1. M

    MB socket box

    Hi I'm trying to diagnose a gl320 x164 suspension air compressor and the star machine says Turn off ignition Connect to socket box Switch on ignition. F2 to continue -(2.39) 73 -V+ 50 (2.16) Any ideas Thanks
  2. B

    W204 C-class - cigarette lighter socket cover

    The lighter socket which is in the centre console - has anyone had any luck removing the spring loaded cover from it neatly? With my USB adapter in it, it hangs open just enough to stop the ashtray cover from closing, which is a little irritating. (I do have an adapter which is short enough...
  3. garycat

    W204/C204 rear ashtray 12v socket

    It looks as though some models of the 2014 W204/C204 are fitted with a rear ashtray with 12v socket. This would be useful for me to provide the kids with a USB charging point in the back. Is it possible to find and fit an aftermarket part? I've seen some on ebay but they are from the US and...
  4. vijilants

    Socket set deal at Halfords

    Picked this up today from Halfords.....Lifetime guarantee..Discounted down to £20 from £40. Their ebay site also has free delivery on this item. £16 on trade card...bargain !
  5. M

    10x E torx female socket set £6

    Hi, after replacing the thermostat and using an 8mm single hex socket, decided to purchase a set of Female reverse torx sockets for future work. Delivered today from a seller in Nottingham ten sockets on a rail for £6 inc delivery (although now £6.43) Neilsen brand which I have had...
  6. M

    W203 lost feed to cigar socket

    Hi all I have recently picked up a sports coupe c220 which is great but has a few niggles. One being the power socket has lost its ignition feed. I have checked the fuse is ok and there is battery feed at the fuse but got no feed at socket. Traced the wire back to where the parrot kit is wired...
  7. ivandraganov

    Spare socket in the engine bay

    Any idea where this should be connected...
  8. bob6600

    Halfords 30 Piece Socket Set was £15 now 2 for £17.75

    Be quick, good for a spare in the car Glitch! Halfords 30 Piece Socket Set was £15 now 2 for £17.75 @ Halfords (Free C&C) + 4% TCB - HotUKDeals
  9. hungryrabbit

    W124 Melting fuse socket!

    Hi all, first of all thanks for letting me join,a lot of useful info here. Now the problem I have in my 1992 230e is after running the fan on no4 setting and heating right up for about 15 min. it suddenly stopped working. I looked inside the fuse box to find the fuse still in one piece but the...
  10. Tim203

    Good value socket set recommendation

    I have just brought a couple of socket sets recently for the workshop and thought it worth sharing. The Christmas offers have arrived at various builders merchants near you and I found a lovely 3/8" drive Faithfull socket set in a red case with proper hinges and latches. Nicely finished, good...
  11. 4

    w211 diagnostic socket battery drain

    My E270 cdi 2003 had battery drain .When tested with amp meter it drops to 0.18A.then I followed the procedure of removing all fuses 1 by 1 .The fuse of "Diagnostic socket" seems to be the one ,it drops to 0.03-0.08A .Why is Diagnostic socket cause this problem ???
  12. A

    12v power socket

    mercedes 2006 c class cdi how to remove and refit power socket in front of gear stick ,any help appreciated, Alan
  13. Palfrem

    Interior mirror - refit ball & socket

    This link to an eBay item illustrates my problem with an interior mirror. 1992 MERCEDES 300 W124 T REAR VIEW INTERIOR MIRROR | eBay I need to get the ball back in its socket but after an hour of faffing and puffing it has defeated me. Either I am too wimpy or there is a Teutonic knack...
  14. A

    12 volt power socket

    2006 c class 220 cdi avantgarde , how to remove and refit power socket [cigar lighter ] HELP PLEASE
  15. Gollom

    12V Power socket in SLK R171

    Eventually found this in passenger footwell (no cigarette lighter) and discovered that it does not work - due in no small part to not being connected and in bits! LOL So, anybody know the part number for a new socket please? Doubtless, MB charge an arm and a leg so is there an OEM part I...
  16. Trickythemerc

    Adding a USB socket

    I need to add a USB socket to my CLK to power my dash cam. Ideally it needs to be fitted in the glove box and have a switched live feed. I have done a forum search,but can't find any info on doing this mod. Any clues please guys. Tricky
  17. Haven't a clue!

    hardwire multiple 12v & USB sockets from Cigarette socket supply

    Hi, On my post-facelift W204 (12/12) I want need multiple sockets to feed: 1- Dash Cam - Cig connector 2- Sat Navto - Cig connector 3- Phone Charger - USB 4- DAB Blue tooth Transmitter - USB 5- Spare USB (appreciate need to ensure draw/loading is sensible) Looking for clean and...
  18. J

    How to open a OVP socket 89 w124 230e?

    Mercedes list the OVP Socket minus pins and also list the pins minus the socket so you must be able to split it open How do you get inside the plug? My OVP Issues are back again and playing with the wires eventually tends to solve it I am guessing dry solder joint on socket or female...
  19. S

    E 350 service record via diagnostic socket

    Just curious when the service indicator is reset after a service, is this date and time stamped in a way that is retrievable. In other words does the car store it?
  20. C

    Reversed audio through glovebox socket (2011 S212)

    Hi All, I recently discovered that the left and right audio channels are reversed (left channel content comes out of the right channel & vice versa) when playing music from my iPhone. I've had my car over a year and never noticed until I added a track with very noticeable placement of...
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