1. ringway

    Talking to yourself is the first sign of madness.

    There is an old joke that talking to yourself is first sign of madness but we now know its an essential mental tool . So how much of what we do online is that same inner speech? Echo - LINK. Subconscious - LINK. The above episodes are from the BBC Radio 4 The Digital Human series. LINK...
  2. E

    Please confirm dealer talking nonsense about tyres

    Ok, so I needed 2 new rear Pirelli P Zero in 285/30R19 (98)Y. Dealer quoted a crazy amount so I bought some online. Due to circumstances (rear airmatic failing on a 12 month old E63 - but that's another story!), the dealer has seen the tyres I ordered and is claiming they are not the correct...
  3. J

    Not. Talking to Star

    Hi, I have just had my slk to an independent Merc garage as my central locking has packed in. They have had the car on star but it wont recognise the ecu. So I'm back to square one. Any thoughts? Thanks Jk
  4. tron

    Talking Rot.

    My S202 is lovely but a little scabby here and there. Grinding the rust away is the answer to getting it ready to repair but then comes the debate about etch primer, bondaprimer or anything else. I've had another idea. I fix watches and often give them a bit of replating. I can nickel plate a...
  5. flowrider

    What the "W" are you talking about?

    Am I the only person frustrated when someone posts about their car by its "W" number rather than stating what the car model is? I see so many threads that make interesting reading but I have no clue what car they are talking about. :doh:
  6. The _Don

    Talking SLS, C63, CLA45 & More with Mercedes AMG Head Tobias Moers!
  7. T

    Is talking about LPG allowed in the AMG Lounge

    Guys, Now my 53" S211 E270cdi has probably been damaged beyond economical repair, I have my eyes on a lovely 59' plate S211 E63, with only 22k on the clock. Am going to view tomorrow. I am an estate lover, & I think these are the best looking. I don't think there is much difference in...
  8. Niks

    Now this is what im talking about...

    I so want to do this!!!... Mercedes-Benz TV: sand, sun, stars. - YouTube
  9. N

    Talking of little cuties...

    How about a 190 hatchback?
  10. bpsorrel

    Talking dog!!

    This is great!! :D Ultimate Dog Tease - YouTube
  11. W

    Traffic Cops - talking carp

    That crashed red car with roll cage. Firstly they say the car has been modified for track use - true. Then they say he was driving too fast - quite possibly true. Then they said the roll cage saved his life - quite possibly true. Then they said that car shouldn't me on the road despite it...
  12. J

    do mercedes benz lakeside know what they are talking about ?!

    hi all, rang mercedes today just to find out a price on an audio 20 unit with command. The guy there said he did LOTS of research and said that my car was not pre-wired (which i knew) and that the car will need to be wired with the phone kit from the boot ect..... I explained i wanted the...
  13. bigjim

    Talking Animals

    This made me laugh YouTube - Canal de klaatu42
  14. corned

    Talking of overhead units...

    This has reminded me of the roof light/switch console in the front of my S211. I understand that there is a 'sniffer' for the interior temperature sensing in there. Is this true? If so, is it possible to easily dislodge the console from the headlining so I can look to see if it needs...
  15. Baron_Samedi

    Talking of Individuality....

    I saw a white... CLS driving home last night. Unusual to see a white CLS, but there you go. Oh and it had a red racing stripe from fore to aft slap in the middle of the car, looked like someone went mad with masking tape :rolleyes:
  16. SilverSaloon

    Audi talking computer

    annoying stuff, but cool none the less for the age of car! 3nNYJghfQS4&NR=1
  17. S

    Is he talking doo doo? I ain't heard of no 3.2 V8...
  18. M

    CD changer not talking to comand , what to check first ??

    I have the 6 cd changer in my w210 E320 CDI, i recently had comand retrofitted , all worked fine for some months and then occasionaly the comand unit would say a cd slot on the changer was empty when it wasnt sometimes the comand unit would lock up with not output from the changer and not...
  19. gina2201

    Talking about "dechroming...."

    Found this horror at the auction today, shall I buy it?? (it's a c180) :eek: :crazy: I actually parked next to this when I had my kompressor last year, I bet he thought his looked the business outside the football club, I think mine looked a bit classier.....:cool:
  20. Godot

    Talking Photo Booth :D:D:D
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