1. zazu390

    W221 problem solved

    Had a loud whine from the engine some one suggested I check the power steering fluid level I have and it needed topping up Started the engine tried full lock in both directions Guess what I worked no more whine
  2. toolman1954

    E300td not starting -- now solved

    I append this to the roll call of other 606;s not starting just to give some inspiration for others with similar problems. O.K. my 300TD first began not starting in February during those heavy snows,and at first I had hoped it was just the intense cold. Then after churning the engine...
  3. L

    Solved - creaking steering

    Hope this might help somebody. Anyone who has creaking steering when turning the wheel may well have a drop link problem. At first I thought my drivers side suspension upper rubber parts were worn, however applying some lube the creaking was still there. My W209 CLK developed this fault...
  4. alan1304

    W202 C180, Duff Starter or something else?

    Hi all. New poster, long time reader. ( Excellent forum by the way I've learnt a lot from you guys. );) My problem is this.... a few weeks ago my W202 C180 started making the most awful noise when trying to start, Solenoid clicking rapidly and also a metallic "Clanging " but it would start...

    My wheel balancing problem solved by ATS :)

    Here's my storey, for about three years now various places have tried to balance my wheels, all failed, so about a year ago I got in touch with Tony at Wheels in Motion and he explained my problem. I even contemplated to drive down to WIM to get it done as I was struggling to find a place in the...
  6. crockers

    The Country's Debt Crisis solved

    The right Hon Prime Minister Dear Mr Cameron Please find below our suggestion for fixing the UK's economy. Instead of giving billions of pounds to banks that will squander the money on lavish parties and unearned bonuses, use the following plan. You can call it the Patriotic Retirement...
  7. tpwuk

    W208 Creaking Problem - Really Solved this time!!

    So I've been living with a creaking problem on the CLK for almost a year. I've been told it could be bushes, broken coil springs, roof mechanism, electric window motor, seat belt anchors, rear wall or the underneath brace bars / struts. Well it turns out that one of those was the culprit...
  8. cazyp

    W202 Green and red alarm lights flashing together simultaneously - solved

    Hope this will help someone else as on searching there's a few contradictory threads. This car W202 1996 C36. On locking last night the mirror and door green and red lights flashed together at the same time. Unlocked the car, got back in and the mirror lights continued to flash. Tried to start...
  9. M

    Coolant Visit workshop message SOLVED

    Hello everyone, just wanted to share my experience, had this message for a while, and it turned out to be broken wire that leads to the fan, the fan wasn't engaging, hence the temp could rise and the aircon wouldn't work properly so if everyone has this message would advice to check the wires...
  10. k1ngsk1n

    Problem almost solved!

    Hey, I posted when i first joined about what I thought was a gearbox issue but it would now seem that it was the MAF sensor problem. Would anyone know the part number and best place to buy one for my 98 C180 Sport Touring? Would this do the job? Mercedes Benz - Euro Car Parts UK?s No.1...
  11. M

    Non Merc .......Alfa 156 (SOLVED)!!!!!!

    If you remember I started a thread about my sons Alfa 156 and the fact that it wouldnt rev and was totally undrivable. Well today I have finally cured it! After much headscratching, a code reader, Alfa diag software and numerous suggestions from this forum I found that the CAT was blocked...
  12. N


    How do you mark [SOLVED] against an issue raised on this forum - just type it or is there some function that does it?
  13. salesac1

    Clear evidence that "Benz" have STILL not solved the rust issue!

    Never mind the wheel arches, the whole body shell on this latest model has completely corroded away without even leaving MB Reading's showroom :eek: ;). Wonder what the paint code was...? :D
  14. C

    SL500 SRS airbag fault solved

    2002 SL500. It had a habit of getting the SRS light come on and stay. It gave a fault code of Passenger Seat pretensioner (or something similar) but no fault could be traced. Eventually, the drivers' side seat got lifted out and it became obvious that someone had butchered the yellow plug for...
  15. A

    [Solved] w124 fuse #5 troubles

    Hi fans, just wanted to share my today's issue with the merc. Have an italian w124 (250D turbo, '92). Today during a trip i heard an awful sound like the lights reminder (i believe in english it's zoomer, but not sure) but more quiet. After few minutes noticed that tachometer, fuel and...
  16. S

    solved seat belt noise

    e320cdi estate 02 plate taxi and 210.000 miles when pulling belt out made sqweeky groaning noise. members said lubricate roller. merc man advised couldnt be roller cos only made noise on part of belt being drawn over top roller that is if there is a roller there at all. merc man advised...
  17. del320

    A Mystery is Solved!

    Have I stumbled across the source of Dragon’s valuable ‘News’ items - as well as his cryptic comments? :eek: I had a spate of emails in the past advising me how best to improve my manhood, followed by a bunch asking me to confirm bank account details at institutions with which I have no...
  18. IMD

    Central Locking Problem Solved!

    Hi all, I've been cleaning up my new 230e for the last couple of days and thought I'd investigate the problem with my central locking. The drivers lock was not having any effect on the rest of the car, simply opening or closing that door. On the other hand, if I locked the door from the...
  19. C

    Idle problem solved!!!

    Hey people! My C200 kompressor change the head gasket. After that the idle became like crap! So I wento to a dealrship and they told me that I have to change the MAF/MAS and accelarator!!! Well I think they are krazy! Today a took the car apart and the problem was a VACUM PIPE disconect! Like...
  20. B

    BAS ESP Warning SOLVED hoorah

    Thanks for all the advice on other threads. MY local garage (specialist in everything and have used them for 25 years) has fixed this problem which has been a pain since having the car... and the other electrical problems. Apparently a new 'Travel Sensor' was required. Sorted 10 days ago and...
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