1. manofgresley

    TILT sensor?

    Hi all. Does anyone know the location of the above sensor? part # A202 820 74 26 in my 2001, W208, CLK 320 Convertible? Regards Ray
  2. manofgresley

    TILT sensor

    Hi. I have reason to believe my TILT sensor is faulty, this is why my alarm goes off for no apparent reason. Does anyone know the MB part number? my car is a 2001 CLK 320 (W208)
  3. B

    Brenderrup tilt bed trailer for sale

    Brenderrup trailer for sale. Tilt bed, four-wheel trailer with a max load of 2600 Kg. This is a decent-sized trailer - it'll take a W124 estate car on the back without overhanging the end of the trailer Galvanised steel construction with an Indespension tow hitch and Alko brakes. Uses 15" 112...
  4. B

    W212 E-Class Help needed - Setting external mirror tilt on Reverse

    Dear all, I own a 2011W212 E350 with folding mirror package. I seem to have a problem with setting the passenger mirror tilt setting when selecting the reverse gear. Apparently according to the manual this CAN be set whether I have memory seat or not? Or is this incorrect? Anyway, I have...
  5. J

    On the tilt

    If I can detect that one side of my car is sitting lower than the other, but other people have to be encouraged to notice it should I: A Replace all springs and shocks at once B Ignore it since the car rides beautifully C Some compromise between these extremes. It's not road camber...
  6. G

    W203 Partial Electric Seat Tilt Adjuster

    Hi newbie here but I've been here for over a year thanks to google, great informative site I will say. Now I need to ask something I can't seem to find so hello everyone. On my 53 plate w203 220CDi Estate drivers seat I have the star wheel to adjust the upward tilt of the seat, I can adjust...
  7. R

    Drivers electric seat Tilt (auto function) handle broken. W208 CLK

    Hi guys, have nay of you ever had the drivers seat tilt handle go on you? all the electrics are fine operating from the door, back and fourth, up and down, backrest moves as does the headrest up and down like it should and the heated seats work too, it just feels like the plastic handle that...
  8. WDB124066

    I'd Pay Good Money For a Tilt Steering Wheel In A 124

    .......similar to the R129 and W140's. If someone like Rob Parker put together a kit how many people would be interested........?? 1) WDB
  9. N

    CLK driver seat tilt handle

    Hi guys new to the forum, new to mercedes, just bought a near mint 1999 clk 320, just a couple of niggles, first is the driver seat tilt handle, which you use to tilt the seat forward, its snapped, just the plastic part not the metal stalk. It still works if you just lift the handle but if you...
  10. C

    C200 rear whell tilt inside

    Hello! The right rear whell is tilt inside by 7 mm more than normal... What can be the problem...
  11. arkamelis

    reverse tilt wing mirrors

    hi all my w210 has electric wing mirrors and thay fold in, but i guess in order to have reverse parking tilt facility you need memory seats has standard. my question is could i retro fit this to my car without all that comes with memory seats ?
  12. nick.ged

    124 coupe sunroof, slides, no tilt!

    my sunroof will slide back and forth fine on the button, but wont tilt atall, doesnt close properly either, leaves lhs 'up' on inside, but flush outside. on nthe bolt in the boot,if i try to make the tilt work, the right side comes up, there is a bang, and the left side sticks closed! aqny...
  13. moonloops

    W209 tilt slide sunroof problem

    I've got the tilt but no slide? Is it likely to be a fuse or motor (hopes for fuse) thought I'd check here before mucking about with it.. :D
  14. B

    PLEASE HELP: W221 S-Class Command Screen tilt motor playing up

    Hi there. Got into the W221 S-Class last night and started hearing a whirring sound from behind the air vent system. Finally located the problem. My command LCD screen tilt motor appeared to be on continuosuly causing a tilt of the Command screen in and out very slightly around the axis...
  15. M

    E200K, petrol, 2001 - Near side mirror tilt for reverse gear

    My near side mirror tilts downwards when you select reverse gear and then reverts to normal position after a period of time or once you go above a certain speed. However it seems to be hit and miss as it doesnt always tilt downwards. Any idea where I start to look for this problem - it sounds...
  16. D

    Rearview Mirror tilt

    I have a w210 with front memory seats. I would like to re-set the lefthand passenger mirror to tilt down when I engage reverse. I know that it will only work, once adjusted, if the left hand mirror button button is depressed. H0owever what I cannot seem to do, is set the tilted-down position. I...
  17. K

    Sunroof rattling in tilt position

    I have intermittent rattling when my sunroof (factory fitted metal panel) is tilted up, and going over bumps. Whilst I'm driving I have put my hand up in there feeling around but havent managed to momentarily stop the rattling so have no clue what is causing it. Some pointers? Anyone had same...
  18. D

    w124 lost tilt function

    g'day from down under on my 1995 e220 I have lost the tilt function with the sunroof the slide open and shut works as always any clues much appreciated. regards doogle
  19. A

    tilt steering wheel

    what exact parts would i need to update my non moveable steering wheel to be able to tilt, and possible telescope. just the steering column? my reseach shows that the steering column would only do the telescope... am i wrong? what does the tilt function? thanks!! Alex
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