1. T

    Alternator / Tacho Problem on non-MB

    Hi all, a bit of a cheeky post as this is a general enquiry not MB specific but I’ve run out of places to ask for help. I have a diesel engine with a tacho which I understand works by sensing pulses from the alternator. Twice in the last month the tacho has gone off the scale on start-up...
  2. S

    AC Issue & Tacho Bounce - connected problem ?

    Hi There, I am new to the forum and Mercedes ownership. :) I have a late 2005 W203 C220 CDI estate and need your help please !:confused: The problem I have is twofold and the main dealer is mystified though has suggested they could be connected via Instrument module problem:- 1) The AC (dial...
  3. D

    Removal of w124 Tacho

    Is the removal of the tacho dial from a w124 a straight forward process, or does the steeering wheel/engine/gearbox, or rear 2/3rds of the car need to be removed first?
  4. M

    Colour changing tacho. Nice idea.

    Clever ideas. Cant wait to see it production. hFVVjaZeCug k2K2c3QQgSA
  5. M

    Colour changing tacho. Nice idea.

    Clever ideas. Cant wait to see it production. hFVVjaZeCug k2K2c3QQgSA
  6. Ian B Walker

    201 tacho feed

    Got a bit of a problem here and not being the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to electrics, thought I would ask here. Got a 2.6 190E that has no rev counter. Changed the cluster for a known good one, still no rev counter. So, thinking to myself, where is it fed from? Any pointers guys...
  7. T

    Tacho failure

    Hi All, The tacho on my E300D (W124) has recently stopped working after a period of bouncing up and down to zero when the car was at lower revs. Above 3500-4000rpm it seems to want read every now and again. The engine idling is very rough as if the OVP relay fuse was blown, but its not and I...
  8. NW_Merc

    Where is the best place to buy Chrome Tacho rings?

    Where's the best place to buy these little bits from?
  9. M

    Chrome Tacho Rings

    In order to fit chrome tacho rings to my R129 do I have to disconnect the instrument cluster? If so does this affect the trip/odometer etc.? Does anyone have any advice on this mod? Also will the chrome gearshift surround from the R170 SLK fit my car (Part no. A170 267 02 88)? Cheers
  10. T

    Face lift w203 tacho

    Hi, does anybody tried to retrofit an early w203 model (2003) with a a face lift (2004) w 203 tachometer dash module? If so, is that tacho plug and play? I have bought one from ebay, it is really in mint conditions and fully operating but, as you can imagine, I'm afraid to get some damage and...
  11. Spinal


    Not sure if this goes in Electronics, engine or interior... so let me try here. I have just received my latest gadget for my W202, and on reading the instrutions, I decided that MAYBE I had no clue what they were referring too. So here goes: <connect all other wires> Connect the green...
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