1. N

    C63 AMG W204 Exhaust Tips Discouloured

    Hi Just picked up my C63 AMG W204 facelift. What an amazing car! It will be my daily driver for the next 4 years. (Fuel card helps :-)) The car is mint apart from two of the exhaust tips where the chrome has been discoloured leaving a bronze tint. In fact just on the driver's side Now...
  2. D

    Advice and tips when purchasing MB Star Diagnostic tool?

    Thank you for reading my post, Are there reputable places to buy an MB Star? I have seen a lot of non-genuine ones in ebay, but I have read review that they tend to go wrong after awhile. How much should I be looking to pay for a new or used genuine one, and are there particular things I...
  3. CLSMark

    Vibrating exhaust tips?

    Just noticed today that both my exhaust tips are vibrating, is this normal, or sign of worn rubber mounts? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. T

    Tips for 18y old learning to drive

    Son has reached the age. Cannot remember my days it was so long ago. Anyway, need a bit of advice Any tips on finding a good driving school (other than personal recommendations - which I will be looking for). Also, any idea what the average number of lessons is before being told your...
  5. gr1nch

    Mercedes Museum & Sindelfingen - tips?

    I'll be there next week (28 & 29th) with SWMBO * Any tips, for either venue? * Its a longshot, but anyone else going? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * 2017 W222 S350d SWB AMG Line Premium Plus * Ashford, Kent & Mons, Belgium Sent from...
  6. S

    New W205 Owner, any tips?

    As per the title have recently become a proud new owner of a 2017 W205 250d PP package. Coming from a long line of VW's and The odd Honda I'm really enjoying the Merc so far ! Having browsed and searched through some of the threads have found some interesting info and the odd tip (LED...
  7. M.A.94

    Sanding tips and tricks ?

    Right so last summer I decided to sand back the dishes on my amg monoblocks to achieve a mirror polished finish. I went through various grades of wet sanding starting from around 120 grit and making my way up to a very fine 2500 grit. For a first time doing something like this I was...
  8. S

    CLA220 AMG SPORT RATTLING DASH!? any tips?

    hi, Picked my car up saturday and theres an incredibly annoying rattle from the dash area, when i hold the COMAND screen it still rattles and sounds like its either coming from the vents or the climate control settings area. The Manufacturers warranty ran out the day after I bought it and...
  9. chesterpiglet

    Any servicing tips?

    My brother is servicing my car tomorrow & replacing the thermostat at the same time. It seems straight forward & I have all the filters & oil from MB. I read to fill the oil & fuel filter with oil & diesel before fitting. Any tips on fitting the thermostat-it appears to be easier with the oil...
  10. gr1nch

    W222 experiences and tips?

    So my car has arrived at the dealership (at last!) and I can't wait to pick it up, but I'll have to for a month, as I had decided on a 2017 registration. In the meantime I'm learning all I can alloy the car and it's systems. Can the W222 owners on here share their experiences or tips? From...
  11. H

    Keyless Car Washing Tips

    My first attempt at jet-washing shows that I need to think about this a little more. I had the key in my pocket, and the doors kept unlocking as I aimed water near the handle. The wing mirrors were folding/unfolding and the hose being dragged under the rear opened the boot mid-wash. I can...
  12. gr1nch

    Anti-theft Safety and Security tips?

    Just read this - Luxury cars drivers targeted in nationwide epidemic | UK | News | Daily Express Worrying times. Even an ordinary A class hijacked. And a lot of us here have, or are getting, more expensive, desirable cars. Any tips or wisdom, common-sense or obscure, to share?
  13. Doc matt

    Detachable exhaust tips

    Hi does anyone know if the square AmG exhaust outlet tips are welded to the exhaust pipe behind or bolted on like the range rovers are? Car is a 2012 CLS63 Amg Ta :cool:
  14. V

    Has anyone enlarged the openings on the sport rear diffuser for quad tips

    Has anyone modified the stock sport package rear diffuser to accommodate the dual tips? I'd very much love to see a photo to give me a better idea of where I should plan to start the grinding and cutting process. If it wasn't for the rivet setup on our cars, I'd just pull it off for the sake of...
  15. Borys

    Amg exhaust tips

    125 p&p Used but great condition. Few scratches on sides-were touching the bumper
  16. Dogbreath

    Exhaust tips.. Metal polish ?

    Hi The tips on my exhaust look horrible, last owner must have never touched them so I was wondering what is best to get the black baked on stuff that's on the edges off. I've bought some Autosol but thought I would ask to see if there's anything better so I'm not doing it twice... Anything that...
  17. M

    W211 Tips On Buying An E270 or E320 cdi

    Hi Guys I have never got round to buying a Merc and so i think the time has come. Im trying to not go far over £2500 so its looking like a 2003 or 2004 e270 cdi or e320 cdi saloon for my budget. Is the valeo radiator still a concern on these cars and best avoided? If so how can i...
  18. B

    Ipe fi flame flame tip exhaust tips

    The perfect accessory is back up for sale due to a non-payer. Any questions drop me an email: MEGA RARE BLUE FLAME TIP FI IPE C63 E63 CLS63 E55 AMG EXHAUST TIPS! | eBay Cheers
  19. B

    Fi Blue flame tip amg exhaust tips

    Afternoon guys, Haven't got around to fitting these beauties do hope somebody else will: MEGA RARE BLUE FLAME TIP FI IPE C63 E63 CLS63 E55 AMG EXHAUST TIPS! | eBay Cheers
  20. alistairgd

    Tips for negotiating new car deal?

    My 4 year finance deal with MB on my C-Class Saloon is up in 6 months so I received the "your options" paperwork last week. I'm very tempted to give it back and take out a new deal on the new coupe, but I'm going to need some buying power to get the extras I'm after. I tried just...
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