1. CowleyStJames

    S212 rear undertray part number

    Hi guys, I have a 2011 S212 E250 with a damaged rear undertray. Can anyone post up the part number so I can search out a replacement. I know that I can go to a main dealer but they won't give me the part number even after I asked him for it
  2. lil_b

    Carbon Fiber CLK W208 Engine Undertray

    Hi Gents, I´m new to this forum. I work in small company in Slovakia called PRAGA Cars, in a short: we make race cars made from carbon fiber. (google for more info) - no ads intended. I´m owner of CLK 230K W208 with plenty of mods. Now here comes the deal: I´ve made carbon fibre undertray...
  3. N

    W209 Transmission Undertray (V6)

    Hi I'm looking for the transmission undertray that will fit a V6 diesel (allows room for the exhaust). They look quite similar to W203 version but I'm unsure whether they will all fit. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Dom
  4. Rob77

    Engine / Gearbox Undertray

    Here's a daft question for the panel :doh: On my S124, the engine undertray was damaged over the Christmas period and removed. It has never had a gearbox undertray in my ownership (or if so it was removed by someone and never refitted). Since then, I've sourced both undertrays and I'm...
  5. brucemillar

    Wanted: W124 300te engine undertray

    As per the title. Does anybody have an engine undertray for a 300te? Also looking for the tailgate molding that sits under the number plate and the full width of the tailgate. A squarish plastic molding held on by studs. People use it as a handle.
  6. G

    CLK 320 - W209 - undertray & pothole...

    CLK has met with a pothole and the undertray has come away and then been caught under the front right wheel... bit of a mess. What's the part name / number for this; does anyone know?
  7. K

    Wanted w211 e55 front bumper undertray require

    Does anyone have w211 e55 front bumper undertray? I will take even if damaged? Regards.
  8. Bellow

    Undertray removal

    Specifically, they are on a smart fortwo (450) but in the hope that MB configure all undertrays similarly can anyone offer any advice on how to remove the damned things? I have the front one lowered at the front and need to remove it from where it is 'hinged' across the car's belly. How??? I...
  9. ruman.muhith


    I guys, as I was driving back from London to Ipswich on the A12 I ran over a rabbit at 75mph on the left side. I then noticed a sound, almost like a dragging sound. I thought "****, the rabbit is stuck under the car". When I got to Ipswich I pulled into a service station, had a look and it was...
  10. T

    W208 CLK Undertray Required same for all 208's?

    My 1999 CLK 430 requires the plastic Engine Undertray are the Undertrays the same for all 208's ???? I would have thought so, but not sure. I dont know how to access the Parts thing to check If they are .Hopefully I could then get one from any Breaking 208 Thanks Boyd
  11. J

    Undertray Clips

    Has anyone got a contact name/eBay link etc. for the under tray plastic clips for a W163 M class? Or better still a decent Fir Tree version that will fit an 8mm hole in the body Ta
  12. SilverSaloon

    W124 engine undertray (and gearbox undertray if poss)

    hi wanted - plastic or metal W124 engine undertray. Its for a E300D but I'm happy to have any as I guess they all fit maybe with some minor modification also needing the gearbox undertray aswell. PM me if you have something thanks derek
  13. C

    R230 SL rear undertray - painted obsidian black

    Rear undertray off my SL55 - painted obsidian black (so when you look at the back of the car you don't have a grey weathered undertray peering back at you from underneath the nicely polished bumper). £30 plus delivery or buyer can collect from Lancashire. Pics are here:
  14. S

    ML w163 engine cover undertray

    Hi all I'm just wanting to confirm all the ML W163 bottom engine undertray covers are all the same. I've seen one for sale on eBay from a ML320 but mine is a 270 Thanks for any advice
  15. E

    W210 spacers / long screws for undertray / subframe

    Does anyone know where i can buy the spacers/long screws to fix to the undertray / subframe to aid water not getting trapped? I got the part numbers from a site search but my dealer does not recognise them? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  16. M

    FS: W246 Bclass engine Undertray

    Spare W246 undetray for sale Retails around £50 open to offers starting £25. Slight damage at the front however its not cracked and it does not affects its rigidity. Spare following mods install.
  17. N

    1998 C240. Undertray fuel pump/filter

    Following earlier post re pump problems and subsequent ECU repair. Whilst changing pump and filter/pressure regulator, could not release clamp screw on undertray, had to saw it off. Now require new tray as old is total rust. Can anyone point me in direction as to where I can get 1 without...
  18. C

    W210 Exhaust + Valance & Engine undertray

    Due to time waster :confused:still looking for 2000 W210 320 cdi Avantgarde estate parts:- Rear exhaust (back box) Undertray for valance and Engine Comand 2 unit Set of new lower O/E wishbones (N/S & O/S) (seen thread on forum know about discount code etc) Set bottom ball joints N/S &...
  19. supersport

    163 undertray fixings?

    drove through numerous puddles over the weekend, after one the undertray was dragging, it had come off on the nearside I was able to reach from under the drivers side and pull it off fully, there were no clips or fastenings attached to the undertray and none came off when I pulled the undertray...
  20. L

    undertray just went kaboom

    whilst driving tonight on a dark road i went through a puddle that evidently was a lake... at 40mph. the undertray (is that what it's called?) of the car was ripped off and smashed... and before i could warn anyone was ran over and further smashed by the car behind me. now the...
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