1. Mercedes-2010

    E-Class Boot Storage Genuine MB

    Genuine New and Boxed E-Class Saloon Boot Storage MB Part number: A 212 680 00 10 To suit the latest E-Class Merc £55 + P&P Call Dave 07746 679251
  2. F

    W202 Storage box part number

    Hello Folks , does anybody happen to know the part number for the storage box that replaces the ashtray in the W202? Took me a while to find a pickie of one , but got this one on the MBNZ.NL site in a c43 on there.
  3. A

    Underseat storage drawer

    I am looking for 1x B67810129 rear underseat storage drawer for my A-Class. No longer available from Mercedes, I found one in Holland but would obviously like another to go with it. Thanks Chris
  4. V

    Viano Diesel Auto, storage needs ???

    A friend has now sorted out some family problems and he now wants to start using his 3 year old Viano. He just parked it up for 18months and left it alone in his back garden. He tells me he will just charge the battery and that should be that, no worries ???? I told him he should do a...
  5. W

    W124 Storage Unit Cover

    The sliding cover for the storage unit between the front seats (under the arm rest) in my W124 is kaput. Is this an easy part to source and fit?
  6. J

    DROBO - NAS RAID Storage 4 x 1TB drives USB FW800

    selling my DROBO along with the 4 x 1TB hard drives that it houses. please see here for more info: Drobo - Drobo 4-bay I can send pics of the actual unit, please pm for info. In excellent working condition, only minor thing is that its missing a spring on one of the drive flaps but you...
  7. F

    W203 Fisher Glovebox CD storage

    For Sale , Fisher CD storage box Holds 6 CD's and goes into the shelf on the W203 with locator pins on the bottom of the unit. £20 plus postage
  8. BaldGuy

    In Glove box CD Storage removal

    How do I remove the CD storage in a W209.. I cant see any screws and have gently tried to pull it out without success...
  9. PJayUK

    Storage of new brake discs

    Perhaps a slightly odd question but are there any specific considerations for storage of new unused brake discs? Given they can warp etc are they affected by heat or cold when stored in a garage? My garage gets really hot this time of year and I won't get round to fitting my new discs for a few...
  10. LTD

    Storage dilemma

    OK weird one as I don't know the answer ....... A couple of weeks ago, I fitted 4 new tyres to SWMBO's car - normal steel rims / plastic wheel trims. Last week lady luck smiled on me and kicked me in the nads. I was given a set of new alloys for her car complete with tyres <1000k miles usage...
  11. U

    After 19 months in storage....

    My pride and joy is home :D A couple of exhaust leaks to fix thanks to a knob who can't reverse and a knock to find in the rear suspension and i'll be back on the road. Just driving it up the driveway reminded me why I love this car so much :p Dave!
  12. GordonTarling

    S211 Rear Seat Storage box

    I have a rear seat storage box to suit S211 Estates - this is an almost triangular in section plastic box, designed to fit behind the rear seats and provides concealed storage. I've certainly never used it and it looks like the previous owner never did either! If colour matters to you, it's...
  13. A

    W202 Central Console Storage Tray

    The tray to replace the ashtray in a W202 centre console. MERCEDES C Class W202 Storage Trays with 12 Volt Socket on eBay (end time 17-May-10 11:53:26 BST) Andy C.
  14. bpsorrel

    Secure car storage?

    Does anyone know of any good, secure covered car storage in the Beds, Herts and Bucks area, apart from Storacar, (who I've got a quote from already) costing around £90 (ish) per month (or less!) for basic storage?
  15. Barbanasos

    Gumball 3000 2010 has started. Lambo needs more storage...

    Not the most practical of cars but problem solved...
  16. R

    R171 Centre Storage Compartment

    The centre storage compartment refuses to open either sideways or forwards. :mad: I have tried banging the back end with my fist and wriggling it about but it still wont open. :wallbash: The previous owner has had this replaced once because of sticking. It is obviously a poor design but I...
  17. gurpz

    W202 New CD Storage Holder

    May be of interest to someone: Mercedes * CD Holder * c-class BRAND NEW 202 w202 c200 on eBay (end time 11-Apr-10 18:05:32 BST)
  18. C

    Network storage for dummys?

    Hi to all the technical among you! I have a wireless router shared by 1 PC, 1 Netbook and 1 Laptop. What I would like to do is to buy a harddrive/ storage device that can be shared by all 3, and used as a data dump for Music and files etc. In language for a technichal near-illiterate, how...
  19. IMD

    W124 Centre Console Storage Box

    No longer of need to me and now on ebay with a £0.99 starting price and no reserve. I hope that it's of use to someone. Ian Mercedes Benz W124 Centre Console Storage Box on eBay (end time 05-Jan-10 09:04:46 GMT)
  20. jimmymidnight

    F/S: W210 E55 Centre Console Storage Box

    I have for sale a storage compartment and door from a W210 E55 (not sure which year) in perfect working order in good condition. I bought if on eBay a few weeks ago but never fitted in my car as once i saw how it worked, i repaired mine. £30+P&P o.n.o
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