1. M

    S211 Boot Storage Box Pointless?

    I've just picked up my S211 and it has the boot box behind the rear seats. I have spend the weekend racking my brain as to what use this box is? You have to fold the seatbacks forward for access, hence it will never be used! Surely it is just taking up boot space? Do any of you use this...
  2. I

    Storage space after removing screen

    Hi all, I'm planning to remove the Audio 20 / UMI unit from my car and replacing it with a double din head unit. I was planning on removing the screen and converting the top section into a storage space. Would the best option be to fibreglass the hole that is left behind after removing the...
  3. S

    W164 retrofit 12v socket in centre storage box

    Simple question: I see there's a blanking plate inside the centre storage box in my W164 ML350 (I don't have the phone cradle option - just the storage bin) and wondered whether it would be possible to retrofit a 12v cigar lighter socket in there ? I had a W163 before this one and it was really...
  4. M

    COMAND USB Storage problem

    I have recently bought a W204 and I have been trying to connect my hard drive up to the COMAND system through the USB Storage. The system picks up some of the songs up to a certain amount but not all of them. I have around 9,000 songs and from what I gather the system can handle up to 15,000...
  5. design guru

    Starting car in storage

    Hello, I have a W208 CLK 230K which I have owned from new and has been sorn for the last 7 years. I used to start it on a weekly basis but when I removed the battery to use on another car it ended up sitting in the garage and not being started for the last 3 years. Got a new battery but...
  6. D

    Winter storage

    Putting my 208 cabrio into store for 4 months, any tips?

    Mini storage problem solved...

    Superb:thumb: Bedford VAM 1967 Bus Coach Italian Job Race Transporter Caravan Motorhome Mini | eBay
  8. m5anj

    W219: Annoying rattle coming from ashtray/storage

    Hi all, My car has developed an annoying rattle which seems to be emanating from the ashtray/storage compartment. Leaving the lid open solves the problem, or pushing the lid down slightly on the left side. Any ideas on how to go about trying to fix it, it's driving me mad :wallbash: The level...
  9. C

    W209 glovebox and armrest storage lights

    Evening all, Yet another question about my 'new' '04 CLK. As the mornings and evenings get darker I've noticed that there is a light inside the centre armrest. However, all it emits is a sort of dim amber glow once the ignition is on. Is this right? Also the glovebox light doesn't seem to be...
  10. C240Sport97

    furniture storage

    mate of mine is selling a house, and needs somewhere dry to store some of his furniture for up to 6 months space needed is about a garage location wise, flexible, but preferably around M25. any ideas or suggestions, please get in touch need it within 4 weeks if possible.
  11. Spinal

    Large Rugged Storage (for videos)

    Here's a question that I'm struggling to answer... I'm planning on bringing a few cameras onto the mongol, at least one of which will be a dash cam recording 24/7. I don't want it to loop, and would rather keep all the videos so that I can do a stop-motion thing later (and keep track of how...
  12. Fudger

    E Class Estate storage tray

    Hi guys, I picked up my new S212 yesterday and noticed there was no storage tray that sits under the floor but above the spacesaver wheel. I had seen such a tray on another E Class estate previously but when I called MB parts the chap did not understand what I was referring to and suggested it...
  13. C

    Service storage

    Hello guys I've been told that I can get the service record on my C250 Coupe by getting Mercedes to plug into the ECU, but they are telling me that it only shows the last service. The service history that they have at the "mainframe" only covers the first service, and its now had its third...
  14. drcarrera

    SLK (W171) Wind Deflector Storage Bag

    Black zipped storage bag for W171 wind deflector and accesories. Pretty much "as new" as we never used it (but forgot to include it when we sold the car!). Complete with (creased) wind deflector instruction booklet. Happy to sell it for cost of postage. Otherwise will be thrown away. Reply...
  15. I

    AutoPak R129 Roof Storage Bag

    I bought this new from someone here who had never used it. I have never used it either. It's very well made out of seriously heavy duty nylon and is designed so that it can also be hung on the wall. I need to clear stuff out of my garage. Given that the company is no longer trading and I...
  16. dan2014

    Comand music storage

    Hi can anyone help I've loaded some music onto my 2011 comand system in my c220 and was wondering how I can get it to stop selecting random tracks of different albums I want to select the albums one at a time but it won't let me do this??? Any ideas all help would be really appreciated thanks
  17. babyblueCE

    C124 going into storage

    Hello all. As i now have a baby on the way i have decided to store the 124 away and purchase a 4 door car. I need some advice, i saw a VW Passat today which has been standing for a couple of years now, jump started the car and numerous lights on the dash appeared. The owner advised that the only...
  18. alano

    Connected battery After the winter storage

    I store my car over the winter and have reconnected the battery. The problem is the window switches won't work, the read head rest is constant red and the hood switch is constantly lit red. Any suggestions on what's wrong ?. Never had this before. Regards, Alan.
  19. K

    A garden shed for storage

    Guys, I need to clear my garage out, could anyone recommend?
  20. H

    Mercedes sprinter overhead storage

    I have a 2000 year sprinter and I was wondering if any1 has a made or bought a over the cab storage area? It's for a mx van
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