1. D

    New Tyres

    Morning all, I have just changed my tyres decided to go 255 35 19 Michelins all round but to my disappointment the car seems to constantly spin the rears, the grip is great and feedback is excellent but every time i floor it seems to send rears spinning. I did have 235 35 19 fronts and 265 30 19...
  2. L

    Quieter tyres on S204?

    My C350 CDi is currently fitted with Continental Contisport 5 tyres, size 225/45 R17 which will soon need replacing so I'm wondering about alternatives. I find I get a lot of road noise from the Contis on some surfaces so have been thinking about a change to tyres that will be a lot quieter...
  3. T

    New Tyres

    New Tyres - Choice Time to replace the tyres on my 2010 E500 Cabriolet 18" Wheels. Mercedes MO are Michelin Primacy MXM4 / Pirelli P Zero Nero / Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT / Continental Sport Contact 3. I don't do a high millage and winters are mild. Any recommendations?
  4. I

    Tyres R129 AMG Monoblock style

    First post, so please be gentle. I've just taken ownership of a 300SL (R129) 1991 Model. Needs a few little things to get it back to it's former glory, bit of paint, bit of upholstery and unfortunately the job of sorting out the wheels. The car came with a set of AMG Monoblock style...
  5. E

    Please confirm dealer talking nonsense about tyres

    Ok, so I needed 2 new rear Pirelli P Zero in 285/30R19 (98)Y. Dealer quoted a crazy amount so I bought some online. Due to circumstances (rear airmatic failing on a 12 month old E63 - but that's another story!), the dealer has seen the tyres I ordered and is claiming they are not the correct...
  6. M

    S320 CDI Tyres

    Hi MB enthusiasts, I have a S320 CDI on a 04 plate automatic. and need to buy new tyres. looking at the tyres on the car at the moment they are all the same size. When I look on the web sites the front and rear are supposed to be two different sizes. Question: does anyone know, or can tell...
  7. A

    C class tyres and pressures

    I am reposting this from the wrong department, sorry! I have recently acquired a nice Class but the ride seems too hard, it reacts to every tiny bump and crease in the road. It has the original Continental Sport 2 tyres. Are these the best for a smooth ride? The pressure is 36 lbs/sq.in...
  8. A

    C class tyres and pressures

    I have acquired recently a very nice C class, but the ride seems too hard. Every tiny mark on the road is felt as if there were no springs. I suspect that the tires are wrong or at the wrong pressure. It still has its original Continental sport contact 2 using 36 lbs.sq.in. Does any one have...
  9. JDL60

    Dunlop Wintersport 3D MO tyres

    4 x 255/40 R18 95Y MO Winter Tyres Dunlop Wintersport 3D- used on my SL for one light winter season, barely covering 2k miles Excellent condition with 7mm tread remaining all over, no bulges, cracks or damage- superb tyre brand which I've also had on 3 different cars so I believe in them...
  10. Doc matt

    CLS63 AMG Wheels and tyres

    Hi there I'm selling my alloys on eBay. Mercedes CLS63 AMG 2012 Alloy Wheels And Tyres | eBay
  11. A

    C63 Amg Tyres 20' wheels

    Hi all, currently have 20' wheels with Vredestein tyres on that have lasted fairly well but are a bit slippy, a few questions for u guys: 1) what tyres would you recommend and why ?? 2) I have 225/35/20 on front and 255/30/20 on rears, can I go wider on the rears and what can I go to, cud I go...
  12. W

    Four Mercedes E Class wheels (211 / 210) VGC with 2 good tyres

    Four original Mercedes wheels (16") for an E-Class. Originally for a 211, but definitely fit a 210. Will probably fit other models as well. All wheels in very good condition with hardly any blemishes. Only a couple of minor scratches. You will find it difficult to find a set of original...
  13. spinaltap

    Misshapen Tyres

    My low-milage W169 had its annual service/mot at Mercedes, Birmingham yesterday. My attention was drawn to the rear tyres: the tread was within acceptable limits, but the rear tyres 'were misshapen'. I was informed that this wasn't dangerous, that the tyres were safe, but I might notice...
  14. Gurd63

    Genuine Mercedes G Wagon G63 AMG alloy wheels & tyres

    Morning all, Genuine Mercedes G Wagon G63 AMG 350 alloy wheels & tyres These wheels are mint, no marks or curbing They are 100% genuine, not a cheap imitation product Wheels are 100% straight not buckled or cracked 9.5Jx20 ET50 Part number: A 463 4,013,002...
  15. C

    Best tyres for SL63

    A regular occurrence with this car obviously but need new rears. Currently has P Zeros on and not impressed with them. Seem to break loose and lose traction with little provocation. Looking at PS2s and PSS from Michelin and Conti 5Ps. 285/30 19" so interested in anyone's experience of this size...
  16. D

    New Production of Pirelli Cinturato CN36 205/70VR14 Classic Mercedes Tyres

    Hi I just saw an article in Classic Mercedes magazine aabout the 280SL which has a tyre on it's spare that they are speculating could be an original tyre. the good news is we have just had them re produced by Pirelli 205/70WR14 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CN36 | Longstone Tyres
  17. P

    Rear tyres

    Not gonna last very long I don't think. Hahaha! Now the cars run in I'm enjoying trying out the full travel of the throttle pedal.
  18. roman82

    Tyres Pirelli r20

    Just do garage clearance: 2 tyres Pirelli brand new 255.35.20 never used can sell for half price 90£ each. Bcz my car with r20 now sold so no NEDED any more.
  19. A

    Winter tyres for W204 C180 1.6 cgi

    Hi, I am looking for some advise ideas. I have some 215/55 R16 winter tyres with 8mm from my old car. I can't find any Merc wheels for these thu. Any ideas if I can use them and where to get the wheels from? Thanks Alex
  20. J

    What tyres come on the c63

    Hi i ordered the c63 and will be arriving on the 1st of March. i was only wondering what tyres it will come with. the dealer said it will probably be michelin but i have also heard perhaps may be pirelli. was wondering what you guys C63 game with
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