1. grober

    Strike [ the cuckoos calling]

    Anyone watching this ? liked the intro credits 4 minutes in BBC iPlayer - Strike - The Cuckoo's Calling - Series 1: Episode 1 [YOUTUBE HD]wkmjltkgHqY[/YOUTUBE HD]

    Gremlins strike the "Best"

    ?Broken? Bentley bought back by manufacturer - AOL UK Even the likes of Bentley are not immune to some poor workmanship and bad PR.
  3. grober

    BMW MINI and Rolls Royce workers to strike.

    BMW Mini and Rolls Royce workers to strike over changes to their pension scheme. UK BMW workers back strike over pensions - BBC News A double blow following this
  4. lisa110rry

    Gull-Copter strike forces 800ft plunge

    Gull strikes helicopter forcing 800ft plunge - BBC News The last line of this report is priceless!
  5. Headhurts

    French on strike again

    Well I am off to France travelling Calais to Lassicourt which is a round trip of around 500 miles on Saturday. I have a new Mercedes E350 which has only done around 600 miles so far and no proper trips but averaging 37 mpg according to onboard read out. I would expect this to rise a fair...
  6. D

    MSL Performance Strike Again, 769bhp On Dyno!!

    Firstly just want to say a massive thank you to Acid, Sarim and Co for sorting out the issues on my car that we had at Vmax. Good news, the cars been back on the dyno and it appears the issue could be down to tyre pressures and potentially the race fuel. Even better news the car ran 768.8bhp...
  7. Satch

    Tyre fitters strike again...

    My sister & family pitched up late last night, staying overnight before heading off to Germany for Christmas & New Year. After years of me going on, they finally got around to getting a set of winter tyres fitted earlier in the week but last night much moaning that the car did not feel very...
  8. corned

    Doctor's Strike

  9. st13phil

    Cash-For-Crash Suspects 'Killed In Drone Strike'

    Well here's a new angle on Cash-for-Crash insurance fraud. "It has emerged that two suspects who came to attention of police during a so-called cash-for-crash investigation were reportedly killed by US drone strikes in Pakistan." :eek:
  10. Faceliftw211

    Tankers Drivers To Strike

    Let the battle commence..........prices are crazy and the tax keeps getting increased. Something has to be done.
  11. Godot

    Police to be balloted on right to strike

    Police officers in England and Wales are to be balloted on whether they want to be given the right to strike, the Police Federation has said. Police officers are currently banned by law from taking industrial action. The ballot of 135,000 members follows 20% budget cuts and proposals for...
  12. ringway

    How will tomorrow's strike affect the road network?

    I'm heading to Maidstone and Wokingham tomorrow and wondered what I may come up against, traffic-wise. Will the strike planned for tomorrow by Public Sector Workers cause chaos or will the roads be quieter? No air or rail travel should mean the increased traffic. However, there will be...
  13. 10EDD

    Bird Strike

    Fortunately I won't be landing in the Hudson river after this bird strike that's just frightened the c**p out of me at the office!! Looks like the suicide bird in question made a clean getaway to reap further terror in the neighbourhood!! Ed
  14. Palfrem

    DVLA strike again

    Alan Clarke told to surrender 'obscene' number plate after DVLA sold it to him | Mail Online Make your mind up DVLA?
  15. R

    Anyone have a mortice lock strike plate lying around?

    Hi, I've used an old lock my parents had lying around - but they don't have the strike plate (the bit that fits on the door frame). Does anyone have one sat doing nothing? Would really appreciate it. Thanks, R
  16. AANDYY

    The E.U. strike agian, telling us what to do!

    :devil: Prisoners to get the right to vote | UK news |
  17. Spinal

    Tube Strike Tonight

    I'm sure 99% of people know about this... but I managed to miss it! Apparently there's a tube strike today starting at 17:00... so everyone at the office is leaving early to avoid it! Just thought I'd give a heads up for those as absent minded as me..... M.
  18. Druk

    BA strike.

    So. That's the feared announcement made. 12 days of consecutive strikes starting 22nd Dec. Anyone else here directly affected by this and what are your plans now? We were heading for New York on the 29th. Hotel booked and paid for as well. Not sure if the travel insurance covers...
  19. st13phil

    Postal Strike, NIP's & the "14 Day" Rule

    A ruling by Lord Justice Elias in the Divisional Court on Thursday has finally brought clarity to the question of "posted to arrive within 14 days" or "arrived within 14 days" regarding the service of NIP's. In 2007 a statutory notice was sent warning Peter Gidden, 48, who runs his own...
  20. Godot

    Postal Strike

    elkfglsmse;sppplll.vjjjjdshqiervssitmx Just thought I'd post a few letters before it starts :D
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