1. N

    What Tyres

    Hey all, Can anyone offer some help as what the best tyres would be for my CLK 320 rag top. 255/35/18 Pirelli pzeros fitted ATM. Not sure if I should change to a different make, just wanted them to last a bit longer. Cheers Nick
  2. B

    Planning ahead - winter wheels / tyres?

    I got my C63 last weekend, and it's phenomenal! Really pleased with it. I moved to it from an Alfa 156 GTA which I'd owned for 10 years, and it's about the only choice I could find that had the practicality (both cars are estates) and sounded even better than that Alfa V6. Anyway, I've heard...
  3. S

    C63 front tyres - 245 30 19 - wrong ones

    Mod please delete as double post
  4. S

    C63 front tyres - 245 30 19 - wrong ones

    Folks Like an absolute numpty, I ordered 245 30 19 Michelin PSS from camskill instead of 2453519 to try and go slightly wider on the front of my c63. Looking at the two tyres, there seem to be some diameter differences and circumference variances. Can I still fit them? Not worried about...
  5. W

    Best tyres For a C63 AMG

    Soon be picking up a set of 19" 507 wheels so going to put new tyres on at the same time. Previous performance cars I've had loved MPSS is that the best tyre for this car and is tyre leader still a good one price? Any benefit in upper rear tyres sizes at all? I understand whatever tyre...
  6. P

    C63 Edition 507 - Tyres

    Afternoon chaps, Quick question, I'm in the market for some new tyres for my 507, I'm not what I'd call a mad driver, I don't track, I don't park up in car parks doing burn outs and donuts, although I will put my toe down every now again to remind myself of the power lurking under that vented...
  7. S

    C63 Genuine wheels - 18's with free new tyres!

    C63 18 inch wheels I have a set of genuine c63 Amg wheels for sale. Almost new condition with barely a mark on them. They are my winter wheels that are now surplus to requirements. Tyres - 3 brand new, one 6mm. 2 Tyres are new (jinju), Michelin alpin and a double star (new). Why such odd...
  8. D

    w211 16" Rucha wheels and tyres

    I have a genuine set of the above. Ideal for winter set of wheels or can be refurbished. 2 very good P7 tyres and 2 not so good Marshal tyres. Selling for the price of one P7 tyre £150
  9. N

    Pirelli p zero tyres

    Hey all, Before I traded in my old car (2013 e class) I recently bought a brand new set of Pirelli p zero's. The standard size tyres for 18'. Had my eye set on a c63 with 18 rims and thought I may aswell keep them so I have a set of tyres handy. I ended up getting a better spec'd one with the...
  10. S

    CLS 20 inch tyres. confusion over sizes.

    Hi. Can anyone point me in a right direction.been all over internet and online shop selling tyres giving different size compare to charts. I've looked online and so far best tyre size for my alloys: 20x8.5J ET35 255/35/20 (245/30/20 in online shop) 20X10J ET35 275/35/20 or 275/40/20 or...
  11. tanuie


    Hi, i have on my CLK tyres that are front 225/40/18 and rear 255/35/18 and the rims are front 7.5J and rear 8.5J, will these tyres fit on bigger rims? ie. 8.5J front and 9.5J rear. Many thanks.
  12. BaldGuy

    XXX Mercedes C Class W203 Coupe 16" Alloys with Michelin tyres XXX

    XXX Mercedes C Class W203 Coupe 16" Alloys with Michelin tyres XXX I have for sale 4 x 16" Alloys from my 2004 Mercedes C Class Coupe, these are in good condition and you can bolt them straight on There is some flaking of the paint but these are perfectly usable You can see from the...
  13. c32andy

    new tyres wow

    I've owned my c63ppp for 3.5years and always put continentals on I've read and read about the michelin so after only getting around 4k miles out of the rear tyres i decided to change and go for the michelins... and wow what a massive difference i can actually get traction in first where the...
  14. Andre

    BBS Motorsport CH-R CLK 19" Wheels with Tyres

    Please see my eBay listing below for the above - any interest please pm me. Look great on the CLK, I assume they fit any W209, and probably a host of other Mercs. 4 X BBS Motorsport CH-R PCD 5x112 8.5J 9.5J Mercedes CLK AMG W209 Falken Tyres
  15. J

    C200 AMG Line estate - what tyres ( rear )

    Chaps, I have a 16 plate C Class estate AMG Line which is still on the OE Potenza S001s which are now down to 2 mm. I'm looking for a replacement and have been eyeing up the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3s or something similar. Has anyone got any recommendations? Jon
  16. OCD BAL

    ML63 AMG Tyres

    Hi guys, I need new tyres for my 2007 (W164) ML63 AMG. Currently have Continental Cross Contacts but was thinking of changing to Michellin Latitude Sport 3. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. jih2000

    C63 sedan rear tyres

    Quick one, just about to order a new set of rears. I asked this before, 2013 c63 sedan factory 19 black alloys. Have 255/30/19 at moment, was told sedan only supported 265 and coupe 275, is this correct? I'm going to try Michelin pilot sport 4 tyres. Let me know if 275 is an option without...
  18. Londonscottish

    What should I do with my winter tyres?

    Hi All, I've just noticed that my 212 is running a set of winter tyres - Michelin Alpins to be precise. Having read a bit about them they would appear to be be optimised for lower temperatures/wet conditions. And maybe not ideal for, for example, a schlep to the South of France in...
  19. G

    Run flat tyres on 2012 e class

    Hi I have purchased e class 220 2012 and they have 17 inch alloys with new hankook run flat tyers. One tyre firm told me they should not be on the car as not the right rims. Just need to know if this is right as it runs ok.
  20. brucemillar

    W124 Tyres

    Friends My 30 year old 300te 4-Matic suffers from some quite pronounced wheel judder at low speeds (sound familiar, does it not?) I am now coming to the conclusion the the current Pirelli P6's are not my best friend here. They are at best very hash/had on the road and accentuate every pebble...
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