1. Laters

    W202 storage tray mod

    I have been pondering the center console storage tray mod for a good while but was always concerned as to what I would need to change and how it would all fit together. I eventually found a storage tray on ebay of all places for a good price and thought what have I got to loose. I removed...
  2. Sp!ke

    Useful car storage FAQ

    I found this page on how best to safely store your car the other day which I thought was worthy of a read. It is linked to a firm selling dehumidifiers so it might be a little biased in their favour but the content seems to clear up a few misunderstood areas. Interested to see whether...
  3. 300CE

    W124 Coupe Complete Leather Interior Black with rare Rear Centre Storage Box - £275

    Mercedes W124 Coupe Complete Leather Interior | eBay
  4. R

    R129 Rear seat rplacement with "storage"

    I have the option of buying the carpet / plastics to replace the jump seats with the storage / no seat option... Am assuming this will just swap in? Anything to be aware of?
  5. 300CE

    Mercedes W124 E Class Mushroom & Burr Walnut REAR centre console storage box

    This has been up before, but not sold as it seems he wants quite a bit for it: Mercedes W124 E Class Mushroom & Burr Walnut REAR centre console storage box . | eBay
  6. Sp!ke

    Wheel storage

    I stumbled upon these the other day and thought they might be useful for those with winter wheels. Set of 4 for £15... Tyre Storage Bags
  7. E

    Network Attached Storage - Advice

    Hello everyone. For the past 4 years or so Ive been using 2 Buffalo NAS drives. One has all my music, video and photo files on it, the other is a backup of the first. Over the past year or so, I have neglected to do any up to date backups and sods law, my main drive is now toast. The HDD...
  8. N

    Rare REAR W124 Mushroom & Burr Walnut console storage box.

    Rare is an over used word but I think this qualifies. I've only seen two of these in all the W124s I've seen. 1 crack you can see in the solid piece of walnut, slider is in good condition, Mushroom plastic undamaged. £125 shipped.
  9. N

    W126 Orion grey, Burr walnut storage box with key.

    Rarely ordered when new & very rarely seen now, this W126 Orion grey & Burr walnut front console storage box is in outstanding condition with no damage whatsoever to the grey cover, no cracks in the wood and with a working lock & key. £105 shipped. PM me with an email address for more & bigger...
  10. BillyW124

    Car Storage Garage advice

    Hello Chaps, A garage will be built on the side of my property soon from scatch and would be greatful for any advice from garage owners who use theirs frequently to store their cars(s). Im particularly interested in the heated garage Vs. dehumidifyer solution and the type of flooring that...
  11. S

    E 250 Coupe Fuel Consumption & Storage

    Well, I have now taken delivery of my new E250 coupe. It has only got 100 miles on the clock and the reset computer is showing 44mpg. This is about what my C Class Estate showed and allowing for that car's 5% optimistic computer, it does not appear to me that the E coupe is anywhere near...
  12. J

    W129 hard top cover and storage rack

    Hi there i after a hard top cover and storage rack for my w129 sl300 1990 model i would like it to be in good condition and useable info regarding suppliers would be useful thanks
  13. Sbryantgb

    W124 centre storage box

    I am in need of a centre storage box for the W124. Can be any colour (black would be great though) as long as not nicked or torn vinyl. also can be missing roll top and lock. Thanks for looking. Steve
  14. 300CE

    mercedes e class w124 centre console arm rest storage blue half wood

    mercedes e class w124 centre console arm rest storage blue half wood | eBay
  15. F

    Winter wheel storage

    I found these on ebay and thought they looked good , so did a bit of digging and worked out the volkswagen part number. They are cheap for what they are , but are well constructed and have a space for different bolts on every cover and also a marker on a diagram of a car to let you know which...
  16. sjmaxwell

    Removing CD Storage box in W209 CLK

    Does anyone know how to remove the CD storage box in the glove box next to the CD changer in a CLK (W209)?
  17. Indyz12

    W124 folding armrest with storage help

    Hi Guys. Ive just bought a genuine 124 armrest with storage. I want to re-trim it in grey to match my interior (its black at the moment). So ive removed all of the screws on the internal plastics, the main section popped out of the main body without any fuss, but the lid won't sepperate from the...
  18. Dave Richardson

    W203 Coupe under parcel shelf storage

    Just spotted this on e bay, but pick up only. Fits under the rear parcel shelf & is hidden from view Mercedes C sport coupe original boot tidy storage shelf on eBay (end time 05-Jul-11 17:10:20 BST) Dave
  19. B

    W208 covertible roof storage compartment

    Hi All I have been reading loads of posts regarding W208 convertible problems which have already helped me immensly :) but have still not pinpointed what i need to do to resolve my own issue.:( I saw a post from Chris of Baaaarnsley that he was hoping to produce a complete step by step summary...
  20. M

    MB World customer exhibits/Car Storage

    I remember seeing a thread a while back with some discussion about the Museum at MB World having some customer cars among the exhibits, but can't for the life of me find the thread using the search function. Does anybody if the museum does take customer cars for use as exhibits? and/or have the...
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