1. A

    CLK 350 boot lock not unlocking on remote

    I have a CLK 350 (W209) cabriolet. The manual opening (release) handle on the boot will now suddenly not work when the rest of the car locks are opened on the normal "all open" button on the remote control. Please - any ideas?? To clarify: - The boot lock opens fine when either the boot release...
  2. Spinal

    W203 - Unlocking doors from engine bay

    So, stupid moment here... Imagine this, you have the bonnet open and the keys in the ignition. The ignition is in the ON position, but the engine isn't started. Then you forget and close the door, which is locked. Now, imagine that happened with the car blocking your other car on your...
  3. A

    Wing mirrors won't open when unlocking

    As above my wing mirrors stay in when i unlock the car with the remote. They only one up fully once I open the car doors. Can i change this? thanks andy
  4. G

    REMOTE not unlocking car or locking SKL 350

    Having trouble unlocking/locking car with both remote fobs sometimes working, then i keep pressing lock/unlock. Till i get fed up and leave it unlocked or drive back home:crazy:
  5. C

    Noise when unlocking or locking car

    Hi all, This is hard to explain if you don't hear the noise I do. When I unlock or lock my car (53 plate W211) there is a high pitched electronic tone that is coming from within the engine bay. The noise is loud enough to be heard from within the car but is muffled once I close the door. It...
  6. M

    Unlocking Noise

    Hi My new (to me!) 2007 S211 has developed a strange noise on unlocking the car. When you remotely unlock the car there is a loud clicking or relay type noise coming from the inside of the car. Lasts maybe 5 seconds and happens each time it is unlocked. I read about the SBC noise but...
  7. K

    Locking and unlocking

    hi every one looking advise I have a 2008 c200 is there a way to turn on a bleep when locking and unlocking :wallbash:
  8. ivandraganov

    Iphone unlocking

    Hi everyone,has anyone unlocked iPhone 5 using one of those websites on the net.Cheers
  9. M

    Key unblocking

    Hi I have just got a 2008 CLK 20CDI. The last owner had the 2 original keys but informed me that one of them was previously lost and had been reported to Mercedes who blocked it. She later found the key but never got unlocked. Is there a way to unblock this key and if not how much are MB...
  10. M

    Other doors not unlocking after drivers door is opened

    Hi, just discovered a recent problem with central locking on c220 w204. The doors will lock after the car has achieved a certain speed - they then usually unlock once the car is stopped and drivers door is opened. Ive noticed in the past couple of years since ive had the car that about 1 time...
  11. Z

    Unlocking dvd in my c class 2011

    I am new to this forum & forums all together. I... I am new to this forum & forums all together. I have just purchased a c class on 2011 plate. I have audio 20 system & have seen videos on you tube that sell unlocking dvds to be able to play dvds...
  12. K

    No central No locking/unlocking at distance and bad radio reception

    Hi Guys, My first post on here, just trying to get some insight from someone in the know. I have a 2005 C-Class C220 CDI Coupe (W203). Car runs great and its a pleasure to drive (especially over longer distances) but I've had tons of minor issues with it over the last month or two (perhaps...
  13. Darrell

    phone unlocking.

    Been mentioned before for various new smart phones but I have been given a load of early 2000's mobiles which include a pink Motorola Razr in perfect condition. Will these unlocking shops be able to do this particular model or is it just too 'old' ? Ps the phone is for my 8 year old daughter.
  14. P

    strange noise when unlocking CLS

    When I unlock my car there's a sort of rapid knocking / clicking noise, like a pump cavitating or motor reaching the end of its travel. Seems to originate from the rear near side. Could it be the diesel fuel pump, and what's wrong with it?
  15. nigel cross

    Unlocking doors W203

    All of a sudden I can't lock /unlock doors unless I'm standing right by the door. Changed the batteries and still the same, tried the wives key and that is the same also. Strange it used to unlock/lock from 20 feet away. Any ideas.
  16. B

    95 W202 C180 rear mirror/door red lights blinking after unlocking

    Hello fans of mbclub! I just joined the club and hope to be here for good. I drive a 1995 W202 C180 ESPRIT. I've come to love this motor for its endurance and simplicity. But for the past few months till now only the red light indicator on the door handle and rear mirror flashes when locking and...
  17. B

    W124 - Unlocking doors from inside the car

    So, the first of many questions. Let's start with the dumbest: Yesterday my wife popped the lock plunger down on the passenger door and locked herself in the car :D. The plungers disappeared down into the door, so there was nothing to grab to unlock them again. This isn't normal, is it...
  18. Gokhan149

    Cls w219 command unlocking

    Can someone tell me how to unlock command so it plays DVD while driving the car. I have tried to get into engineers mode using MUTE+END CALL+SERVICE key but it didn't work. Does anyone know how to get into engineering mode. Thanks
  19. andy27168

    Unlocking mobile phone

    Hi, I have just got myself a second phone, as my current one is starting to play up and it is a few months yet till I,m due an upgrade. Has anyone got any experience of unlocking mobiles? It appears quite a simple process, but I need an unlock code which I will get charged for, any...
  20. E

    A170 Doors not unlocking.

    My 2004 A170 (W268) will unlock the driver's door with the key button, but will not unlock the other doors or the boot. It will lock all doors. Any idea what is causing this?
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