1. Y

    Simple question

    Hi all, First post very simple question embarrassed to ask but.I have a mercedes sl r230 its a five speed auto.Now when i go into manual how should the gears show on the dash is it 1-2-3-4-5...or is it 1-2-3-4-D ..had a limphome mode up radiator changed topped up transmission oil all error...
  2. A

    Wrapped the simple stuff

    Been wanting to blank my chrome for a bit, so today I thought I'd have a go at wrapping some of the easy trim. Wrapped the chrome on the grill bar and fitted a bit of red piping trim And did the belt line as well. Really pleased how it's turned out. Going have a go at doing the...
  3. D

    W163. Ml500 xenon headlamps - simple swap ?

    Hi , like most people , my lamps on my newly purchased ml500 are fogged . Yes they can be polished but it's never as good a new shiny lamps . So Looking at new units , the only difference I can see between xenon and halogen is thebalast plugged in at the bottom ? Can I just buy a new...
  4. M

    W212 Air distribution problem (simple fix)

    Hi there guys, I've recently purchase a E350 and for some reason I'm having trouble with the air distribution. The car only gives me two options either aim the cold / warm air to my feet or only to the dash vents to face. I can vaguely remember that when I purchased the car it had an...
  5. S

    Can't start, won't start - something simple?

    Sorry, me again, with another problem! 2003 W215 CL600 Washed the car yesterday and put her away without any problem. Went to start her this morning. She opened fine on the remote and the "follow me" lights came on as usual. Turned the key to the start position, whereupon there was a...
  6. M

    w211 e270 convert simple xenon to bi xenon headlights

    Hi guys. I have a w211 from 2003 avantgarde with xenon low beam. I want to purchase bixenon headlights and I don`t know if it can fit plug and play without any erors in dashboard. Please help
  7. S

    Am I worrying over something simple?

    Ok, so this weekend I bought my daughter a new car. It is a 2007 Ford Fiesta ST. On the return trip, it was very quick, however... I noticed that when driving along a main A road before the engine warmed up, the engine never did warm up. The temperature gauge sat halfway below where it...
  8. Meldrew2

    Lose weight with this simple exercise

  9. Stratman

    Simple (hopefully) question about dividend taxation

    I've looked at HMRC's website and various others, but I'm still uncertain of the answer. Does dividend income add to 'normal' PAYE income to determine the tax paid on it? For example, let's assume the upper limit of the 20% basic rate band is £42,000. If my non-dividend taxable income is say...
  10. Rex-Mac

    The simple things

    A friend of ours has just returned from Scotland. By request she brought back some Arbroath smokies and we had them for dinner with - Mmmmmmmmmmmmm - good lord I haven't had a smokie for about 20 yrs and it was heaven. What foods do you miss or yearn for again?
  11. lisa110rry

    Can I ask a simple girlie question about the LIM light?

    A few days ago, I was making a sharp left at a relatively low speed on to the A59 and two lights on the dash blinked briefly as I made the turn. One had 'LIM' on it and I think the other had the hazard sign. Been thinking about this a lot. I've looked in my downloaded handbook but don't...
  12. R

    Simple pleasures:)

    After my pledge experiment I thought my car deserved some tlc so I did a complete AG clean and polish topped off with extra gloss protection. In the last two days four people have commented on how good it looks :) simple pleasures :)
  13. L

    what is SL-Class(>07/04; <04/08) in plain simple english?

    what is SL-Class (>07/04; <04/08) in plain simple english? compatibility wize...
  14. M

    Simple one. Fuel hose W210 OM606

    Hi, Does anyone know how to remove the clear pipes so I can replace the O rights? It looks like a white plastic tab to be pulled but before I snap any off I would like to check. OM606 3 litre turbo. Getting air in the tube :-( Cheers Martin
  15. guydewdney

    Simple website software?

    Bit out of date myself - so looking for simple point-n-click basic page building, with easy to update pictures of units (about a dozen total units at any one time) and details therein - thats also mobile friendly (the bit I missed out on) Not going to get all uppity about 'style' as the...
  16. travelininstyle

    Guaranteed Future Value - A simple Question ?

    Hello Guys and a Happy and prosperous New Year to you all ;) - I have a simple question - when entering into Agility type agreements - who sets,or determines the Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) for the vehicle at the end of the agreement term - is it MB Finance - or the local dealership - and how...
  17. J

    simple spreadsheet for flat rate vat accounting

    not sure if this is posted in the right place or not. My g/f has started contracting and needs to keep very simple records of income and expenses. She is under the flat rate scheme. Anyone know of any links to a very simple spreadsheet so she can keep a record for the accountant. I would make...
  18. H

    Is my gearbox beat, or is it a simple fix/adjustment?

    On driving my s124 from London to NI via Liverpool, I've noticed that the car seems to slip/lose drive in third gear. If I lift off when driving at, say 40mph and the car decelerates, the revs will flare and it will slip for a second or so beforegoing back in to 3rd. Is this a problem that can...
  19. Red C220

    Simple FREE alternative to QuickBooks?

    I need a basic accounts package. It's for an eBay based Business that also has off eBay sales. It's quite simple, I import products and sell them, that's it. Stock in, stock out with the associated costs. So I need a software package in to which I can do the following:- Enter stock...
  20. Red C220

    Help needed producing simple graphics

    I have a few products for sale on eBay and I need to produce a simple graphic that will be the first "photograph/image" that appears in the search listings. It doesn't need to be complicated, in fact it can be quite simple, straight forward, some may say gaudy - but they work and I need to...
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