1. m.b-amg

    FS. AMG wheel rim decals

    I have a set of 4 AMG wheel rim decals in metal with black AMG image on the inside, these are metal and just peel the backing off and stick to your rims. Very rare look awesome when fitted. £50. pm for more info.
  2. B

    AMG Rim Decal

    Hi all, Im buying a set of aftermarket wheels which come without the 'AMG' logo in the rim. There is just a blank space. Ive seen some other rims on the internet where people have put a badge into that space and it looks brilliant. Question is, does anybody know where I can get a set of these...
  3. P

    oz amg split rim wheel needed!

    im after a single (or maybe a set) oz amg 3 piece front 8.5x17 et18 alloy wheel, usually found on 129's and 126's. thanks
  4. A

    London recommendation - cracked rim

    Rear tyre on CLS55 went flat yesterday - no sign of a puncture, but noticed a hairline crack on the back of the alloy which seems a likely culprit. Normally I use PCS for the car, but they're a bit of a trip with the wife's car to get something small done. Obviously getting a wheel fixed...
  5. B

    CLS C219 Spare rim

    17" rear rim from 07 Cls open to offers. Tyre is not legal as has a cut in sidewall.
  6. GlenQ

    S500 Spare Wheel Rim

    I have a a spare wheel rim for sale. May be useful for someone, It's on ebay: Mercedes S500 W220 16" Spare Wheel Rim | eBay
  7. R

    Odd rim size tyre question (8/18/et37

    I have a spare set of wheels that I know fit the ML320/W163 as it was delivered with them on (happy). 255/55/18 However I'm now running 275/55/17 on a set of MB appropriate alloys. Question, whilst restoring the 8/18/h2/et37; what tyres could be fitted? Having lived with 275 I do not...
  8. A

    Driving with a split rim

    It has been welded, but do you or don't you?
  9. whitenemesis

    Rim and Tyres Calculator

    Very detailed, includes wheel arch clearances and scrub angles etc.. Rim & Tire Size Calculator. Custom Offsets - Wheel-Size.com
  10. zoros

    AMG split rim advice needed please?

    I have a set of AMG split rim wheels. 9J on the front and 10J on the back. The spoke sections are mint but the outer rims are starting to corrode and quite tacky. They are beyond enamel baking etc. Can anyone point me in the direction of someone who can supply the rim section of these split rim...
  11. dddrrift

    10j rim on the front of an SL55

    anyone tell me if a 10j et35 rim will fit the front of an SL55? Im changing alloys and I have the option of 10j square setup or 8.5/10. Im unsure if a 10j rim will squeeze on the front or not! any help would be great, thanks
  12. IMD

    Where to buy new centre caps for AMG Split rim wheels for R129

    Hi everyone, I've just had my 2 piece 18 inch AMG split rims refurbished by Lepsons and will be seeing them tomorrow after delivery. I need to get some new centre caps for them. Does anyone know if they are the usual Mercedes silver ones, or something different? I know that Alloy Wheels...
  13. IMD

    Looking for 40 replacement bolts for 2 piece 18 inch AMG split rim wheels

    Hi all, I am in the process of getting my 2 piece AMG Split Rim 18 inch wheels refurbished by Lepsons. (Picture of wheel type attached) Two of the wheels had been painted before I bought them and therefore the bolts were painted over. Lepsons have emailed saying that they have stripped...
  14. IMD

    AMG 18 Inch Split Rim refurb finish advice

    Hi all, I'm asking Lepsons for a quote to refurbish my AMG 2 piece 18 inch split rims. I bought the wheels last year and they have been repainted by the past owner. Does anyone know the original finish? Is it painted face and polished rim or painted face and diamond cut rim, or another...
  15. jonnyboy

    Rim protected tyres

    Gents Does anyone know of a definitive way to check which (new) tyres have inbuilt rim/kerbing protection? I've just spent the last two hours speaking/live chatting with idiots who want me to gamble on them being correct that "I think it has sir, order them and find out" seems to be...
  16. E

    OZ Carlsson Split Rim 18 in Alloy Wheels

    They're on eBay, item number 141881395947 (completed a few days ago, but read on...). This is an abridged version of the ad text: "Off a 1994 SL500; 10mm spacers needed on the front come with them, so do centre caps. Front tyres are 245/40/18 (Michelin, Pirelli), rears 255/35/18 (Avon...
  17. Venomous

    W203 Sport Saloon 3 spoke steering wheel rim and interior drivers mirror

    Left overs from my W203 days - sat in a box in the loft. Free to anyone who is happy to pay the postage or collect.
  18. IMD

    1 x 18 inch replica AMG Split rim for sale

    Hi all, A slight school boy error moment! I bought this wheel off of forum member 'Mercedes man' on Saturday. Lovely guy and thanks for the wheel, exactly as described. In my stupidity I didn't check the exact size of my current wheels! My fronts are 18 x 8.5JJ ET 25. The new wheel is 18 x 8JJ...
  19. Reggie-rock

    Alloy wheel rim protectors

    Has anyone here fitted alloy wheel rim protectors. noticed some just stick on and others fit around the lip of the rims. Are these worth having as they look pretty smart in the range of colours available.
  20. B

    F1 split rim refurb company recommends?

    Hi I have to refurb my split rim sl55 amg wheels, they have diamond polished rims. Can anyone recommend a company to do these, I have had problems with some of the wheel refurb companies previously, in the UK please
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