1. nickjonesn4

    Tiny snippet of sound on start up post mods

    More when I find someone to record from outside the car... https://youtu.be/cnD0HyK9nfk Asked the missus and her answer was unprintable...
  2. ItalianTuneUp

    Tiny parking spaces to get even tighter?

    I saw this today: http://www.motoring.co.uk/car-news/tiny-parking-spaces-to-get-even-tighter_65565 What does the panel here think...parking spaces will grow or shrink?
  3. C

    Tiny B Pillar rattle

    Got the tiniest of rattles in the B pillar on my W204, within inches of my right ear. Probably part of the seatbelt mechanism, is it safe to go poking about in there given the close proximity to an airbag? I suspect that it's something that I can silence with a blob of grease but I don't want an...
  4. Bakili

    W211 Tiny Oil Leak Advise

    Hey guys, spotted little oil coming through front engine area (image bellow) Now oil leak is not major leak, i have no signs of oil drips on my drive. Dont have to top up oil. What do you think it can be? Do I need to get it sorted asap or nothing major? Thanks in advance
  5. 230K

    129sl looks tiny beside B & E

    Hi I had to call into the local dealers this evening and ended up parking between an e class convertible and a B? Class. The sl looks tiny in comparison. Thanks 230k Sent from my GT-I9505 using MBClub UK
  6. HotJambalaya

    What to do about a teeny tiny stone chip?

    So finally gave the car a (very) quick wash the other day, and noticed a tiny little stone chip on the front wing. Should I just wash as normal and the wax (zaino I'm using) will protect it and stop any rust? Or should I do something else? -years ago a friend said to rub a little layer of a chap...
  7. Pitts Pilot

    Tiny hands needed to change bulbs?

    Is there a way of changing the front indicator bulbs on a R230 without removing: a) the headlight units, b) the brake cylinder system, or c) hiring a small Japanese woman with tiny hands to reach in the narrow gaps and change the bulbs for me? Help! :wallbash:
  8. eggzy43

    tiny bulbs question, pleeez help!

    HI, Can anybody please tell me what the tiny “melon seed” size bulbs are called, (not the instrument cluster ones)…the tiny ones that light up the headlamp and heater dials, gearshift etc. I bought a correct “melon seed” one last week but threw away the package; I erroneously bought some ‘T10’...
  9. N

    It makes the e class look tiny

  10. I

    Repair of tiny paint chips...

    Hi all, Picked up my 08 c220 sport on Saturday. Very, very happy with it. I spent a long time cleaning and polishing it, during which time I noticed 5 or 6 tiny paint chips in various places over the vehicle. I'm talking about 1mm. They are down to the metal in most cases. Obsidian black...
  11. Beetnik

    Car covered in tiny white spots

    Washed my car today and the paintwork and glass are covered in tiny white spots, sitting on the surface. They don't wash or polish off and feel a bit rubbery. I was parked next to a building site in the week so that's my first port of call tomorrow - I'm guessing it's blown over the car from...
  12. Howard

    Tiny Problem.....

    Whilst drving home from work last night, all the dash lighting went off (speedos, heater controls, shift gate, everything) however the interior overhead light still worked as did my illuminated door sills..... Weirder yet, they came back on for a few seconds and then went again, but then...
  13. guydewdney

    wherew can i get a tiny tracked vehicle?

    got a bit of an odd project, and need a tiny tracked 'vehicle' like the base unit of a mini digger / dumper / predestrian loader etc. But the project doesnt justify 3K for one. Looked on ebay for digger / dumper etc - and "tracked"... it needs to be small enough to get through a doorway...
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