1. W

    Comand - Latest Version

    Hi, I have just purchased a December 2005 CLK220 with Comand. The dealer has told me that all the software updates will be undertaken before delivery of the car. What version of the DVD software should I expect to be installed and what is the latest version available? Thanks W
  2. verytalldave

    COMAND version 10 upgrade

    Just upgraded my COMAND disk from 6.3 to 10. What a waste of money.:eek: Doing my normal work run and other various 'local' journeys its almost indistinquishable between the two versions. I could have saved myself the cost and bother. Unless you are going abroad and/or need to use the latest...
  3. trando

    **Free** DVD COMAND APS Version 4

    I have recently upgraded to the latest version so no longer have use of the original version 4.0 which came with my car. Happy to answer any questions about it but if you want to know whether it fits your particular model I'm probably not the best person to ask... This is what I can tell you...
  4. wongl

    For sale Orignial Mercedes APS 30 European Maps version 10.1

    Having a clear out having sold my trusty Mercedes recently. I am left with an almost brand new set of original European Maps version 10.1 (2009) which I am putting up for sale in the hope that this can be of some use to a fellow member. This is a 5 CD boxed set map of Europe complete with...
  5. G

    Need workshop or bentley or haines repair manual for 1984 280se euro version

    Cheers from the other side of the pond, not sure if i posted in the correct place but i need a manual for a 1984 280se w126 ( six cylinder ) euro version, this is considered a grey market car here in the states and i'm having trouble locating a repair manual. Any links to available book...
  6. K

    Please Help: Accidently change comand aps version from Euro to US

    Hi all, I have accidently changed my comand aps version from ECE Euro version to USA version. Initially my headunit sw version is SW-Rel 9.390 Build 17/04 (part no W211 589 06 22 00). I was able to access to the engineering mode and the hidden menu as well. I was also able to unlock my comand...
  7. R

    Comand DVD Version 8 Vs Version 9.1

    Hi, Is there any actual functional difference between Version 8 and Version 9.1, for instance can 9.1 do more than 4 digit postcodes, or make tea, or do anything else extra or unusual?? Cheers
  8. whizzkid11

    New version of the C63 AMG

    See it for yourself... C 63 AMG - Special Edition :eek: :D
  9. P

    Blackberry 8310i & SAP version 2 cradle

    Hi Guys, I have been searching the forum, and there are various old threads on this and it seems that Blackberry and SAP are not (or certainly weren't) compatible. Does anyone know if this has changed? or what level of functionality I would get using the SLR puck? I believe there is a...
  10. N

    Which version of Java..... I install for everyday home PC use? I looked at their site & it's all so confusing. TIA.
  11. A

    Philips Diamond Version 5000k Bulbs White Hid

    Are these any good? Any one have them. I've decided after Xenons my lights are :o so anything must be better than the originals? Any others any good? thanks
  12. Meldrew2

    A Very Merry...... whatever. PC version.

    Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, my Best Wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender neutral, celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your...
  13. 5

    VIBE CBR10 ACTIVE EVO: Version I Active Subwoofer

    VIBE CBR10 ACTIVE EVO: Version I Active Subwoofer Active subwoofer - sub with AMP together - Brand new and unused Here I have this awesome subwoofer for sale. It's brand new and totally unused, although without original packing and paperwork. Here are the details for this sub: * Vibe...
  14. C

    COMAND NTG4 Version

    My car has COMAND (in a W204) which I understand has a hard disk based NTG4 navigation system. I have looked at the engineering/service menu and it reckons the version is either Q3 or Q4 2007 (can't remember which)...
  15. S

    Russian version of ASBO

    I saw a few mins of the documentary earlier about Russian boys being locked up for committing crimes. All seemed to be about 11 - 14 yrs old. One had been "sent down" for 2 and 1/2 years for stealing jam and cucumbers; another had got 3 years for committing 3 murders......:eek:
  16. R

    Version 10 map DVD available

    Version 10 for A/B/C/CLK/ML/GL/R class with DVD based mapping is now available (although most MB dealers dont know yet) !! It does not have 7 digit post codes, but seems to have the streets in Birmingham and Oxford that i noticed were missing in the past back again (I'm happy to check any...
  17. mykaitch

    Spinning star for phone version 2

    I have been busy since so many of you wanted the last one. There is another version on my website with no background which looks really good. There are a few stray pixels but it looks fine on the phone. Your theme background will show through the star.:)
  18. C

    Command version check

    :confused: I was about to purchase the teleatlas 2008 cd from command online - but i heard a whisper that the firmware on the command unit may need updating ? How do i check the command / firmware version ???? My command unit is a blaupunkt (cd only) my vehicle is ML270 CDI 2003
  19. grober

    NISSAN NAVARA the improved version!

    Interesting little spat going on between EuRO NCAP and Nissan about the safety ratings for their NISSAN NAVARA pickup truck. Following revisions the new improved Navara 2008 now gets 3 stars instead of a "dodgy" 1 star but still no pole test...
  20. A

    APS Version 10

    Evening All (now from which famous TV series was that first used? Answers on a postcard please to: MBClub UK..........:eek: :D ), I'm trying to assess whether (or not) to invest £180 or so of very hard-earned cash in upgrading my APS 30 software from V.9. to V.10. Does anyone have any...
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