1. L

    Tinted windows?

    Hi All, I just joined as i just recently bought a c 63s. If im out of place or writing this in the wrong place let me know. I was wondering where is the best place to get some tinted windows for the back, mainly in the london region, im sure you guys know better than google so just wanted...
  2. clk320x

    Tinted CLK/General opinion

    Hi guys Trying to decide the shade of tint for my CLK Has anyone tinted one and if so post some pictures? Or if you don't have a CLK anyone who's had any other merc please also feel free to share photos of your tint and opinions on what you think would look nice etc Cheers
  3. developer

    What Is It With Tinted Front Screens?

    I saw two yesterday - one on a W205 C Class and one on a Vectra. The Merc screen was so dark that I couldn't see the occupants inside as it approached me in traffic :eek:. Could anyone be more stupid :dk:.
  4. gr1nch

    Tinted / darker glass on recent Mercedes?

    There are two tinted glass options I know about as current order options. A. Infrared-reflective, noise insulating glass all round B. Privacy glass (just the rear windows, right?) In real life... How much darker is B than A? How dark is A in real life? Just out of interest, can they both exist...
  5. D

    w210 estate tinted rear lights

    for sale complete set of rear tinted lights for w210 estate (inner and outer both sides )£50 item location s/e London prefer collection but could post at cost. call 07952053911.
  6. developer

    Tinted Windscreen

    Yes, windscreen :crazy: I've seen two in two weeks. Are people just plain stupid :dk:.
  7. S

    840 tinted glass

    Hey folks I have code 840 privacy glass during the day looking out through the rear I can see perfectly Come night time I cannot see a thing out of it I take it this is due To the auto Dimming function Does anyone else have this problem and is there anyway around it ? Thanks Steve
  8. S

    C350 W204 '10 Tinted rear lights Swap for Orig.

    Hello, I have a 2010 C350 that came from family and has the original rear lights, they have been tinted and laquered professionally but i would like a standard set of originals if any one would like to swap, Would need to be in perfect condition as these are as new. Im in Witham,Essex. Call if...
  9. D

    Ordering a new car with Privacy Glass and getting tinted windows? What would you do?

    Evening all, Having a bit of a trouble making a decision on how to deal with my latest quandary. Took delivery of my brand new C Class two weeks ago. All very well. Love the car with great service from MB. However after driving around for a couple of hours i realised there was one...
  10. A

    Any pics of 2009 cdi250 estate with tinted back half

    In not sure if this is right section , looking for pictures of any of the above with the back half tinted? I have a new born and looking to maybe tint back half so sun ( on rare occasion it's out) doesn't blind her! But don't want to do so if doesn't look good, Cheers guys great site!
  11. E

    Tinted roof on sl 55.

    As above gents,I just think that the rear glass is a bit see in if you know what I mean.anyone tinted their cars rear glass/ roof?
  12. C240Sport97

    are windscreens tinted?

    My CLS55 windscreen (OEM as it has the factory running in sticker) has a 9 inch crack so needs replacing. AA Autowindshields (mandated by insurer, Groupama) uses Pilkington glass (at least I have heard of them). I can insist on MB glass, but Groupama will only pay £100 towards the cost...
  13. O

    Vinyl / Tinted Headlights

    I have just been looking to have my head lights and spot lights tinted but the man from the company says they have stopped doing them because he has had reports of the wraps melting in the heat and ruining the headlight. Has anyone had this experience or has anyone had a positive result from...
  14. moff

    Windows Tinted

    Got my rear 3/4 windows tinted today 20% so it matches a stock tint. Pretty impressed with the work. I initially didn't want it and actually like the car without but it made sense to do having a 1 year old in the back. Pics a bit poor as raining and iphone.
  15. C

    Tinted windows

    My wife has just returned her CLC Sport to MB Finance as that was a better deal than trading it in for her new A Class. The people who inspect and collect are BCA ( i think thats British Car Auctions). The inspection was extremely thorough, including using a gauge to meaure paint thickness...
  16. Andrew1068

    Tinted windows

    Anyone had experience tinting the windows? would like to get mine done and I suspect there are a few things to look out for?????? I shall probably have them done professionally and not try to do them myself, also thinking about a set of black rear lights any tips??????:rolleyes:
  17. M

    S203 Avantgarde Tinted

    Well I got my new car yesterday, it was already booked in for the windows to be tinted, a local company in Welwyn Garden City did the work, they have a long list of clientel, including celebs dealers and companies and it was done in a morning. I am very pleased with the work and thought I'd...
  18. developer

    Tinted FRONT Screen

    Yup, I had to do a double take to be sure. A black Golf with dark tints on all the side windows and lighter but noticeable tint on the entire windsreen. I couldn't get a picture because we were in motion and it was behind me, but as it sat next to me at the lights I looked at the tax disc and...
  19. R

    Does my CLK W208 Avantgarde have blue tinted side mirror glass?

    Hi, I know my car has blue tinted glass everywhere else, but I can't remember if the side mirrors do? I'm buying a replacment mirror now, and can't remember the tint, but i want it to match the passenger side. MERCEDES CLK W208 SLK R170 96-05 WING MIRROR GLASS CLIP on eBay (end time...
  20. pamrit

    Man City Stars fined over illegal tinted windows

    Looks like they tightening up on the law, but what's £30 to this lot! Five Manchester City stars have been fined by police who spotted their vehicles' tinted windows were too dark as they arrived at training. Shay Given, Kolo Toure, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Patrick Vieira and Stephen Ireland...
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