1. R


    Drive a clc 200 cdi 2010. Car pulling to the left after having ball joint and arms changed on driver's side. Took it to have the tracking done. Mechanic took it out for drive after adjustments and said that it was fine down the road leaving the garage, however, after going around mini roundabout...
  2. N

    ML270 CDI (W163) Tracking completely off

    I've recently bought a 2004 ML 270 CDI and the car is pulling to the left, a lot! so much so that you have to hold the steering wheel to the right to keep it centered. There is wear to the inside front right tire but not to the left front. I've taken it into Kwik Fit and they confirmed...
  3. G

    2007 Vito sport Tracking NIGHTMARE!

    Hi all , hoping someone can shed some light on this ..... Long story as short as possible , all below refers to front Vito 2007 , broke coil spring on front, spring replaced advised to have tracked . Tyres were wearing inside edge , Had tracked looked to be a lot of positive...
  4. gr1nch

    Tracking a factory order - possible?

    Hello folks, Has anyone been able to (or heard of anyone that can) track their car order directly, without having to go through the dealer? Ideally online or failing that by talking to the Mercedes factory people? (maybe the same folk that arrange factory collections)
  5. E

    Delivery tracking

    I have had a new w205 on order since April. Dealer has told me that car was built on 12th August but won't be with them until end of September. Is there anyway I can track the shipping progress
  6. J

    Mercedes Car Tracking - Privacy Invasion

    Good afternoon. BMW ConnectedDrive, VW's CarNet; does Mercedes-Benz have units within the vehicle which track and upload data via 3G/4G to their business? If so, I would like this disabled. I recall a 'terms and conditions' privacy acceptance when using the 'app' application functionality...
  7. C

    Whst to do about this tracking??

    Good evening all, You might have Sean my other post with my tyre problem. One garage put it down to under pressure tyres (they were at 20psi). I had the other two and tracking done on a hunter system. Below are my results Now they adjusted the toe on the front left but said they could not...
  8. c180081c

    Help! W203 Tracking after repairs

    Hi Guys, i am at my wits end, the car is 2004 w203 c180k my trusty work horse, the car needed both front arms and track rod ends which have been fitted and now drives tighter and as it should however when tracking the car the steering wheel is either out to the left or the right...
  9. A

    Another tracking issue - who to use in Southampton area?

    My wifes for a 3 year old E class which pulls to the left (I know it's a common complaint), Mercedes completed the tracking FOC and tells me it's all OK. Still no better, now worn the outer edge of the near side tyre. I need somebody that can align the car, fit camber if required, and sort...
  10. David404

    W211 E320 Tracking

    Looking to get my W211 tracking checked/adjusted ideally all 4 wheels assuming the rear track is adjustable. Anybody experience of this using Kwik Fit or similar? BTW - doing as preventative maintenance and to gat the best out of tyre life no underlying problems I'm aware of. All...
  11. A

    Tracking was a little out - question about rear camber adjustment

    After driving the car for a week it didn't feel as planted as i hoped it would, a quick trip to my nearest tyre place (A1 Tyres) confirmed my suspicions. Before After Apparently the W204 doesn't have adjustable rear camber which i find hard to believe, if this is the case i'm a...
  12. mrmullad


    Hi all Yesterday I fitted new track control arms to my merc so today I had the tracking done before I had new tyres, on the way home I noticed that it wandered to the left so I took it back and when they checked it again it was out again but on the way home again it was still pulling left so I...
  13. S

    Michelin PSS - Tracking - Unstable

    So after my burnout failed from my other thread, i didnt manage to do one which is a shame but oh well saved the embarrassment. Anyway i popped down to the lovely chaps at wheels in motion in Chesham and had 4 brand new sexy Michelin Pilot Super Sports fitted onto the 63. I also had the...
  14. F

    Tracking for E Class 2015

    Hello folks, I am consider going for a tracking service for the E class, understand Mercedes offer their own solution and it is ideal for me to minimise any third party mod's. Appreciate any help with my queries below, Can I add this on when I pickup the car even if I did not put it in...
  15. J

    W210 Tracking in Leeds

    Good morning fellow MB enthusiasts! Would you be able to recommend a proficient wheel alignment/tracking specialist in Leeds / York area that can handle a 2001 W210 E55
  16. ioweddie

    Tracking Tyre ware patterns?

    Sorry about the spelling of Wear (fat fingers) Ever since new my 62 reg c220 sport plus has pulled very slightly to the left. I had it checked by the supplying dealer and nothing showed up. Had it checked again same answer. Now 20k down the road my nearside tyre has obvious wear on the outer...
  17. Branchman

    Car Tracking Systens

    How many members Have or would have a Tracker fitted to their car As I note most of the insurance companies do not seem to offer discounts for car fitted with these devices. Any thoughts on make / style would be gratefully received
  18. S

    tracking delivery of my car

    hi guys just ordered a new c220 amgline last week for delivery 27th march ,so not quite a member yet but hopefully very soon...:D i have heard you can track your car and follow it being shipped to the dealers is this correct ,thx in advance
  19. zoros


    Could some kind soul please provide me with the correct 4 wheel tracking specifications for an SL55 AMG (2002) model. I have had it laser tracked twice now and it stills pulls to the left. Suspension has been checked and all looks OK. I have my suspicions about the figures they are working...
  20. M

    Tracking damaging tyres

    I have the correct tyres for my 2005 CLS. Twice now, the inside of the tyres have been damaged by scoring the inside walls by steering joints. Has anyone any experience of this, and any remedy?
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