improving Mercedes performance, I'm hoping that they can advise me on whether...
  7. J

    how to get rid of water marks on leather

    Hi, anyone any idea of how to get rid of water marks on leather? thanks for your time
  8. D

    How to get rid of a scratch?

    I'm in the process of preparing my father-in-laws black Astra ready for sale and there is a scratch about 6" long on the rear quarter. I would normally send for it to be mopped, but it's not too deep and I would like to repair it myself. The scratch isn't deep, if you felt it with your eyes...
  9. L

    Help - Can't get rid of the stain on my car

    Hi All, About a mounth ago, I noticed a black metallic type stain on the bonnect of my car. The car is metallic silver and I bought 'star protect' from the dealer when I bought the car almost a year ago. The stain won't shift and is grainy to the touch. Any idea what to do? I haven't...
  10. F

    car need servicing but im getting rid..

    the car is asking for a b service, but im likely to trade it in for a volvo or range rover in the next couple of weeks should i leave it as is, or would you service it first?
  11. markjay

    Is the British Army getting rid of it Snatch Landys?

    Civilian Snatch Landy Spotted today outside a garage:
  12. E

    How do i get rid of a nokia cable sticking out of my dashboard?

    is this an easy fix or should i take it to an audio specialist?
  13. R

    Anyone got an old racing bicycle they want rid of?

    Hi, Been looking for a racing bicycle to do a weekend trip with in July, 40miles ish a day. I need to train for this, and soon. Please let me know if youve got an unwanted racing bicycle, or one for sale. Cheers, R
  14. ringway

    Getting rid of McAfee on new laptop.

    My new laptop comes pre-installed with McAfee. :( I have used AVG-Free for a while and am happy with it. I'm not a fan of the likes of Norton/McAfee and would like to uninstall the McAfee before registering the product. Is there a sure-fire way to get McAfee out of the system (Windows 7)...
  15. A

    how to get rid of pitting on alloys

    is there a way to polish out pitting on dished alloys?
  16. weemo1

    get rid of that

    Hi all Im wanting to get rid of the rear spolier off my 36 i think its off a 43 , any way i am really wanting the little dtm look lip would prefer carbon but not fussed . where should i be looking for one and how much cheers.
  17. A

    Anything to help get rid of shower grout ?

    Hello Nice horrible job ahead, shower needs all the old stuff dug out and re-doing. Previously I've just dug it out / scrapped it off with various tools....is there anything that helps losen the grout to ease my horrible job :) thanks
  18. A

    Why i love my 230K (and cant get rid of)

    I dont know who had a thread earlier saying 230k's were thirsty... but i hope this disproves that rule. The only thing i did was take a 100mile trip on the motorway, but the other 220miles were very enthusiastic town driving :D And to be honest, i had another 7 litres of reseve left, so i...
  19. vijilants

    GTGs, and getting rid of the odd Merc spares?

    As Merc enthusiasts, Im sure that quite a few of us have odd spare parts tucked away in our garages that will probably never be used again. With a few GTGs taking place over the next few months, would it not be a good idea to put parts against names on the list of people coming down, you bring...
  20. K

    Should i get rid of the car? Gearbox problems..

    I am in the process of having my gearbox looked at. The car is a E320 CDi W211 2003 REG with 74k miles on. It either needs a new torque converter/reconditioning/or an entirely new gearbox. 74k miles and the gearbox has gone. Also i face a possible max bill off 1700 quid. Prior to this, the...
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