1. J

    CLS55 & MO tires

    Afternoon all! CLS55s and tires... Do the CLS' NEED to have MO approved tires? The cost isn't an issue, it just seems to be more restrictive on what tires are available with the markings. The tires on it are 285/35/18 (not standard CLS wheels but they are AMG) Also, does anyone know what...
  2. D

    Droning tires

    Hello just got a c250 2.1 sport and it has to Toledo 255 / 35 zr18 95w tires on it , it's ok on the motorway but at 50mph it makes a droning sound , will it be the tires hope it's not the diff. :dk:
  3. C

    W211 E280 Sport-2006- winter tires

    Can someone help me out here... I need to buy 4 winter tires for my 2006 e class 280sport,shall i go with the existing summer tires mesures (front 245/40/18,back 265/35/18)? Need them for a month going abroad skiing in austria...thx
  4. V

    20" Carlsson cr 1/16 Forged alloys and tires

    Carlsson CR 1/16 20” Forged Alloy wheels fitted with Michelin Pilotsports with approx 7mm tread. Fronts are 9.5J x 20 H2, ET45 fitted with Michelin Pilotsport 255/30 ZR20 97Y approx. 7mm tread. Rears are 11J x 20 H2, ET45 fitted with Michelin Pilotsport 305/25 ZR20 97Y approx. 7mm tread...
  5. F

    Do I have the wrong tires on?

    W221, 2007 (pre face lift.) Cd 320 Rear, 285/40/R19 Front 255/40/R19 I ask becuase I cant find the correct tire pressure for the 285 anywhere online, and im also experiencing quite a firm ride (can feel lots of bumps) Many thanks, Fon
  6. Dee James

    235 x17 x 65 tires

    i`m currently running 235x17x65 Continentals on my ML270 which i bought part worn to tide me over for a few months. I`m going to be replacing them at some point this year so can anyone recommend a good budget tire in the same size?
  7. Abdul

    18" 22 spoke staggered SL55 AMG Turbines - no tires

    These are now surplus and were installed on my 2000 CLK with special bolts from Alloywheelsdirect. Wheels are very presentable from a distance with a great shine due to the diamond cut face but do suffer from various curb marks (nothing overly deep) and milking of the lacquer. Essentially the...
  8. K

    Tires in dimension 245.50.16

    Hello I am restoring a 1986 560SEC, and i am looking for tires in the dimension 245.50.16. Anyone knows where to buy tires in this dimension? Thanks in advance
  9. S

    Tires for CLS550

    Is there any way to use a regular all season tire on the CLS instead of low profiles. I am afraid of pot holes breaking tire and rims. The CLS550, I am buying has 35's on rear and 40's on the front. Thanks
  10. M

    Track Days - Tires and oil

    Hi all, Been on here for a while but lost my log in info doh! I took my C63 estate (2011 facelift) to a charity track day last week giving rides to wounded soldiers, and have another track day on Thursday. Had trouble all day with it going into limp mode, from research this is a common...
  11. B

    Genuine 18in c63 wheels and tires

    Having upgraded to 19's on the 63 these 18's are for sale wheels are in excellent condition no cracks and completely straight. Both front tires are continental contact sport 5's both with 5,7,5mm of tread across. Rears are bald and will require replacing. May be able to remove before sale...
  12. A

    W204: 225/45/17 summer tires recommendation

    As I am currently running the winter wheels, it gave me the chance to have a better look at the summer wheels and tires, and noticed that the rear Continental SC 5 are down to 3 mm, and will therefore probably replace them before putting back the summer wheels in March/April. The fronts are...
  13. D

    Are my tires interchangeable?

    Hello, I have a W203 2001 C320 Mercedes Benz that came fitted with 7J x 16 H2, 1.46 inch (37mm) wheels,tire size; 205/55R17 91h . I am looking at replacing them with W211 8Jx17H2 ET38 A211401 36 02 (HT xR)wheels, tire size; 245/45R17 . Will they fit on my Mercedes?? Thank You!
  14. O

    4 Genuine Mercedes Rucha 16 inches alloy and 225/ 55/ 16 winter tires as new and bolt

    Looking for 300 for the lot. Here they are: 4 Genuine Mercedes Rucha 16 inches alloy and 225/ 55/ 16 winter tires as new and bolts. ET42 in Edinburgh | Wheel Rims & Tyres for Sale | the tires a Marangoti, remould, but really good for the time I used them. The alloy are not pristine...
  15. O

    logos/ symbols on winter tires?

    Hi, I cannot find anything on logo and what they are for? Apparently the snowflake on a peak mountain is only North American, while the snowflakes in a Square is EU? Is that correct and both are equal? what are the rest for? Rain it look it it, but is it aquaplaning? Why the Sun? Are they OK...
  16. O

    Ecotrac Tires?

    Anyone used them? Any good? Ecotrac Plus : Newlife Tyres Online, new life to your tyres made by Marangoni Marix Ecotrac | Retreaded winter car tyres | Marangoni Cheers :) Olivier
  17. R

    W124 Winter Tires

    I have a set of Michelin Winter Tires that came off my wife's 1994 E200 Estate (sold the car in September) Complete with wheel trims and bolts I have used them for the past 3 winters with great success Any reasonable offer can have em
  18. AMGBlack

    All 4 tires wearing on the inside!

    Hi, After spending ages trying to see if this question has already been answered, I have given up and decided to ask :confused: I have a 5 year old E320 CDI which has covered 120,000 miles. All 4 tires are wearing on the inside. I have had the alignment checked etc, and it is spot on...
  19. D

    Winter Tires / chains / Socks

    I am considering a jaunt to Switzerland in late October with Mrs D. I don't ski and am not considering extended driving on snow and ice. I currently have "ordinary tires" fitted to the c230k and don't really want to shell out for another set of wheels and tires for what is essentially a 6...
  20. O

    Different tires or different thread left on the same axle

    Hi, Me and my dilema about tyres... I have two option here: Option 1: I can get 2 michelin Pilot HX tires on the rear axle but, there is always a but, one spanking new and the other with only 4mm thread left... would that change the way the car react? Or, Option 2: 1 spanking new Michelin...
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