1. Railwayman

    Any recomendations for an auto gearbox repair shop in the Southend on sea area.

    Hello My son has a Kia Picanto and about 2 years ago the transmission started to slip and then failed. I managed to get it going again by draining and replacing the fluid, this has worked well until now.. Now it has thrown a check engine light with a P0741 fault code (Torque converter...
  2. ringway

    A Sea of Religion.

    Far away in the tropical waters of the Caribbean, two prawns were swimming around in the sea. One was called Justin and the other was called Christian. Life was good, except that the prawns were constantly being chased and threatened by sharks. Finally one day, Justin said to Christian, "I'm...
  3. Peter DLM

    E63 COMAND thinks I'm in the north sea

    So I was returning from Calais on the Eurotunnel and all seemed fine until I disembarked in Folkestone and the car still thought it was in Calais. It worked fine going the other way!:rolleyes: As I drove home we ended up somewhere in the north sea 100 miles west of Felixstow. :doh: I've...
  4. anfieldassasin

    1990 C124 230ce Sea Sick

    Hi all, 1st post but long time surfer of the forum!! I'm a weekend novice DIY'r when time allows mainly thanks to all post i have read on this forum! have a 1990 230ce 8v M102 engine (NonCat and duplex chain driven! :thumb:) coupe with 95k miles I bought it a few months ago with 94k on it...
  5. T

    Sat Nav Lost in Irish Sea

    On a recent trip to Ireland all went well good journey great break but on arrival home my sat nav still thinks it's on the Irish sea
  6. D

    Living near the sea....rusty disk problem

    Simple problem, that never had before. I live less than 200 yards from the breaking waves, on the seafront. My disks will rust almost overnight, depending on weather, wind direction etc. Never had this problem before, as never been this close. I now lay awake at night, hearing the waves, and...
  7. aquanaut

    North Sea Weather

    Unusually nice weather in the North Sea recently.....extended forecast is good as well. I was last on the semi sub regalia dec 2001, offshore Norway in a massive storm. Something different.
  8. ioweddie

    Come and Live by the Sea on the Isle of Wight

    Selling on behalf of my Sister in Law. Reluctant sale due to ill health, A nice 3/4 bed centre terraced house No 1 Cross Street Sandown, Vacant possession Less than 4 minutes walk to the seafront, highstreet shops etc. (message me with your email address for lots of pictures) To view please...
  9. Godot

    Snuffy the seal returns to the sea

    After being found washed up on shore, sweet little Snuffy makes his return home to the sea.:D CnDH1va7iC0:eek:
  10. markjay

    RAF Rescue Sea King at Regents Park

    Regents Park is often used for patient transfer between helicopter and ambulance. As I was walking by today I saw one such patent transfer and took a couple of photos. Not a rare sight as such, but still it is not often that members of the public get this close to these loud yet magnificent...
  11. trapperjohn

    Night Time Sea Fishing from the Shore.

    So last night I came up to Cleveleyes to do some babysitting for our daughter. An early start this morning for sitting which is why I came last night. Anyway I took her dog for a walk last night at about 10ish and was surprised to see more than a few guys fishing from the prom. All sorts of...
  12. av12ram

    Advice needed w124

    Hi everybody, I had a look at a e320 coupe yesterday and there a couple of faults which I needed advice on. First of all the fog lights do not work (front and rear). I think it might be a wiring or switch problem is this common?? Second, the rear drivers side window doesn't come down with either...
  13. Merc Owner 2B

    Helicopter ditches in North Sea off Aberdeen

    I know some of our memebers are in this industry. Looks like everyone's OK though BBC News - Helicopter ditches in North Sea off Aberdeen
  14. grober

    Massive North Sea Gas Leak

    While the news is full of the tanker driver dispute there are other things going on in the OIL industry. Don't think this even merited a mention on the national news. :eek: BBC News - Total working to bring Elgin PUQ North Sea gas platform leak under control Operators Total have been...
  15. Palfrem

    Global warming and rising sea levels

    So how does this pan out then? BBC News - Undersea mountains march into the abyss What about "rising sea levels"??
  16. merc_w202

    A Conversation at sea...

    I thought this was rather amusing, so thought I'd share... A Conversation at Sea - YouTube Mods please embed this video if possible !?
  17. WDB124066

    World's Longest Sea Bridge

    While you are all debating if the UK can build the odd train or two, let's see what China is up to...........:):) World's longest sea bridge Photos | World's longest sea bridge Pictures - Yahoo! News
  18. W

    Car lost at sea after ferry slip

    BBC link this is one of those stories where I wish I could read the insurance claim.
  19. Simon_M

    Rolex Sea Dweller Deep Sea

    Brand new, unworn, UK supplied watch with all the papers and box etc. £6750 PM me if interested.
  20. Spinal

    Daily Mirror Headlines... Sea Blitz New Nazi Attack

    So I was going through another part of the building today and found some newspapers, so I thought I'd bring you the headlines... Late breaking news and whatnot :p I'll try scanning bits later, there is a "page 5 cartoon" September 26th, 1940 which isn't too bad... Michele
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