1. markjay

    Stolen Post Fraud There has been an epidemic of stolen letters containing bank cards in our area.... but sadly the police do not seem to have the resources to deal with low-level bank fraud. Anyone else affected by stolen post fraud?
  2. clk320x

    Stolen car being broken for parts? Seems fishy that a GB reg vehicle is being parted out in Lithuania??? But would they make it so obvious without blanking out the plate etc? Hmm either way seems a bit iffy?
  3. developer

    My Car Has Been Stolen

    Details to follow, but forced entry into the house at 10pm last night and keys handed over under threat from multiple assailants :(.
  4. J

    Stolen Mercedes E250 CGI

    please help had my black Mercedes E250 CGI Convertible Reg number LL11 LVO stolen off the front of my garage last night happened about 1.30 this is my pride and joy please keep your eyes out
  5. brucemillar


    Vintage Mercedes-Benz convertible car stolen from Faversham business
  6. J

    Pinched my ride: supercars stolen by the dozen from UK turn up in Thailand
  7. ringway

    'How I could have stolen my old car using my smartphone'.

    Charles Henderson loved his "awesome" convertible, particularly the fact that he could start, lock and unlock it remotely via his mobile phone. It was one of the first connected cars that synchronise wirelessly with smartphones for entertainment and work purposes. But after he sold the...
  8. gramey

    STOLEN - AMG C63 4 door saloon

    If anyone sees a 2008 silver AMG C63 saloon being offered for sale in suspicious circumstances, ie price too low, no V5 etc. one was stolen from Hadleigh in Suffolk today following a burglary at the owners house. May well be on it's way out of the country but sharing just in case they're foolish...
  9. M

    New member - Car stolen before time to say hi

    I joined about a month ago after my wife got her first Mercedes. A 2008 model/09 reg 280 CLK Sport convertible. As she is disabled she only drives short distances when she is not in too much pain or too fatigued. The rest of the time I drive her for work etc in her car. We had a VW CC for last 3...
  10. T

    Cat D Stolen Recovered 2014 E63 Estate

    Morning All, Have seen a 2014 E63 estate, with 26K miles, for sale at £30K. Problem is that its S/R, but looks perfect. Is it worth the risk? Pro's/Con's ?? Cheers.
  11. R

    Stolen sl63 amg

    Hi fellow MB lovers. My name is Ron and sadly last Tuesday 7th Feb my SL63 AMG was stolen from Hemel Hempstead. I have attached pics so you can see the SL in full and the unusual interior. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if anyone has seen or hears of her for offer then contact Hertfordshire police on...
  12. C

    new owner of stolen SLK32AMG Reg D6MSM

    hi i am the new owner of stolen SLK32AMG Reg D6MSM. is it possible for anyone to point me in the direction of the last owner please all the best.
  13. Alfie

    Immobilise your car even if the keys are stolen

    We are offering a forum deal on the fantastic Autowatch Ghost product. This tiny device will allow you to programme a unique secret key press sequence which will immobilise the car. The device sits on the cars Canbus and will inhibit start and/or gear selection until a user defind key...
  14. M

    My stolen SLK32AMG Reg D6MSM

    Morning People, As you will note, I have had to re-join the MBClub website, as I didn't get any response from administrators regarding forgotten password.:confused: Anyway that aside, no news regarding my cars, my prized SLK32AMG as yet, or my Mitsubishi ASX LL60 BBX, (though to be honest think...
  15. MissyD

    *****Stolen SLK32AMG*****

    Guys and Girls Keep your eyes open for this little gem, stolen in the early hours in Bournemouth from an old forum member Matt32AMG, he cant sign in to ask himself due to 1 reason or other so asked me to help. He's had this from new and had made it a real one off a reward is being offered...
  16. N

    Brand new C Class stolen in 2 minutes from drive

    Posting on behalf of my in laws who had their £35k C class stolen earlier this week. Real date/time: 3rd May 2016, 5:30 AM - This is a one month old C-Class stolen from just off The Drive, in Ilford, Essex IG1. Purchased from Mercedes in Loughton, Essex. The thieves walk up to the car...
  17. Virgovirgo71

    Stolen engine cover.

    Hi all. Well after searching around the world for a replacement engine cover, I decided to paint the one I bought. I spoke to Brabus, in a reply email I was told that the cover was discontinued. So I had the cover painted and this is the outcome, appreciate your thoughts. Sent from my iPhone...
  18. ringway

    Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven may be partly stolen, judge says.

    Full article here. LINK. PCEg9gMJakU
  19. S

    Grill Badge stolen

    hi first time posting and wish to ask for help? had my grill badge stolen sat night and am after a replacement with the back plate too. dealer has asked for £90.00 for the two bits of plastic. Now i know the cost from the dealer its not surprising? they just clip out and someone has taken...
  20. J

    Stolen white Sprinter 313cdi MWB in London N4

    Hi all, Can you spread the word. My son has had his 2003 Sprinter 313cdi MWB stolen from out side his home on Stapletonhall Road in Crouch End, London in the early hours of yesterday, Thursday 7th January. My son was wakened by the van starting up as it had a failed exhaust and was quite...
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