1. C

    rear main seal, M113

    hello all, ive noticed an accumulation of engine oil around the bottom of the bellhousing on the cls55, doesnt seem to be coming from top of engine, when i removed the black blanking plate on the bottom of the bellhousing, there was some engine oil in there too. At this point, im considering...
  2. T

    leaking injector seal

    Hi guys, I have a 2003 E220 Elegance. I managed to diagnose a leaking injector seal (aka the black death) and got it replaced and cleaned up at Cambridge Injectors (Stuart was brilliant - would recommend). However it still has the horrible coal like smell inside when I have the blowers on...
  3. benlucas

    E55 n/s/f door rubber seal

    Hi - mine has a couple of small chinks missing at the top (almost as if something's been eating it) so I thought I'd try and source a used replacement from a certain well-known auction site. Sent VIN/reg to seller who said it 'should fit without problem' so I bought it. Arrived today but...
  4. J

    Front wheel bearing rear seal abs ring???

    Hello gents. Upon inspecting my recent abs sensor problem I noticed that the reading kept falling to 2km/h every few seconds and setting the abs esp defective codes. Code was front right speed sensor visually inspect component. Pulled the hub and noticed the rear seal is missing rubber. Is...
  5. J

    Leaking boot seal on 2008 350SL

    Am new to the site but have just bought the above. Have read that there was a problem with leaking on the metal roof but was assured by the dealer that this would not be a problem on this car and you would "smell " the damp if it was happening, and yes I know that you should never believe what...
  6. R

    Can engine leak from the rear crank seal and fill up the gearbox?

    I have a w203 with 722.6 gearbox. Overfilled with oil. I'll drain and check in the next few days. The 13 pin connector was full of oil and I will check the tcm harness later.
  7. A

    Injector seal leaking nearest to the bulkhead

    Hello I have a 55 plate 270 clk cdi & the injector nearest to the bulkhead is leaking which I presume will be the copper washer that needs replacing. I am wondering if there are any problems I may come across when changing the copper washer? It has not been leaking for very long so there is not...
  8. B

    E350 cdi Injector seal replacement

    Hi all after several questions about fumes entering into my cabin at standstill, going slow in traffic etc, it seems I may have a leaking injector! Does anyone know of a good indy garage that could do this repair for me in Cornwall preferably VAT registered as this repair will be done...
  9. Lenny63

    Airmatic pump - replacement seal kit

    Hi All I can hear my pump getting a little noisier so I was going to do a DIY and replace the seals in it. I'm pretty certain the car has the factory installed pump and she's now 11. If anyone can give me some hints & tips that would be great 1st stop - does anyone have a link for...
  10. S

    W163 ML500 Engine Rear Main Seal Leak

    Hi All So was looking under the car to see where the leak was coming from my exhaust and noticed flipping oil coming out the bell housing. It is not gear box oil but am 100% sure it is oil coming out the rear main seal. I have a camera that im going to stick in there to confirm 100%. The car...
  11. Alfie

    Seal tight - great product.

    Following a nasty biking injury I have been using one of these to aid in showering without getting the bandaging etc, wet; Seal Tight Cast and Wound Protectors Really great product and easy to use. Such a simple idea that has revolutionised by showering during convalescence.
  12. mike_es

    Boot lock vacuum seal??

    Morning! Was working on the wife's slk yesterday as it had the usual c/l problems. Sorted the drivers door, it had broken on the knuckle and bodged by creating a tube out of gaffer tape??? :doh: So with the help of narrow pipe (from a wd40 spray can) and some plastic heatshrink tubes job done...
  13. J

    SIDE WINDOWS seal guides

    Not sure why MB in the 1970s used woven cloth on the outerchannels to the doors and rear panel of my W114 250 CE (coupe) . These are the bits that guide the window as it operates up and down and are on the quarter light and door as well as on the rear window frame. They have the water defeating...
  14. O

    Door seal split

    Hi folks I have an E320 W211 2009. A few days ago I noticed the offside rear passenger door's rubber seal that runs along the door edge had a split in the hollow tube part, about 3 inches long. This was at the top of the door, parallel with the run of the seal. There doesn't seem to be any...
  15. TKvS

    Cls w219 boot lid seal

    Anyone replaced their boot lid rubber seal on a CLS W219, just noticed mine's is deteriorating. Any advice, prices, part no's, how-to's or YT videos welcome. Thank you in advance.
  16. A

    270 CDI failing to robustly start after injector seal replacement

    Hello All. I would appreciate some help. I few weeks ago - I replaced injector number 5 copper seal because it was blowing gases and partial combustion tar. Before this - the vehicle started every time, even it is was a longer crank than originally known. To remove the injector, I used a...
  17. OneForTheRoad

    front bearing seal.

    Hello, can someone help . I changed out the bearings on my w211 front hub with a Lucas kit , I now have abs fault , is it the seal that works with the abs sensor or the bearing underneath .
  18. 5

    W124 Boot Seal - Brand new in bag - £50

    As title. Aftermarket part but brand new and in bag. Excellent if your boot seal is worn / has tears. OEM part is £105 so this is less than half the cost.
  19. SANJP

    W212 e350 cdi - oil leaking - suspect crankshaft oil seal ?

    Hi All has anyone had this issue on there E350CDI ? All of a sudden Had a breakfast bowl size puddle of oil on drive the other day , took to a friends garage stuck on ramp and he suspects the gearbox will have to come out and reckons its the crankshaft oil seal !! Madness on a car that's barely...
  20. riano

    C class coupe oil seal failure

    Hi guys, my c 250cdi is in for an A service and the dealer called to say there is an oil leak and oil is dripping onto the crank shaft. The car is still under warranty but they've said that Mercedes have refused to pay for it under warranty and are classing this as wear and tear. The car is...
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