1. N

    Synthetic ATF

    Hope i'm asking this in the right place. I have just bought 7 litres of ATF oil from Mercedes parts supplier the part number is A001 989 21 03 10, would be grateful if someone confirmed this is Synthetic ATF as no indication of this on the Mercedes labelled bottle. Thanks
  2. C

    Where to buy Mobil 5w-40 Fully Synthetic ?

    Anyone know the best place to buy 8 litres of Mobil 5w-40 Fully Synthetic at a reasonable price ?
  3. R

    magnatec 10/40 or 5/30 synthetic on E55?

    Folks I suspect my car hasn't been serviced as it should have been from the private trader I bought from. Just checked the air filters and both seem old..oil also seems a little dark for something only 100 miles old so I'm going to oil change myself. 82k on the clock so which oil would you...
  4. bibamus

    Need a good semi synthetic oil......

    ..... so I can do an oil change on my W202 before I drive to South of France. Problem is, there are so few stores near me that sell it! I am looking for Mobil Super S 10w40 or similar. We have a local Halfords that only seems to sell Magnatec and their own oils, and 2 car shops, one sells Comma...
  5. O

    Synthetic oils are better but why? Some answers

    I thought this would be of interest as It's probably the question I get asked the most. Shame the answer isn't simple though! The basic benefits are as follows: Extended oil drain periods Better wear protection and therefore extended engine life Most synthetics give better MPG They...
  6. big x

    Synthetic oil myths part II - it causes leaks

    I thought I'd test this claim out on my 120k BMW 740i V8 M60 an engine known for oil leaks and bore wear. I refilled with a mix of Mobil 1 10W40 and Mobil 1 15W50 both fully synthetic blended to be close to Castrol GTX 15W40 high mileage mineral oil. Four leaks started almost straight away,both...
  7. P

    Mobil 1 fully synthetic £40 Kwik Fit !

    My friend has just had an oil change, Mobil 1, fully synthetic, £39.50 from Kwik Fit...oh and they stamped the service book for "oil change" section )...ASDA cant even buy the stuff for that, i think the manufacturers only sell it in 4 litre tubs which is very naughty really ..... :)
  8. O

    Synthetic Myths

    I read so much stuff on the internet about Synthetic Oils that is simply not true so I felt it was time to tell the truth rather than accept the myth. So in future when you see someone state any of these, please do me a favour and point them at this thread! Synthetic motor oils damage...
  9. jimti

    semi synthetic or fully synthetic

    I have 4 litres of fully synthetic oil, but my car was filled with semi synthetic oil on it's last service. Can I use this oil to top up my engine, or would I be better to use semi synthetic oil and save this for my next oil change?
  10. 230K

    Halfords Fully Synthetic Half Price (again)

    Hi all Just in case anyone is looking for some Halfords have reduced their fully synthetic oil to about £15 for 5 litres. Not bad me thinks. 230K
  11. B

    anyone using Catrol RS 10w-60 synthetic motor oil in the MB?

    anyone using Catrol RS 10w-60 synthetic motor oil in the MB? Do they still market this in 4-liter bottles? Thanks! :)
  12. B

    Halfords Synthetic Oil Question

    Hello all. Just noticed that halfords are doing a BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) on thier own brand 5ltr 5w/40 fully synthetic oil for £29.99. I have a C180 W202 and normally use Mobil 1, Shell Helix, etc. I am tempted by this offer but is there much or any differance in the types of oil apart...
  13. Paul

    Synthetic Chamois Cloth's

    Call me slow if you want <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':p'> , but I've just used a synthetic chamois for the first time. I was out shopping today and saw one for 99p. I thought I would give it a go. As someone who...
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