1. mercmanuk

    wireless network storage

    i'm running a laptop,tower and htpc all on a wireless network,my problem is all my movies are on the htpc,the music is on the tower etc etc. my idea is to transfere all this to a seperate unit that can be accessed from all 3 computers on the wireless network. what is the best way to go about...
  2. jimmymidnight

    Centre Console Storage Removal

    Hi, my centre console storage tray doesn't close properly so i have now got one that works, the only downer is im having some trouble trying to get the old one out? Can anyone point me in the right direction on how I can this replaced nice and easily without breaking either part. Below is...
  3. A


    Hey all, I have a e220 cab 1994, and I might be travelling for a while out of the country. I was wondering what would be the best way to store the car if its going to be more than 6 months parked in storage. Currently, I have it in dry storage with battery and everything plugged in. Any...
  4. A

    Digital Photograph Storage software

    Hello I like most people now with XX megapixal camers have so so many pictures they are filling up my drive. I now have a 1TB external drive, 2 * 320GB USB drives and my laptop drive with pictures (not all full) Is there some software such as iPhoto for the Mac which I can dump all these...
  5. darrellr

    Power to armrest storage in a CLK?

    Has anyone done this? I'm assuming that as those with phone prep can have phone adapters in there it is possible to hack a power cable in. Perhaps even a standard loom? Anyone done this?
  6. design guru

    CLK Storage

    I have decided to store my CLK away in the garage for a year. Besides disconnecting the battery is there anything else I need to do to ensure it starts up again from now without any major problems.
  7. steveatpipex

    Advice please on Network Backup and Storage Home Office

    I have previously been using a Netgear SC101 network storage for backup but want to replace it because it is so unreliable. My requirement is just to automatically back up from my Desktop and laptop in a home office network across a 10/100 network. I have looked at the Netgear ReadyNAS Duo and...
  8. G

    tyre storage

    I’m confused. How should I store wheels/tyres when not in use on the vehicle ? I have 2 sets of wheels – one with Dunlop SP Sport 2020 for summer use and one with Goodyear G3 Ultragrip for winter. Yesterday I started to fit the summer set, then noticed a nail or similar in the front...
  9. M

    Oil Storage tanks for the RAF

    Dont know whether this is in anyones field of expertise but the MoD is informing companies of a Possible Future Requirement for the removal of 4 underground oil storage tanks and their replacement with some above ground ones. if people want details PM me. Mods please remove if this breaches...
  10. Peter DLM

    Interior dimensions of under boot storage area? W210 Est

    In the absence of my W210 estate, can someone please advise what the internal dimensions are of the storage area where the 7 seat option would normally go? What's the biggest size box you could fit in there and still close the lid? Many thanks in advance. :rock:
  11. A

    W124 Centre Console Storage Box Of interest to someone, perhaps. Andy C.
  12. raix

    WTB W124 center storage box lid

    Hello! Current lids handle is broken and lost. I need only the lid, not the storage box.
  13. BaldGuy

    Looking for a job in IT Storage??

    I have headcount for a SAN Storage Architect. The candidate will have install knowledge of Storage Arrays e.g EMC,HDS,HP,IBM. General Storage/Fabric knowledge will be big advantage. If you think you fit the bill in any of these areas drop me a PM... The job is based out of Basingstoke and...
  14. Laters

    W202 C class in dash CD holder / storage.

    W202 C class in dash CD holder / storage. I am in the process of putting my new headunit in my car (a Alpine x200 media centre) so won’t have the need for cd’s in the car as I plan to use a couple of 4Gb usb drive’s for my in car music. When I got this C class I was lucky enough to find...
  15. NW_Merc

    W202 dash storage tray and plug socket I think to be placed instead of the ashtray and cigar lighter, bit tatty though
  16. J

    Classic Car Storage Insurance

    Hi all I have decided it would be a good idea to get storage insurance on my 1961 Warwick whilst it is off the road. I have been quoted £60 for comprehensive storage insurance by Towergate (TR Scheme). Does that sound right or does anyone know any good Classic Car insurance companies I...
  17. columb

    Storage Expo - anyone going there?

    Hi! I've got invited to this Expo and as it looks interesting, I've decided to go there - for one day only - 16/10/08 Is anyone else from this forum going there? Company has paid for my train tickets so I could have few beers with my lunch ;) See you there...
  18. bigyin1

    '96 w124 centre console storage

    Does anyone have a diagram or other of how to remove the centre console storage area from said car? I have some of the leather peeling off and want to remove just the storage area to have it re-covered. Hopefully it just a couple of screws/bolts..... :)
  19. M

    ultra high capacity storage

    I am in the market for an extremely high capacity storage system - Ideally I want to be able to transport 6-10Tb of data off site at the end of a day and store that data for 7 years (DPA) I need the cheapest solution for 1 shot storage of say 6Tb (lower end) at a time and ATM I am looking at...
  20. S

    Car Storage

    I wondered if anyone could offer some advice on storing a 1999 Mercedes Clk 230 Komp Elegence Coupe Auto. The vehicle will be in an industrial unit so space is not an issue but I wondered about covers, battery chargers and brakes. Please post your tips as the car will be off the road for...
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