1. M

    CLS central storage phone module location

    Hi, first post having just bought a 2007 CLS320. I'm looking to get the phone connection working, and have read as number of posts on here and elsewhere re need to purchase a BT unit to plug into the phone module. My question is where does this module locate? I don't see anything in the...
  2. M

    Recommissioning a w140 after storage

    My W140 has been in Storage for about 18 months as I've been travelling a lot, and as it looks like I may be staying in the Middle East for a while I'm thinking I may ship it back out here rather than leave it standing any longer. I'll be changing the plugs, and flushing the engine as a matter...
  3. Lenny63

    storage over winter

    With the colder weather officially here and the C43 not my daily runner I am considering renting underground car parking space and keeping here safe and away from the elements until march time Few questions in relation to being parked up for that length 1) car cover ? is this necessary ...
  4. rk100

    Outdoor car storage

    Hi all I was planning on parking up my car for the winter. As I don't have a garage yet I was going to store it in one of the outdoor carcoons, see link I was going to hook up my ctek trickle charger to keep the...
  5. s2oty

    w124 ce rear centre zebrano storage box

    As per title for between the rear seats. Wanted for my 300ce. Also need a front zebrano bit for around the gear selector but must have heated seats cut outs and be in perfect condition as mine is cracking all over the place. Ta. Scott
  6. s4rap

    Wheels and tyres storage

    Hi all,just taken my wheels off the clk and put some wheels on with bald tyres while it's been sorned.Looking for some advice regarding the storage of my immaculate Amg wheels and tyres.Is it better to deflate them totally,a little or not at all while they are off the car:dk: thanks
  7. s2oty

    winter storage - axel stands or tyre saver things?

    Its time for the old ce to hibernate till spring. I could really do with it rolling as I have a few things to do in the garage and around the car. I usually put it up on stands but wounder if those floor pads that curve the tyres are any good. Has anyone used them? Scott
  8. G

    Hidden storage door won't open after removing Audio 20 unit & broken CD player

    Hi, my 3 year old broke the CD player on the Audio 20 head unit. I'm not sure what he did but it was displaying TRACK when I got home. I took it out and left it for 30 mins. When I put it back it said CD ERROR. I can see there's no CD stuck in it but I can't put a CD in as part of the...
  9. saorbust

    Secure Managed Car Storage in London or Essex?

    Hi, Hope everyone is well. I wondered if any of you had any recommendations on car storage facilities. I used to use one near Chelmsford - but I cannot recall the name! Auto barn or similar!! I would need the service to include the normal battery conditioning, rolling of wheels and tyres...
  10. N

    w210 estate 2000 rear storage bins & Manual

    Hey, I have an e280 2k year - so is either a w210 or an s210 depending on who I talk to - anyway in the rear estate part on either side are two small flip down storage bin things - about 6 inches square - anyone know what the part number is for them or what they are called please? Also...
  11. M

    Wanted w124 big open storage bin

    Hu guys, Wtb a w124 open storage bin. I uploaded a picture who belongs of a forum member. Regards, Bram
  12. M

    Clk (w208) centre console storage compartment problem

    Hi everybody, I'm new at posting so bear with me. I recently purchased an old CLK coupe w208 on a 97 plate. I adore the car but the problems I have uncounted since have been mind blowing. This site has been inspirational in solving everything especially on the electrical front, however my main...
  13. b1g1an

    CLS armrest storage

    Could someone with an original CLS but not the phone prep do me a quick pic of what it looks like inside the armrest please? That silly bunk bed arrangement that's inside mine is a huge waste of space as it just has a bluetooth puck permanently attached and makes an otherwise big hole next to...

    Problem with W202 armrest storage compartment

    Hey guys, I have noticed recently the storage compartment on my W202 arm rest has started to get pretty sluggish, when you press it in it doesn't open all the way automatically any more, I have to pull it before it will start moving. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm thinking some cogs...
  15. gurpz

    W202 Fischer CD Storage Holder

    These are getting rare these days: Mercedes C200 W202 C202 C Class CD Holder | eBay
  16. npuk

    Brand New Alloy / Tyre Storage Bags

    Brand New Wheel / Tyre Storage Bags Brand new set of wheel / tyre storage bags. Premium quality, made by Heyner Germany. Suitable for 14-18" wheels. Bags are marked with a diagram to show which position on the car the alloys belongs too. Also have carry handles for easy moving. £25...
  17. Harrythedog

    Storage time of a new unused battery

    I've a couple of new leisure batteries that are brand new and still in their original packaging. How long will I be able to keep them before any deteriation may occur. I will eventually use them but they've been sitting in the garage for about a year
  18. chrisbin

    C Class front seat storage bins....anyone removed?

    Don't know if its just me, but I'm not a great fan of the storage bins attached to the leading edge of the front seats. I think they look a bit cheap and don't really offer much storage while being exposed to scuffing as I get in... I would just as soon lose the one on the driver's side...
  19. shanksy

    W124 Centre Console Storage Box

    Hi, looking for the holy grail.... a cream coloured centre roller box with the burl wood trim. Anyone have one (in any condition) please PM me. Cheers
  20. T

    Cl 500 rear storage compartment

    Hi ,looking for the cover for the storage box between the rear seats in a 2002 cl 500 ,part no 215840 04/05 74 black in colour .must be mint. Thanks,
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